Why Does My Vape Crackle?

Why Does My Vape Crackle?

When vaping, you might've noticed a crackling sound coming from your device.

There are a number of different reasons why vape crackling and popping sounds occur. Sometimes, it's just part of the normal sounds that come with vaping. Other times, there can be an issue with the device.

If you've only just moved over from smoking to vaping, and have never used a vape before, vape crackling can sound alarming. But fear not! There's often a simple explanation for these noises, and with the right vaping knowledge, issues can be easily fixed.

Why Is My Vape Crackling and How to Fix It

Sometimes, crackling and popping noises are completely normal. You might often notice this sound when drawing from the vape. Vape crackling in particular can happen when the vape's e-liquid is heated by the coil. Along with this, popping sounds can also occur when the coil is being heated up. That said, it's always best to read your vape manufacturer's guidance on this.

So what are the sounds you should listen out for? When vape crackling becomes more frequent, louder, or turns into more of a gurgle, this might be a sign you've got a bigger problem with the vape.

Below, we've listed some of the common reasons why these types of vape crackling sounds happen, and how to fix them.

The Wattage May Be Too Low

Sometimes, vape crackling can occur when the wattage on the device is set too low. To fix this, simply follow the recommended wattage range that's provided in the product guide for your vape. It's important to only vape within this recommended wattage range.

You'll only be able to adjust the wattage on certain devices. Find out what these devices are in our guide to The Best Wattage for Vaping: Choosing the Right Wattage 

On top of this, your vape will only be compatible with certain types of coils - the exact types depending on the device. Different coils also come with a list of the different wattages they can be used at. So when using a coil, stick within its recommended wattage range to help avoid any issues.

You'll usually find a recommended range written on the coil itself, or in the packaging/guidance that comes with the product.

Your Vape Needs Cleaning

If the vape crackling or popping sounds are louder than usual, the device might be clogged up somewhere.

Keeping your vape clean not only maximises the experience and the flavour, you get, it can also help to maintain its airflow and remove any blockages. Give your vape tank a simple rinse every time you change flavours. You can do this by cleaning the tank in warm water before leaving it out to dry. Just remember to remove the tank from the rest of the device before doing so.

Your vape might also be making crackling sounds if the coil is burnt. You can't clean a vape coil, so replacing the coil when it's burnt out is another key part of vape cleaning and maintenance. Replacing the coil might also stop those worrisome vape crackling sounds.

Our guide on How to Clean a Vape Tank & Coil gives you step-by-step instructions on cleaning your vape.

Your E-Liquid Ratio

Your vaping experience is affected by a variety of different factors - one of these being the e-liquid you choose. Different e-liquids will have different ingredients in them, and as part of this, different PG/VG ratios.

Some come with a balance of 50/50 VG/PG, while others, like Shortfills, usually have a higher level of VG. Double Drip's Strawberry Banana Waffle Shortfill, for example, comes with a 70VG/30PG ratio. The PG/VG ratio can affect the consistency of the e-liquid, and sometimes even the sounds it makes when heated up.

Some vape juices can make vape crackling and popping noises more than others. This is usually nothing to worry about, unless you've used an e-liquid that isn't compatible with your device. So just be sure to always check the e-liquids you're choosing are suitable for your vape.

PG/VG liquids have different consistencies. A higher VG ratio (70/30 VG/PG) sub-ohm liquid is thicker than balanced 50/50 plus ohm liquids - such as nic salts 50/50 blends - which are thinner. As liquids with a higher ratio of VG are generally thicker than those with lower VG levels, this can leave residue on your vape, which you'll probably have to clean up.

Coil Design

Coil design might also be the reason for those vape crackling and popping sounds. Some coils come in a braided or twisted design. These types can be prone to vape juice build-up, which might be causing the sounds you're hearing when vaping. When a coil becomes clogged it's best to replace it with a fresh new one.

Taking proper care of your vape and practising good cleaning and maintenance can play a big part in keeping your device working as it's supposed to. The more you learn about your vape, the better you'll become at solving issues like vape crackling. Read our Blog to learn more about vapes and what you can expect from vaping.

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