Best Salt Nic Vapes for 2023 (updated)

Best Salt Nic Vapes for 2023 (updated)

Salt nic vapes are just right for those who adore that smooth throat hit on a pod vape that's nice and comfortable in the hand. These compact pod kits are easy to use, low maintenance and relievingly stress-free. 

Best Salt Nic Vapes For 2023

In no particular order - they're all pretty awesome:

  1. OXVA Oxbar Bipod
  2. GeekVape Sonder U
  3. Freemax Galex Nano Kit
  4. UWELL Caliburn GK2
  5. Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod system
  6. SMOK Novo 4 Mini
  7. SMOK Nord 2

Nicotine salt e-liquid is a natural source of nicotine, great for ex-smokers who are transitioning or have transitioned into vaping. You'll experience a higher nicotine consumption without the harshness of freebase nicotine products, along with the great flavour and above-ohm, MTL style of vape that goes hand in hand with salt nic devices.

Ever since the success of JUUL, disposable vapes prefilled with nicotine salt have been all the rage over the last few years. JUUL and most disposable vapes are closed pod systems that may seem low cost, however, the price adds up over time and once you've disposed of a certain amount of devices, it becomes much more affordable and sustainable to run a salt nic pod kit instead.

That's why we asked our experts at to test out our huge range (150+) of salt nic vapes, so you can buy the most cost-effective pod kit to partner your favourite nicotine salt flavours. Here's their pick of the bunch.

Meet the Oxbar Bipod Pod Kit from Oxva. It has a 650mAh battery that lasts a day and charges in 15 minutes with Type-C. No buttons, just inhale to vape. Great MTL flavour every time.

The 2ml pod is easy to refill and replace. Just pull it off, fill it up and snap it back. Use any nic salt or 50/50 e-liquid you like. The 0.8ohm meshed coil is built-in for convenience.

No need to adjust anything, just enjoy the smooth airflow and consistent taste. The bar is discreet and produces little vapour.

Choose from 7 colours: Black, Gunmetal, Green, Gold, Rose Gold, Purple or Tiffany Blue.

Pod systems have not been a strong point for GeekVape, but the Sonder U pod kit changes that. It is a low-cost vape that rivals disposables in price. The kit only includes the device with a pod already installed. There is no extra pod or Type-C USB cable. The pod can hold 2ml of e-liquid and has a side slot for filling. Magnets keep the pod firmly attached to the device.

Sonder U is very light and has a 1000mAh battery that is impressive for its small size. The Sonder logo on the front attracts finger prints but it also adds some charm to the device. It has a slightly rubberized finish that makes it grippy and comfortable to hold.

The best thing about the Geekvape Sonder U is the flavour, which is amazing for a small pod system. It can compete with other pod systems and even some of the best ones we have reviewed.

The low price is a great advantage but it also means you need to have your own Type-C cable to charge it.

Sonder U delivers great flavour, great feel and great looks. Don't hesitate to get the Sonder U today."

Firing up to 22W, the futuristic Galex Nano kit allows you to see through to its core, lighting it up with stylish LEDs. View your entire nicotine salt after you refill with its clear 360-degree window. You'll never forget to refill again!

This compact, square kit fits nicely in your pocket and is super portable. Refill using a mess-free top-fill system with a no-leak guarantee! So you will get every last drop of flavour out of your nicotine salt e-liquid! Included are 0.8ohm and 1.0ohm replaceable coils, for a great above-ohm, MTL experience. Great for transitioning vapers due to its simplicity and familiar pull style!

Uwell Caliburn GK2 is part of the beloved KOKO range, featuring dazzling graphics that pulsate with your breathing. A truly stylish device that is also perfect for your nicotine salt, coming with both a 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm coil for a choice of above-ohm flavours. Coil replacement is super easy, all you have to do is pop the old ones out and push the new ones in.

On the bottom of the pod you'll find an airflow control wheel for a smooth transition into either RDTL or MTL, complimenting your nic salt even further! No matter how you prefer to vape, you'll love the pulsating graphics that light up as you inhale.

Customer Review: "Best vape I've ever had. Love this vape. Hits nice flavour is amazing so glad I chose this device!"

Customer Review: "Smooth, Small and Perfect"

Pod kits don't get much easier than this one! The Zero 2 Pod System by Vaporesso requires "Zero" maintenance from the user. Included are 1.0ohm and 1.2ohm integrated meshed coils, meaning you simply take out the pod and replace it with a new one. No messing around removing coils!

This buttonless device is strictly auto-draw, so simply inhale to activate! Its smart coil detection feature programs the Zero 2 device to give you the perfect power output depending on your chosen pod!

Coming in at only 89mm in height, this is a compact, low cost and low-maintenance device that you can find on

Following on from the compact vape theme, the SMOK Novo 4 Mini device has all the fantastic features of the regular Novo 4, but in miniature! Coming in at just 91.6mm in height, SMOK have managed to squeeze in a large 900mAh rechargeable battery for you to enjoy. Once fully charged, this little number can last for up to 48 hours!

Firing up to 20W, it's perfectly paired with your nicotine salt e-liquid. Included are two 0.9ohm coils that get amazing flavour out of the 50/50 PG/VG ratio due to their above-ohm capabilities. A low-key and all-around elegant device!

Customer Review: "Novo 4 Mini holds up to the hype and worth buying again"

Customer Review: "Awesome little kit for the casual vaper"

One of the most popular salt nic vapes of 2021 is back and it has serious upgrades. The first thing that will strike you as different is the 0.69" OLED screen on the side. Here you can see your settings, adjust wattage and when plugged in see how long it will take to be fully charged.

The pods are much bigger to hold more vape juice. You get 2 pods in the kit, a Nord pod for the Nord range of coils and an RPM pod for RPM coils. As you're reading a post about the best salt nic vapes you're probably looking for the best MTL experience. There are 5 coils (two Nord and 3 RPM) designed specifically for MTL vaping.

No other salt nic device has so many coil options for salt nic vaping!

The advanced chipset will automatically detect the coil when the pod is connected and select the correct settings but you can also change the wattage to your preference by using the firing key.

One of the few salt nic vapes on this list where you can change the coil instead of the whole pod the Nord 2 is a vape that's going to provide better long term value than most pod vapes.

Buy it, you'll love it. Don't forget to comeback to tell us what you think.

Customer Review: "I originally had the Nord but wanted something else that I could adjust the power. I am so pleased with the system and quality at a great price! The colour is even more beautiful in person. I am a believer! The difference in features makes it my favourite."

Customer Review: "This was a pleasant surprise. I bought the Nord2 to temporarily replace the one I left on holiday. It turns out it is a great vape, better than my other, so the other can stay on holiday:)"

Customer Review: "These Nord 2 devices look the part, small with sweet colours. They are built tough. I actually accidentally washed them in pants pocket and I thought it was over, but let it dry out for like a month popped it open and kinda rubbed the connection and it started working and still working now. And when you buy the kit it comes with everything you need Coils, battery is already in the device all you will need is your juice."

What do you think about our expert advice on the best salt nic vapes for 2023? Maybe you've found your own perfect pod kit and want to shout it over the rooftops? We constantly update our best lists by listening to customer reviews as well as in-lab testing, so if you feel strongly about a product there's every chance you'll see it in the next edition of Best Salt Nic Vapes 2023.

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