What to Vape This St Patrick's Day

What to Vape This St Patrick's Day

This Saturday is St Patrick's Day, an event marked in the United States with lots of parades, parties, food and beer drinking.

In this quick guide we talk about what vape juice you should vape while your sat in an Irish bar glugging green beer and Guinness.

Guinness and Black

In the UK, one popular way of drinking Guinness is by mixing it with a splash of concentrated blackcurrant juice. If you don't like dark stout, then a 'Guinness and Black' is more palatable.

Blackcurrant farming was outlawed in the US because it threatened the logging industry, so it's not as big over here - but this Blackberry and Blueberry flavor combination is almost the same thing.

Just make sure you vape the e-liquid. Don't go putting it in your beer.



Chocolate is another thing that partners Guinness perfectly. As far as we're concerned, chocolate Guinness cake should be served at every St Patrick's Day event.

E-liquids don't get much chocolatier than Bowden's Mate from Five Pawns. This juice balances a rich chocolate flavor against crisp mint back notes and a smooth French vanilla.

Chocolate milk flavored Golden Ticket and minty chocolate flavored #88 from Beard Vape Co are also worth checking out.


What St Patrick's celebration would be complete without a round (or two) of whiskies.

We don't think any e-liquid manufacturers have cracked a good Irish whiskey vape juice yet, but this dark Kentucky bourbon flavor from Five Pawns is the next best thing.

Castle Long has a robust set of flavor notes including toasted coconut, roasted almond, vanilla and caramelized brown sugar. It's not quite as good as Bushmills, but it is close.


Almost Irish Coffee

In 1942, a flight leaving County Limerick in Ireland was forced to turn around in bad weather.

Knowing the passengers would need a bit of a pick-me-up, an airport chef whipped up a special brew with whiskey, a sprinkling of brown sugar and a dollop of fresh cream which floated on the surface of the coffee.

As far as we know, no one has attempted to recreate an Irish coffee in e-liquid form, but if you vape this creamy Latte flavor while sipping on a whiskey you should get the right effect.

If you have a dripping atomizer, try KloudMaster's Vanilla Macchiato e-liquid.


Sweet menthol

Mint is everywhere on St Patrick's Day. Mint is the perfect complement to a traditional lamb supper and it can be used as food coloring to give that characteristic green hue.

This Sweet Peppermint flavor from Vaping.com will deliver an arctic blast of menthol straight to your brain while you are knee deep in the festivities.


Apple tart

In Ireland, no St Patrick's Day feast is complete without an apple tart dessert. And if you are in search of authentic Irish flavors, then look no further than Liquid State's Apple Butter juice.

With slow-cooked apples, caramelized to perfection and a magical spicy cinnamon blend - you won't get much better than this little red bottle.


You could also try Air Factory's Wild Apple and Jam Monster's Apple jam flavor.


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