Spotlight on Geekvape

Spotlight on Geekvape

Known for their infamous efforts to make lines of their vapes as hardy as possible by developing water, dust and drop resistance - not only do their products look the part - but they're also outdoor-proof hard-working kits!

Whether you're looking to show off your creative and bold style of vaping with a box mod kit, or you are suited to a sleek, discreet vape pen or pod system, GeekVape has a whole new world of techie, tasty devices to tickle your fancy.

Founded in Shenzhen, China, GeekVape created a wholesome brand featuring a team of expert vaping engineers that constantly grew in size until eventually spanning over 10 countries in 3 different continents.

GeekVape's mentality welcomes customer feedback, listens to the community's desires and seeks to feature innovative ways to make their devices suitable for every type of vaper.

GeekVapeAegis series

One of the most successful product ranges in the global vaping community is the Aegis series, an innovative array of pod kits and box mods stemming from compact, ergonomically designed MTL kits to the much larger, touch screen sub-ohm devices including the extremely successful GeekVape Aegis T200, a durable, weighted handheld device that incorporates a glorious touch screen with customisable themes and impeccable vape juice or nicotine salt flavour.

A futuristic vape that's way ahead of its time!

All Aegis products (19 and counting) remain sturdy and ready for any tough environment. The durable outer layers are tri-proof tested, meaning no amount of dust particles, drop damages or water can permeate through to their intelligent core.

GeekVape Aegis T200 Box Mod, Sub-Ohm Kit

GeekVape Aegis T200 Touch

Voted the "Best Vape Mod" by VapingPost in 2022, the GeekVape Aegis T200 is unlike any other device you'll find on the market today.

A large and crystal clear 2.4" touch screen is powered by the smart AS Chip 3.0 for a smooth-running operation as soon as it's switched on, providing a user-friendly experience and the ability to switch easily between vaping modes and coloured display themes, highly compatible with GeekVape coils and tanks such as the long-lasting Z coil series.

GeekVape Wenax Series

GeekVape's Wenax series incorporates simplicity with a slim hold and fashionable look and are perfect for beginners looking for a starter kit.

Devices are always low maintenance and require little involvement from the user except for the basic three necessities such as charging, refilling and cleaning.

If you enjoy disposable vaping, it's worth turning your attention to devices such as the Wenax M1, a pen-like MTL vape with an ergonomic drip-tip that costs significantly less to run when compared to buying disposable vapes weekly and will help save money.

Gaakvape Wenax M1 Pod Kit

GeekVape Wenax M1 Pod Kit

Speaking of low maintenance, the GeekVape Wenax M1 is no different, enjoy all the benefits of disposable vapes without the high cost and environmental impact - it's also one of our best cheap vapes.

Its draw activation and elongated drip-tip make it familiar to new vapers, with the ability to refill and recharge, utilising a handy side-fill system and fast charging Type-C port, suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers!

If you would like to read more information on how you can save money by switching from disposable vapes to pod kits, check out our expert vaping guides on

By keeping their customers close by, GeekVape has succeeded in delivering a wealth of vaping devices to the ever-changing market that is constantly improving with each release. stock a huge number of GeekVape devices that are easy to use and ready to be vaped straight out of the box. So, if you're looking for a trusted brand to help you breathe in a cleaner lifestyle, try a GeekVape device from, where you'll also find loads of refreshing guides on how to get the most out of your vaping experience.


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