Innokin Brand Spotlight

Innokin Brand Spotlight

Equipped with this vision, Innokin was founded in 2011, offering over a decade worth of experience to customers who want to enjoy a smoke-free lifestyle combined with a greener future. Innokin's latest triumph earned them the award for 'Biggest Breakthrough Innovation' when they teamed up with Aquios in 2022 to produce the Lota series of vaping devices, consisting of the world's first water-based e-liquid. Most recently, we've seen the introduction of 100% recyclable vape packaging, another first in the industry, cementing Innokin's position as the leader of sustainable vaping.

Water-based vaping products

By teaming up with UK-based vape juice company Aquios, Innokin successfully combined their innovative engineering with a specially formulated vape juice concept that contains 30% water, an outstanding piece of innovation when compared to other vape juices that use only 3% water, if any!

Apart from having the small purpose of being an essential element to all life on earth, in vaping terms, having water-based e-liquids can mean smoother vapour, enhanced flavour and ability to vape at a lower temperature, thus saving energy along with decreasing any chance of overheating.

The Lota series of vaping devices currently consists of two compact green machines. Each device is prefilled with AQ30 water-based e-liquid, can be responsibly disposed of, and is tailored to meet the contrasting needs of users wishing to vape more sustainably, not forgetting their wide range of delectable flavours!

  • Lota Enviro  Sustainably manufactured disposable device with a paper outer-shell design that can be taken apart and recycled by the user.
  • Innobar C1  Soft-touch design with an elegant, transparent finish, consisting of multiple layers for a durable and comfortable transition to vaping.

Sustainable vaping

A rise in the popularity of disposable vaping has naturally opened the debate on whether we can do more to positively change the industry's carbon footprint. The answer is a clear yes from everyone at, that's why we're proud to stock Innokin's new, sustainable Lota range along with the brand's 100% recyclable packaging.

Ever since the release of the upgraded Zenith tank way back in 2020, Innokin have kept their word to provide only sustainable packaging for all of their products, at no additional cost to their customers. Along with this huge milestone in the vaping industry, Innokin coil products have also transitioned to new biodegradable packaging, paving the way for other companies to significantly reduce their use of single-based plastics.

A clearer future

Branding Director for Innokin, Jack Saunders states how customers can, 'feel confident that when they choose Innokin they are choosing a brand that is committed to utilizing new technologies to create a better future.' Saunders also promises that Innokin will, 'continually expand this environmentally aware initiative.' This is a mindset that runs deep through the core of the company, keeping Innokin at the forefront of vaping companies that wish to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

You can browse our wide range of sustainable and innovative Innokin products on sale right here on Featuring their sustainable, disposable pod kits and natural, water-based e-liquids, all wrapped up in 100% recyclable packaging for a clearer future for both you and your planet.

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