Stanton Glantz grilled by Regulator Watch

Stanton Glantz grilled by Regulator Watch
Professor Stanton Glantz, ardent opponent of vaping, has engaged in the first interview (that I know of) by a vaping supporter.
Brent Stafford questioned Glantz over a 10 minute Skype session for his show, and the video (part 1) is available on YouTube.
Glantz's cites three main reasons for his opposition to vaping:
He believes they are 40 to 60% safer than smoking which, he contends, is not very safe considering the dangers of smoking.
He believes most smokers do not make the full transition, instead becoming "dual users"
He believes vaping is attracting "gigantic numbers of kids who probably would never pick up a cigarette but are initiating nicotine use with e-cigarettes and then transitioning to cigarettes later"
Citing the CDC surveys, Monitoring the future data, and work by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. He states that the research and conclusions drawn are unbiased and that it is  positively demonstrated that e-cigarettes are keeping people smoking and introducing large numbers of teens to nicotine.
He also described the work by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) as "rhetoric coming out of England".
It was the RCP which published the landmark Smoking and Health report in 1962. It caused a media storm in both the United Kingdom and America, sold over 80,000 copies and forced John F. Kennedy to create an Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General. In 1964 the Surgeon General Luther Terry finally published the Committee's
Smoking and Health report and changed the tobacco world forever.
But 6 years even prior to the RCP report, Sir Richard Doll had published the first evidence of a link smoking and disease from the British Doctor's Survey. The intervening 8 years between this work and the Surgeon General's report saw a great debate and confusion over what, retrospectively, can be seen as a clear link.
You can just imagine those casting doubt over that evidence describing it as:  "rhetoric coming out of England".

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