Seven Discontinued Sodas That Vape Juice Makers Should Resurrect

Seven Discontinued Sodas That Vape Juice Makers Should Resurrect

Drink flavored vape juice are hugely popular and the most refreshing flavors are the ones that taste like soft drinks.

Lemonade, cola and other flavored sodas are staples of the vaping world, but wouldn't it be good if e-liquid makers could bring back the tastes of your childhood.

The 80s, 90s and early 2000s were great for new and exciting fizzy drink flavors. Here's some of the ones that we want to see again in vape juice form (and the terrible commercials that launched them).



Surge is the quintessential taste of the 90s. Released by Coca Cola in 1996, its bright green color, citrus taste and quirky personality quickly won the drink a cult following.

They recently relaunched Surge on Amazon and in some parts of the United States so vape juice makers should have no problem getting hold of a can to match the flavors.

Crystal Pepsi


Crystal Pepsi is the most legendary discontinued soft drink. It was cut from production after just one year - but people can't forget about the clear soda and its vaporwave aesthetic.

As you can see from their incredibly 90s Super Bowl ad, Crystal Pepsi was supposed to be the future of soft drinks. Unfortunately it wasn't. But could it be the future of vaping?



Josta was the energy drink of choice before energy drinks existed. Pepsi's fruity cola drink, mixed with guarana, was many teenagers first taste of caffeine-y alertness.

There's still quite a big campaign to bring Josta back, so you know that there would be a big market for Josta-flavored e-liquid.

7UP Gold


7UP Gold was a flop - but a flop that we all remember warmly.

It broke every rule of what 7UP was supposed to be. It was dark; it had caffeine it tasted like spicy ginger ale with extra cinnamon. They also made some terrible adverts. But we still think it would be fun for people to try it in a vaporizer.

Pepsi Twist

2000-2005, 2008

Pepsi Twist came at the height of the cola wars, when big soda companies were adding all sorts of extra ingredients to soft drinks to try and capture more customers.

It was one of the more successful flavor combinations - with just the right amount of lemony-citrus flavor. And their adverts were actually pretty good.

If any vape juice makers can nail this noughties throwback then they will definitely be onto a winner.



dnL or, as it was more widely known, upside-down 7UP, is the wackiest throwback on this list. Whichever genius at 7UP turned a can upside-down and had the balls to pitch dnL to their boss, we salute you.

We know that dnL's sharper, more refreshing lemon-lime flavor would work great in a vape.

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