Wismec Active: Box Mod and Portable Speaker in One

Wismec Active: Box Mod and Portable Speaker in One

Ever wanted a box mod and portable speaker in one? No, neither did we. But you might change your tune when you see Wismec's latest creation.

Wismec, the Chinese manufacturer behind the powerful and dependable Reuleaux range of mods, has teased the release of a new waterproof and shockproof box mod with a built-in portable speaker.

The remixed Wismec Active takes vaping in a new direction. And as the name suggests, this mod is designed with adventurous users in mind.

Although the Wismec website is adorned with a pictures of rock climbers with the Active clipped onto their harnesses, the product would also suit anyone who works outdoors or who has an active job and worries about dropping their device.

We know there are some vapers out there who are afraid to carry expensive mods around with them, but the Wismec Active has some unique design features that make it waterproof and shockproof.

A video from the company shows them putting it through its paces. Per the video, you can connect the mod to your phone via bluetooth and play music wirelessly over the in-built speakers.

You can also put the mod underwater and even hear the music while it's playing in a shallow bath. Take it out of the water, and it vapes perfectly.

As yet, we have not been able to confirm how water-resistant the Wismec Active is.

It looks as though the device has been awarded IP65 International Protection certification. This means that the device is "protected from low pressure water jets from any direction" and has "limited ingress protection".

Our interpretation of this is that the mod will be protected from rain and some water exposure, like submerging the mod in shallow water for a short period, but we would not recommend that you test this out too much for yourself.

You will also notice in the video that the tank is only attached after the mod has been in the water. This tells us that the tank itself is not waterproof and you could dilute your vape juice or damage the coils if the tank falls in water.

There's no denying that its an attractive and well-built mod.

The silicone case is a particularly striking design feature that we don't see as standard on many box mods. Available in different colors, the silicone case provides added protection if you drop your mod. It also includes a special plug which helps protect the micro USB port from water.

It isn't the most powerful box mod in the world. The Wismec Active tops out at 80 Watts, which is significantly lower than some of Wismec's other mods.

The battery isn't enormous either. The mod comes with a built-in 2100mAh battery, so like other portable speakers you will have to charge it up by plugging it in. You won't be able to recharge the battery externally.

A preliminary price point seems to be around $80 in the United States. This may seem a little on the high side, but it also reflects an incoming 25% tariff hike on vaping products from China.

The Active is new and, as far as we know, no U.S. stockists have listed the Wismec Active yet, but if there is demand from our customers, then we will get them in stock. Just let us know in the comments if you want to get your hands on one.

About Wismec

Wismec isn't the most famous brand in vaping, but their box mods have been winning fans in underground vape circles for years.

Their most popular products are undoubtedly the Reuleaux range of box mods. With three batteries, mods like the Reuleaux RX GEN3 are powerful and extremely durable.

We have seen these mods chug on for years. They get scratched and scraped around a lot, but the important internal stuff rarely breaks. That's part of the reason why we are so excited to see what the Wismec Active can do.

Wismec isn't a manufacturer that puts out a new mod every few weeks or months.

They design their products in the United States and put a lot of effort into research and development before anything gets built in China. This investment in and commitment to quality and durability really shows with the finished products.

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