Suorin Air Plus vs Suorin Air V2

Suorin Air Plus vs Suorin Air V2

The new Suorin Air Plus is the third version of the popular Air series. The original had a few issues which Suorin were quick to iron out with the Air V2. So what's the story with the Suorin Air Plus? Let the experts breakdown the major differences between the two pod vapes.

Pod Capacity

One of the main complaints with the Suorin Air was the lack of vape juice capacity. With a vape juice capacity of 2mL many vapers found themselves having to refill the pod more often than they wanted. Suorin listened to the feedback, they have managed to increase the capacity by 1.2mL to an impressive 3.2mL! That amount of the best salt nic juice should keep the vast majority of vapers lasting most of the day without a refill. There are two coil resistances (more on that later) so the Air Plus is compatible with both freebase nicotine and salt nic juice.

Refilling on the Air V2 and the Air Plus isn't difficult, the pods slide in and out easily and the large filling ports help minimize spillage. The Air Plus also features a new baffle on the bottom of the pod which Suorin claim helps minimize vape juice leaking onto the gold plated contact points.

Suorin Air Plus Battery Capacity

The battery in the Suorin Air certainly isn't the biggest. It has a flat 400 mAh battery which while being light and portable doesn't give much usage before charging is required. Here comes the most impressive feature of the Suorin Air Plus. Inside the device which is only slightly larger than the Air V2 the Plus has a massive 930 mAh battery. More than doubling the original battery capacity. Due to wattage increase of 16W in the Air to 22W in the Air Plus you may not experience up to twice the usage time. The Air Plus also features USB-C quick charging so when you do need to charge it'll back ready to fire in double time.

Given that the new and improved battery life is one of the main features of the Suorin Air Plus they've also included a new way of showing the power level. On the side of the Air Plus are 5 LEDs and as shown below the more power you have left the more lights are lit up.

Coil Resistance

In previous Suorin Air's there was only one choice of coil resistance, with the Suorin Air Plus there is two. For those who like to vape freebase nicotine, you can choose the sub-Ohm 0.7Ω option. If you love your nic salts then you can choose the 1.0.

Suorin Air Plus Size

Despite all these increases in features and functionality, the Air Plus is only a few millimeters large than its younger brother. It also has the same super sleek look and feel. The diagram below shows how the two devices size up side by side. As you can see there is only a few millimeters difference between the two. The Air Plus is also 2mm thicker than it's younger brother.

What type of juice is used in Suorin Air?

It's becoming more popular in pod vapes is the ability to use either freebase vape juice or salt nic juice. With the Suorin Air Plus you can pick from two different coil resistances. The 0.7 is perfect for freebase nicotine and the 1.0 has been designed for salt nic juice use.

Suorin Air Plus Release Date

Out now - Suorin Air Plus On Sale


Suorin hasn't reinvented the wheel with this new update. Instead they've taken every element that made the Air V2 such a success and improved on it. Fast charging, bigger capacity pod, more power and even optional coil resistance depending on which type of vape juice you prefer. When the Suorin Air was replaced with the Air V2 there wasn't much fanfare. With the improved features of the Air Plus it makes sense that Suorin gives the Air Plus the hype it deserves.

Are you excited about a new version on the Air? Or do you think the Suorin Edge has taken pod systems to a new level? If you have a strong opinion on the Air V2 and Air Plus let us know in the comments below.

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