Better Box Mods: Top 100+ Watt Box Mods

Better Box Mods: Top 100+ Watt Box Mods

Looking to upgrade your vape mod? Perhaps you're trying to take a step up from a vape pen or pod vape to something more substantial?

Vape technology is always improving and this is particularly true of box mods. is committed to helping all vapers find the best kit to suit their needs.

With excellent industry knowledge and contacts, we always try to make sure that we have the best products in stock and ready to ship.

Here is our pick of the best 100+ Watt box mods.

Alternatively, you can check out our ultimate guide to the best vape mods of 2020 so far.

Vaporesso Tarot Pro

Maximum power output: 160 Watts

Vaporesso's Tarot Pro is an upgrade on the original Tarot mod. By far the biggest improvement from Tarot to Tarot Pro is the updated Omni chip, which is smarter and more accurate.

The Omni chip allows you to customize the vape experience to your preferences. It suggests a setting and wattage value based on the atomizer and coil you use and it lets you change hardness of the vapor to suit your needs.

It looks great too. We particularly like the chaotic polygon design on the black and yellow colorway.

If you are looking for something a little bit smaller, Vaporesso also have an 80 Watt Tarot Nano version, which is just as popular on our site.

VooPoo Drag Mod

Maximum power output: 157 Watts

Sleek and stylish, the VooPoo Drag Mod uses one of the most advanced internal chips on the market.

The market-leading GENE chip fires with military precision in 25 milliseconds. The chip also enables some genius features like an innovative "Super mode".

Super mode makes high power vaping far more comfortable. It engages automatically when you hit 130 Watts and smooths out your hit - making it easier to make really big clouds.

The chip also suggests an optimum wattage for your atomizer - tailoring vapor and flavor production to your build.

And if you like striking design features, then the large resin panel that dominates one side panel will make you swoon.

Tesla Steampunk Nano 120W

Maximum power output: 120 Watts

The steampunk inspired little brother to the Tesla Punk Mod, the Steampunk Nano is so uniquely styled that some of our customers think about it as a work of art.

The mod's zinc alloy chassis is styled like something you would pick up in a BioShock game. And like the game, it's unpredictable and immensely fun.

It's not all about looks with the Steampunk Nano. The mod's impressive internal workings match the daring exterior - packing 120 Watts of power from a dual battery configuration.

The Nano is nice to hold as well. The buttons are nice and chunky and the mod's ergonomic design fits nicely in your hand.

Sigelei Fuchai 213 Squonk Mod

Maximum power output: 150 Watts

Something a little bit different from Sigelei, many people believe that semi-automatic squonk systems could be the next big thing in vaping.

And with their regulated Fuchai 213 mod, Sigelei are miles ahead of their competition.

The device uses a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) but instead of having to remove the top and apply new e-liquid every few puffs, with the squonk mod all you do is squeeze a small silicone bottle to squirt more juice into the chamber.

This means you can enjoy big airy clouds and the most intense flavor production in the easiest, most straightforward way imaginable.

Innokin Oceanus Scion Mod

Maximum power output: 110 Watts

From vaping giants Innokin, the Oceanus Scion is a neat little mod that appeals to beginners and advanced vapers.

It uses the power of one extra-large 20700 battery to deliver up to 110 Watts of power. And in this kit, the manufacturers have kindly included two batteries so you can keep them on rotation.

With standard wattage, voltage and bypass modes, the mod also has a unique setting that allows for a 20% increase in initial power delivery for the first two seconds of a puff.

This allows you to reach your desired wattage much faster and it means the vape really packs the punch that experienced vapers crave.

It's stylish as well, with four attractive pastel colorways available.


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