Power Vapes - What is the Most Powerful Vape Mod?

Power Vapes - What is the Most Powerful Vape Mod?

For serious vapers, a single-cell 80 watt device may not do the trick. For those who want a serious vape session, it's all about how much POWER the mod has. Now that sub-ohm vaping is all the rage, vape brands are creating mods that push the limits of power. Since some vapers prefer the unregulated power of a mechanical mod, personal vaporizer (PV) brands are now releasing new innovations with major wattage and incredible battery power.

Luckily, if you want the most powerful vape mod, there are many of them on the market today. What are the highest quality and most popular top vape mods out there that carry high wattage power? In the following post, we will examine 8 of the most powerful vape mods on the market today, so you can decide which is the best box mod for you!

Vaporesso Tarot Pro


You want some vaping power? The Tarot Pro is a mod by Vaporesso, and is one of the only devices that includes their leading chipset - the Omni Board. The Pro ramps up fast and maintains a perfect hit with Custom Curve of Temperature (CCT) and Custom Curve of Wattage (CCW) features. This vape mod can be set to Smart VW mode to automatically choose the output power that is most suited to your atomizer. Built with carbon fiber, zinc and aluminum, the Tarot Pro offers an impressive design and a contemporary finish. Additionally, with two 18650 batteries, users can expect long-term use with only minimal charging needed between sessions. If you want to purchase one of the best vape box mods on the market today, you can't go wrong with the Tarot Pro.

Buyer Review: "This thing really took the guesswork out of owning a new mod. I haven't been vaping long. The first mod I bought was cheap and it was terrible. I sucked it up and got the Tarot Pro. I love it!"

Price: $53.99

Maximum Power: 160 watts

Battery: 2 x 18650


SMOK Alien 220w


SMOK has introduced one of their most powerful vape mods yet - the Alien 220w. This device delivers an extraordinary balance between innovation and user experience. Bringing a powerful punch with 220w, this vape mod is complete with temperature control and variable wattage settings. With a large-sized screen, users are able to easily find out everything they need to know about each hit - voltage, ohms, amps, duration of puff, number of puffs, and more. The SMOK Alien is powered by two 18650 batteries and has a coil resistance between 0.1 ohm and 0.06 ohm. As one of the best vapor mods on the market, this device is perfect for vapers who want power, usability and a long battery life.

Buyer Review: "Best vape I've bought yet. Super happy with this device. I never experience leakage or problems, even though I'm not always delicate with my vapes. Clouds are perfect and it's really a nice vape all around.

Price: $59.99

Maximum Power: 220 watts

Dimensions: 85mm x 44mm x 30mm



Vaporesso Revenger Mod


Continuing its reputation for leading vape technology, Vaporesso has released the Revenger Mod; a 220 watt mod that features a cutting-edge Omni chipset. Powered by a dual 18650 battery configuration, the Revenger includes intelligent wattage and coil resistance detection, a series of other control settings, and even the ability to bypass all controls and use the mod as an unregulated device. Adding to it's design, this mod is built with a 0.91 OLED screen that features a real time clock, and a host of information to configure this box mod to your unique and ideal setting.

Buyer Review: "Works great, I've used this mod for a couple of weeks now and have been very happy with it."

Price: $54.99

Maximum Power: 220 watts

Dimensions: 86.6mm x 48.1mm x 32mm


Craving Vapor Hex Ohm 3.0


The Craving Vapor brand is legendary in the vaping industry. With the Hex Ohm 3.0, the brand has redesigned its internal components to offer a fresh and sleek mod with impressive power. The 3.0 was designed with a ton of essential upgrades, including a proprietary chipset that has the capability of handling 30 amps. This mod is beautifully designed with an ultra-slick finish. Powered by a 18650 battery, this vape mod pushes an impressive 180 watts.

Buyer Review: "Very very pleased with the mod. Simple, sturdy, powerful it has it all. I particularly like the unique dial that allows for a great variety of setting flavors. This device is a must!"

Price: $169.99

Maximum Power: 180 watts

Dimensions: 50.8mm x 101.6mm x 25.4mm

SMOK T-Priv Mod


Following in it"s line of super powerful vape mods, the SMOK T-Priv combines the most popular features of all the brand’s previous models. Ask many SMOK lovers, and they may tell you that the T-Priv is one of the brand's best vape mod starter kits. With intelligent temperature control this mod is capable of providing up to 220 watts of vaping power. Designed with a futuristic vision, the SMOK T-Priv provides a dual battery configuration and a crisp OLED screen that is conveniently located on the top of the mod device. In addition to its great design, the T-Priv is available in nine different colors, allowing you to modify its appearance to best suit your personality.

Buyer Review: "Long time SMOK fan, I NEEDED the T-Priv in my life. SMOK has never let me down and they produced another great mod. I love that they offer a wide variety of options at an amazing price. I will certainly be a repeat customer."

Price: $52.99

Maximum Power: 220 watts

Dimensions: 86.6mm x 48.1mm x 32mm


Reauleaux RX300


Capable of delivering up to 300 watts of power, the RX300 is a new box mod that pushes the limits of personal vape performance. Designed by the legendary Jaybo, this Wismec box mod is powered by an incredible four 18650 batteries - meaning that you get an amazingly designed mod with explosive power. While the design is similar to the highly-acclaimed RX 200, it includes an extra battery and a new OLED screen interface. With upgradeable firmware, the RX300 is a device that you can keep and be satisfied with for years and years to come.

Buyer Review: "This has got to be the best mod by far. The only drawback is the bulkiness of it. This is definitely a desk top mod. Not like a pocket mod. But together with the TFV12 nothing comes close as of yet. I have over 30 different mods ranging from 40 watts to 350 watts and after a HARD months use, JayBo and Wismec have definitely outdone themselves this time. Can't wait to see what they come out with next to try and top the RX300."

Price: $64.99

Maximum Power: 300 watts

Battery: 4 x 18650



The SMOK G Priv brings a new level of innovation to the vape world - touchscreen. Not only does this 2.4 inch touch screen bring great design and new innovation, but it also makes the box mod easier to operate and makes settings easier to control. This mod is capable of providing up to 220 watts and has extremely intelligent temperature control functionality. SMOK considered every angle with this device, creating one of the best vape mods for quality, reliability, safety and convenience.

Buyer Review: "Best mod ever! Everything about this mod is awesome and easy to use. It's cool to be able to blow such large clouds. I've been really impressed by the battery life and the simple-to-use touch screen."

Price: $74.99

Maximum Power: 220 watts

Dimensions: 85mm x 58.5mm x 28mm


Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN 3



The RX GEN3 is the third generation of Reuleaux box mods, and while it wouldn't necessarily be considered one of the 'small vape mods', it is certainly smaller and lighter than the mods released before it. With a large 1.3 inch OLD screen and a brand-new interface, the GEN3 is a 300 watt vape mod with an output wattage between 0.05-1.5ohm. The device works with a GNOME Sub-Ohm tank which utilizes Wismec's wide selection of coils.

Buyer Review: "It is an amazing mod and is extremely affordable. EASILY one of the best mods I've ever had personally."

Price: $54.99

Maximum Power: 300 watts

Dimensions: 39.3mm x 113.7mm x 48.8mm

While there are many powerful vape mods on the market, these 8 definitely represent our favorites. Still not sure which vape mod to pick? We'd say that any of these devices will meet your requirements and give you the vape experience you need. However, if you still want to see what other vape mods are out there, check out our articles on the cheapest vape mods, the smallest vape mods, or head over to our vape mods store to find the best box mods from the most popular brands around the world.

If you want to get a little more knowledgeable about the science behind getting more power, look at our sub ohm vaping starter guide.

Whats your favorite high-powered mod? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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