The Coolest Vape Skins

The Coolest Vape Skins

Wrapping your vape up in a new skin is a great way of making your mod stand out from the crowd.

If your device is starting to look a bit old or tired, a well-applied vape wrap can give your mod a new lease of life - covering up any scratches, dents and chipped paintwork.

In this blog post, we've tracked down some of the coolest vape wraps on Instagram to give you some inspiration on how to customize your mod.


There are dozens of Star Wars themed mods out there, but we think this vinyl skinned R2D2 IPV3 mod from Pioneer4You is the best that we've seen.

It's a clean covering that really is immediately recognizable as everyone's favorite droid. Get this and more Star Wars themed skins from Vapor Skinz.

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Spotty Vaporesso Tarot

Want to make your mod one of a kind, give it a green and pink spotty camouflage as modelled beautifully here on a Vaporesso Tarot mod.

Get this design and more color combinations from Vapor Skinz.

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Galaxy SMOK Priv V8

Love staring up into the night sky? Ever wondered what's out there? Now you can carry the Milky Way around in your pocket as a constant reminder of how much is yet to be discovered.

Vapor Skinz have hundreds of high-quality finishes available for the amazing SMOK Priv V8.

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Wismec Three Ways

Wismec mods, with their distinctive chunky bodies, are perfect for wrapping in vape skins. To prove our point here are three beautiful Wismec mods in a classic Instagram #handcheck post.

For the record, we think that Wismec's range looks great anyway, but the skins add something extra.

American Suorin Air

The credit card-sized Suorin Air is a cool piece of kit. And wrapping the pod mod up in the stars and stripes makes it even cooler.

We've seen lots of customized Suorin Air mods and they look like they will be relatively easy to re-skin.

Supreme SMOK Alien 220

Streetwear-loving box logo enthusiast? Do we have the right skin for you.

We aren't sure whether this is an official Supreme product, but we do know that it looks great fitted on a SMOK Alien 220W.

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Donut Istick Pico

Mmmmm, donuts. This Simpson-style frosted donut skin looks even more delicious off screen.

Paired with the small and stylish Istick Pico, this skin is sure to make you as popular as taking a freshly baked dozen into the office.

Mi-Pod Gold

Ok, hands up, this one isn't actually a skin. But the stock colors on Mi-Pod pod vapes are cool enough already.

The Mi-Pod is great as a lanyard vape, and this gold version is so shiny that you can use it as a hand mirror.

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