Six YouTube Vapers to Watch Today

Six YouTube Vapers to Watch Today

YouTube is a great place to learn about vaping and stay up to date with the latest e-cigarette news.

It's also a great place to watch reviews and keep up with the latest vaping products, but you should be aware that many product videos are sponsored by vape manufacturers.

There are tons of interesting videos, but there's a lot of timewasters too. This list should help you decide who is worth watching.


GrimmGreen describes himself as a regular guy who likes vaping a whole lot.

He was one of the first vaping YouTubers and his videos set the bar for all those that came afterwards. This channel is perfect for anyone that's trying to quit smoking or anyone that's thinking what they should buy next.

Grimm reviews everything from RDAs to vape juice and also produces longer videos about vaping news, regulations and advocacy.

Here's a trailer for his YouTube channel. We love that he took the time to make a trailer for his YouTube channel.


IndoorSmokers is funny, easy to watch and informative. If you like to know every last tiny detail about a product before you buy then you'll love this channel.

It's clear that IndoorSmokers isn't in it for the money or the free samples. He genuinely cares about making videos and sharing the best quality information with his subscribers.

He's a big Seattle Seahawks fan and sometimes he can rant on about upcoming games, but if you can look past that then he's fun to watch.

Here's a recent review of the Vaporesso Revenger X.

RiP Trippers

Closing in on two million channel subscribers, RiP Trippers is the most popular vaping YouTuber. His engaging style and winning beard have helped him create one of the 10,000 most viewed channels on YouTube.

Some people find his style over-salesy, but if you like energy and genuinely interesting product demonstrations then RiP Trippers is your guy.

Plus, he showed me how to build my first coil.

Here's one of his most popular recent videos.


Phil Busardo has a warm style that's easy to access.

He made his first YouTube video in 2011 and has gone on to upload more than 700 since then. A former DJ, he's a natural born entertainer and as an audio specialist, his videos always have great production value.

Some of his reviews are long and in-depth. Here's his review/introduction to the Ares atomizer - a collaboration between himself, Dimitris Agrafiotis and Innokin.


TiaVapes is sweet and bubbly. She calls her followers vapies and shares reviews, product news and occasionally some more personal details about her life.

She knows what she likes but doesn't try to preach. Instead she explains things in a way that helps you know if you like a product before you try it.

She's also hard worker and has made more than 1,000 videos since December 2012 when she first started on YouTube.

Here's her recent review of the best vape products from 2017.

Suck My Mod

A pack a day smoker for 15 years, Matt from Suck My Mod tried unsuccessfully to quit cold turkey many times before discovering e-cigarettes.

Now he produces review videos plus videos on vaping advocacy, how to videos, and videos about his life with his girlfriend Vanessa.

He knows what he's talking about - which is more than can be said for a lot of vaping YouTubers.

Here's one of his videos about an FDA announcement from last year.

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