Best Tobacco Vape Juice 2023 (UK)

Best Tobacco Vape Juice 2023 (UK)

These are the experts and customers best tobacco vape juice flavours in 2023:


There are other ways of enjoying the earthy, rich taste of tobacco without smoking cigarettes. With these fantastic and unique tobacco flavour combinations, you'll enjoy a satisfying tobacco draw either in its raw form or with a hint of something else. Best of all, vaping tobacco flavoured e-liquids won't have you smelling like cigarettes for the rest of your working day!

How we selected the best tobacco vape juice flavours

At, we have a specialised team of vaping experts that are constantly trying out new flavours, devices and other vaping products. Now, they've selected their favourite tobacco flavoured vape juices, finding you the most elegant and rich-tasting e-liquids that have a hint of something sweet or maybe even a coffee connotation.

Unlike most vaping sites, we don't select our products based on brand sponsorships, at, we make sure you're hearing about what we believe is the highest quality product for you. The reviews on our site have a huge impact on what gets listed on our 'best' pages, so if you find a product you like and want the world to know about it make sure to leave a review and it just might feature on the next update of this article.

I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco

I Love Salts is one of the best brands of vape juice you can buy with beautifully blended flavors at an affordable price. Sweet Tobacco is a great flavor to vape if you have a bit of a sweet tooth. One of the benefits of tobacco is that it's strong enough to blend with lots of other robust flavors. This salt nic vape juice flavor is high strength, perfect for vaping on a portable pod vape like the awesome SMOK Novo 2.

Here's what our happy customers have to say about Sweet Tobacco:

Seriously good Like tobacco, only better and without the nastiness

Bailey L.
Very good! Like A graham Very good! Like A graham cracker flavor. Love this one

Pavithra P.
Smooth Very nice blend - hits smooth. But too sweet for me - it’s not as sweet as a dessert flavor but still creamy/heavy

Glas Basix - Butterscotch Reserve 60ml

If you want a classy super smooth tobacco vape juice flavor then look no further than this Butterscotch Reserve. Butterscotch is the main feature of this flavor but the caramel adds a slight sweetness on the exhale. Cream RY4 is one of the oldest vape juice flavors and has long been a blend that has helps millions of smokers around the world transition to vaping. So if your looking for a tobacco like experience with super smooth and complex flavor, Butterscotch Reserve is the one.

Here's what our customers think:

Stacie K.
Mellow tobacco Smooth and mellow. Not much butterscotch, more like a muted caramel. The best tobacco flavor I've tried, and I've tried quite a few.

Aaron B.
Very smooth Taste just like butterscotch candy. The blueberry one is good also. Good brand.

Beard Vape Co. No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco Salts 30ml

If you loved the combination of coffee and tobacco you should check out Cappuccino Tobacco from vape juice maestros Beard Vape. A delicate blend of two amazing flavors and smells, coffee and tobacco, Cappuccino Tobacco Salts is a super smooth vape. Despite having a sweet cappuccino taste the juice doesn't gunk up your coils too. Not too sweet and the tobacco flavor not to strong with a satisfying throat hit. This is a perfectly blended vape juice for coffee lovers.

Check out these rave reviews:

Cyndi G.
Def my fav!
I’ve tried many vape juices now, as I’ve transitioned from cigs to my vape & this one has become my go to!!! It’s excellent in taste, vape cloud and throat hit! It’s perfect!!!

Jason L.
Really enjoying this flavor.

Doc B.
Good Stuff
Full, rich flavor. Slightly sweet ending.

Naked 100 Tobacco Cuban Blend 60ml

If you really want to replicate the experience of smoking a strong cigarette or cigar this is the tobacco vape juice for you. Naked 100 have to be one of the most established vape juice brands, definitely one of the best selling brands in our online vape shop. So you'd expect them to have a great tobacco flavor, and Tobacco Cuban Blend is just that. Super smooth and flavorful it has a hint of sweetness and a surprisingly rich tobacco flavor. If you want a pure tobacco flavor it doesn't get better than this.

But what do our customers think?

Heather A.
Smooth and delicious
This was the first vape juice we bought after quitting smoking and it was a great transition. It’s not too sweet and tastes like a blend of coffee and fresh tobacco!

Janette L.
Tastes great
Just like a nice cigar. Smooth and easy.

Cindy H.
awesome flavor will absolutely buying this product again

Propaganda Salts Wildfire 30ml

Last but very much not least is the latest amazing vape juice flavor from Propaganda - Salt Wildfire. Here at we love the different take on this tobacco vape juice. We love it so much we even featured it on our 10 Best Salt Nic Vape Juice article. Propaganda salts are a massive sellers in our online shop, they also filled 3 slots out of ten in the above article. A very different tobacco flavor in comparison to those above it on this list but it's a must try. Its flavor range includes chocolate, almond, cookies and of course sweet tobacco. If you're looking for a different tobacco twist try Propaganda Salts Wildfire.

That's what we think, what about our customers?

Weston B.
Delicious! Love it altogether, tasty and just thick enough.

Cheryl J.
very good not too strong and doesn't clog up my pod

Jeff S.

If you agree or disagree with any of these, let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear your feedback so that when this page gets updated, you can have your say on the new 'best' tobacco flavour vape juices in 2023.

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