Vape Ban For Football Fans Going To World Cup in Qatar

Vape Ban For Football Fans Going To World Cup in Qatar

VAPING football fans travelling to the World Cup in Qatar will face imprisonment and heavy fines if they take e-cigarettes with them, it has been reported.

Supporters flying in from across the world to watch the tournament in November are being advised to leave all vape equipment behind due to strict Qatar laws.

E-cigarettes were banned in the country in 2014 and anyone caught in possession face penalties ranging from fines of up to 10,000 riyals - or £1600 - to a three-month prison sentence.

Those who vape having switched from cigarettes are advised to consider taking alternative nicotine replacement therapies with them instead.

Speaking about the Qatar law which bans the import, display, sale and manufacturing of e-cigarettes, head of the Non-Communicable Disease Department at the Ministry of Public Health, Dr Kholood al-Mutawa said:

"The e-cigarette was banned in Qatar according to a ministry order in 2014."

"We have instructed all supermarkets, pharmacies and other outlets not to sell it. We have also communicated with the customs department at the airport, seaport and the land border not to allow e-cigarettes into Qatar."

"People can't bring it to the country or order it from other countries. Others can't send it to the country either. Anyone who is in possession of e-cigarettes may be charged with the appropriate action."

But while Qatar might be a no-go for vapers, there are plenty of holiday destinations where those who enjoy e-cigarettes are welcome.

Is Vaping Legal In Europe?

Much of Europe, including the UK, is fully vape-friendly - e-cigarettes are easily bought in most towns and cities and while each country has different places of restriction, such as public transport and inside shops, bars and restaurants, this can be easily found on each government's website.

Which Are The Biggest Vaping Countries?

Internationally, the tourist destinations of New Zealand, Canada, Egypt and Dubai - to name a few - are also vape-happy zones.

A selection of other countries, including South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia, allow vaping but have banned the use of nicotine liquids.

Overall, vaping is legal in Australia and America but each state has its own regulations which visitors must check to make sure they're following state rules.

Australia's vaping rules are also strict surrounding nicotine and importing nicotine-based products - with vaping nicotine only allowed on prescription.

Vaping On Holiday:

Before heading off on holiday, tourists are advised to check on the status of vaping within that country, in case of recent law change or restriction.

Some countries have outlawed vaping completely, so even if you're allowed to carry an e-cigarette on the plane, you may not be able to use it when you arrive.

Countries which currently have an outright ban include Qatar, Argentina, Brazil, Seychelles and Singapore.

Travelling With Vape:

For those travelling to and from the UK and America, here is a guide as to how to travel with vape equipment and how to care for your vape while you're on the move.

Can you take vape liquid on a plane in the US?

In accordance with guidance from the TSA, vape juice can be stored in checked bags. If you're taking vape juice in carry-on luggage, you must not exceed the 100ml limit. 1

Passengers are required to take effective measures' to prevent accidentally switching on their vape device, e.g. removing the cell or separating it from the coil. Each lithium-ion cell mustn't exceed 100 watt-hours; or for lithium metal cells, a lithium content of two grams.2

Can you vape on a plane in the UK?

To take your vape on a plane, there are a number of things you need to know to avoid your vape breaking or being seized by security:

Vape pens, box mods, pod systems, and disposable vapes can all be taken on-board aeroplanes if they're stored in carry-on luggage.

If your vape pen has a lithium cell (battery), it can't be packed away with your hold luggage due to the increased fire hazard.

You should disassemble your device so it can easily be checked by airport security.

Vape juice mustn't exceed the 100ml limit allowed in carry-on luggage.

If you choose to leave liquid in your vape tank, beware that air pressure on the plane could cause it to leak. The majority of airlines won't have a problem with you taking your vapes on a flight as long as they remain in your hand luggage.

Before flying, you should double-check with the airline to see if they have any specific rules on flying with your vape.

Taking Care Of Your Vape While Travelling:

Whether you're going on holiday or on your daily commute, make sure your vape is fully charged and that you have your charger with you (where applicable).

If you're going on holiday, clean or replace the coil in your vape pen before you go. Coils should be replaced every 10 days, so it's important to carry out any maintenance ahead of time. To protect and secure your vape, we recommend investing in a strong vaping travel case to minimize any damage.

If you currently use a vape pen, box mod or pod system and are worried about taking it abroad, explore our selection of disposable vapes, which are designed to be thrown away after use.

For more information on how to look after your vape, take a look at our Beginner's Guide to Using a Vape Pen.

What's Next?

Now you know about the rules and regulations surrounding vaping in the UK and abroad, explore our blog for more advice and information relating to vaping, and how to select the right vape for you.

For all the latest tips, advice and insight into how to get the best experience while vaping, make sure you check out our dedicated blogs.


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