SMOK Stick Buying Guide: X8 vs V8 vs Prince?

SMOK Stick Buying Guide: X8 vs V8 vs Prince?

Let's get ready to rumble!

SMOK Stick V8 vs SMOK X8 Kit vs SMOK Stick Prince Kit

Loved by new vapers and vaping veterans, slimline SMOK Stick devices are among the most popular on our website. With no settings to adjust, good tanks and bags of power, the SMOK Stick X8, V8 and Prince are all solid bets for a first or back-up direct-to-lung vape. But while all the devices share some great characteristics, there are important differences between the tube-shaped mods. This guide will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these devices and help you decide which SMOK Stick suits your preferences.


Who is a SMOK Stick for?

The SMOK Stick is for new and experienced vapers, but these users will probably use the mod differently. New and relatively new vapers might use a Stick X8, V8 or Prince as a step up from a mouth-to-lung device. With around 50-70 watts of power at full charge, a Stick would be a massive improvement on disposable e-cigarettes, cigalikes and pod vapes. The mod also makes a good stepping stone to some larger box mods. For more experienced users, the important thing about the Stick is its 3000mAh internal battery.

This will probably last all day with light or moderate use, but for heavy vapers, a Stick would probably only last for the duration of a long evening or a night out with friends. However, the SMOK Stick's slimline design and impressive direct-to-lung vape performance make it ideal as a supplementary vape for experienced vapers. Need something discreet to pop in your pocket? No problem. Want something to keep at work or in your car just in case your main vape runs out of power? Look no further than a SMOK Stick X8, V8 or Prince.

SMOK Stick X8 or V8?

The X8 and V8 are similar devices. Ignoring a few cosmetic changes, the only major difference is the tank. Before we start looking at what makes the X8 and V8 different, let's look at some of the great characteristics that they share.


 The SMOK Stick V8 is still one of the most popular mods on


The X8 and V8 are regulated tube mods. They're the same weight and diameter and there is only a 13mm height difference between the mods (including the tanks). They are regulated because they have chip protections including short circuit protection, low voltage protection, low resistance protection and an eight-second cut off but they only one fire button, so you don't have to worry about setting the temperature or wattage. They both have the same internal 3000mAh battery and the same 3.4-4.2V operating voltage. SMOK doesn't tell you what the operating Wattage is, but using Watts Law, we work it out to be around 50-70 Watts depending on the coil resistance and the battery charge level.

You can tell if the battery is running low because the LED indicator around the fire button will blink rapidly each time you inhale. The Stick V8 came first and was superseded by the X8, but the basics of the mod are very similar. The biggest difference is in the tanks. The Stick V8 comes with a 5ml TFV8 Big Baby tank which remains incredibly popular. The X8, meanwhile, comes with a 4ml TFV8 X-Baby tank. The tank is slightly smaller than the Big Baby (although a 6ml bubble glass piece is available), but it is just as popular.


The SMOK Stick X8's uses a top airflow tank to reduce leaking


Both tanks use SMOK's innovative top-fill mechanism, but the main difference between them is the airflow. While the V8's Big Baby has a bottom airflow, the X8's X-Baby has a top airflow which redirects the air through an internal chamber and up underneath the coil. This means that the X8 is less susceptible to leaking. It also helps cool down the vapor at higher wattages and makes nice airy clouds. Because the tanks are a slightly different shape, they also use different coils. The V8 Kit comes with two V8 Baby M2 coils - one 0.15 ohm and one 0.25 ohm. The X8 kit comes with one X-Baby M2 0.25-ohm coil and one quad-core X-Baby X4 0.13-ohm coil. The coils are not compatible over the two tanks.

SMOK Stick Prince

The SMOK Stick Prince is another gradual evolution up from the X8. The basic building blocks are the same. It has a 3000mAh battery, an operating voltage of between 3.4 and 4.2 volts, one firing button and almost the same dimensions as the X8. It also has the same internal protections to keep you and your loved ones safe.


A crown fit for a prince, the TFV12 Prince Tank


Again, SMOK has made some small cosmetic changes with the Prince. They have given it a slightly chunkier frame and a smart hexagonal firing button, as well as some new and exciting color options. But again, the biggest change is in the tank.

The Stick Prince comes with SMOK's biggest and best tank yet the TFV12 Prince Tank. The 8ml TFV12 Prince Tank is next generation in every sense of the phrase and it is compatible with SMOK's Hyper Engine family of coils that offer superior wicking. Combined with the tank's improved open-draw airflow system, the TFV12 tank delivers great flavor and vapor production every time you inhale. The tank uses the same top-open easy refill mechanism as other SMOK tanks and it comes with a lip-tingling Cobra drip tip helping you squeeze an extra little bit of enjoyment out of the mod.

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