VooPoo Brand Spotlight

VooPoo Brand Spotlight

Established in 2014, VooPoo are one of the original and trusted international vape brands, crowned "World's Best Vape Brand" in 2020.

Their use of intelligent software including their patented GeneChip technology combined with a great understanding of the ever-changing needs of the vaping community makes them one of the best-selling brands on Vaping.com.

VooPoo's decorated history saw them create significant breakthroughs in vape technology, changing the industry for the better including a patented MAAT leak-proof tank design featured in the Argus P1 pod kit and more.

Innovations such as the Gene.FIT, Gene.Trio and GENE.Pod chips which they have developed over the years to provide vapers with user-friendly, customizable interfaces, add a whole new dimension to DIY vaping. In 2022, the launch of the new Gene.TT 2.0 in products such as the Drag 4 and Argus GTII herald a brand-new, energy-efficient control style in dual-battery devices. 

VooPoo Argus series

The Argus series by VooPoo has a strong name and the collection is no different.

All vapes in the Argus range feature IP68 certificated tri-proof technology, making the outer shell waterproof, dust-proof, and drop-proof so you can vape in any environment, worry-free! From powerful box mods such as the 200W Argus GTII, intelligent tank mods vapes like the Argus MT and XT, to much more compact yet powerful devices such as the Argus PT pod kit, the Argus range has every type of vape for your collection, each one with its volcanic inspired, leak- proof tank design.

VooPoo Drag series

A classic look with an intelligent, powerful interior, the Drag series by VooPoo features an array of vape pens, pod kits, and box mods, from slim designs such as the Drag Q to compact pod kits like the Drag E60 and its impressive 2550mAh battery.

All designs are complete with highly compatible PnP coils, a stylish leather grip, and a durable combination of zinc and aluminium alloy framing. You'll be looking the part and vaping comfortably with these clever little devices! 

VooPoo PnP Coils.

Featured in many of VooPoo's successful pod kits such as the Drag E60 and Doric 60, VooPoo's infamous PnP coils feature innovative mesh structure and design, available in a wide range of coil resistance capabilities from sub-ohm to above-ohm. PnP pod structure allows liquids to be relocated into the coil after each draw, making sure each drag comes from a well-primed coil, soaked in your favourite vape juice, recycling and enhancing its delicious flavour.

VooPoo ITO Coils.

Compatible with the ITO and new ITO-X pods, the ITO coil range also features sub-ohm and above-ohm options, complete with a mesh structure for quicker heating and richer flavour. Vaping ITO coils ensures fantastic flavour due to a directional atomization system getting an authentic taste from your vape juice.

How to replace VooPoo coils?

VooPoo PnP and ITO Coils are easily replaced with a simple Plug ˜N Play system, just pull them out and plug your new coil into place!

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