Mouth to Lung Vape & Direct Lung Vaping Guide

Mouth to Lung Vape & Direct Lung Vaping Guide

Millions of smokers have used e-cigarettes to ditch tobacco. And landmark studies have shown that vaping only carries a fraction of the risk of smoking cigarettes.

But the world of vaping can be confusing for beginners. Just look at some of the terminology involved.

Sure, you can always ask for advice from your friend who has vaped for years. But an experienced vaper's set-up probably isn't suitable for someone who is just starting out.

One of the first distinctions a new vaper needs to know about is the difference between Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung vaping.

First and foremost, this is a difference in vaping styles. But it also affects what hardware and vape juice a vaper buys, because some products are optimized for Mouth to Lung vaping and some for Direct Lung vaping.

In this guide, we explain the difference between the two styles and talk about what kind of set-up you need for each.

If you can't decide if you are a Mouth to Lung vaper or a Direct Lung vaper, we've also included some products that blur the lines between the classes.

There is no right or wrong here. Everything comes down to personal preference. Just be careful though, because if you get a device that doesn't suit your habits, then you are more likely to relapse into smoking cigarettes.

Mouth to Lung Vape

Mouth to Lung vaping is like smoking cigarettes - just with vapour instead of tobacco smoke.

You draw a small amount of vapour into your mouth before inhaling it down into your lungs in a second movement.

Lots of vapers find Mouth to Lung vaping more satisfying and flavourful.

Mouth to Lung devices usually have a reduced airflow and the e-liquids have a higher concentration of nicotine, to create a better throat hit.

A throat hit is the harsh but satisfying at the back of your throat thatâ's caused by nicotine. Vapers like it because it is a good substitute for the sensation you get from cigarettes.

If you want to create lofty clouds of vapour then Mouth to Lung vaping is not for you. Mouth to Lung set-ups tend to be stealthier and leave less of a lingering smell around your home.

Mouth to Lung vaping also uses up less e-liquid, so it's more economical. Many Mouth to Lung vapers have recently converted to nicotine salts, which is designed to be more satisfying. Read our pick for the best nic salt flavours.

Direct to Lung

In many ways, Direct Lung vaping is the opposite of Mouth to Lung.

Instead of small devices, you use big units. Instead of high nicotine e-liquid you use vape juice with lower concentrations of nicotine. And instead of holding the vapour in your mouth momentarily, you inhale it straight down into your lungs like you would with a helium balloon.

Direct Lung hits can be quite intense, especially for beginners, who are prone to coughing their lungs up.

Direct Lung is normally the reserve of more experienced vapers who want to create big clouds and gushing flavours, while still getting a nicotine hit.

If you are using nicotine e-liquid, there will still be a throat hit, but it probably won't be as satisfying as the with a Mouth to Lung set-up.

Direct Lung set-ups are more powerful than Mouth to Lung devices, so they vaporize more e-liquid. This means that you will need to choose a lower strength e-liquid to get the same amount of nicotine.

Most Direct Lung vapers use e-liquids with a nicotine strength of between 0 and 6 mg/ml.

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