Best New Vaporesso Mods & Kits (2022)

Best New Vaporesso Mods & Kits (2022)

Vaporesso has been very busy in 2021. The masters of vaping style have been hard at work creating several new mods for their discerning fans to enjoy.

We run through some of the favorites in this blog post and delve a little deeper into the appeal of Vaporesso products.

About Vaporesso

Based in Shenzhen in China, Vaporesso is one of the worlds leading vape manufacturers. They are passionate about good design and excellent vaping products, and this really comes across with their mods and kits.

Unlike some other vape makers, Vaporesso doesn't churn out hundreds of new products each year. You won't find a Vaporesso product that looks like it was rushed out in a few weeks, or one that will break after a few months.

The Vaporesso Revenger was the first product that really hit hard on the vape scene. This dual-battery box mod won vapers hearts for its dashing good looks and its top-tier performance stats. The Revenger was recently superseded by the Revenger X (see below), but it has come to epitomize everything that's good about the Vaporesso brand.

Vaporesso puts so much time and effort into their designs and their research and development. They don't put out knee-jerk mods that are full of gimmicky features and you can see that every inch of a Vaporesso product has been meticulously designed with their target user in mind.

There's never an air vent or a fire button out of place and everything works exactly how it should. Their screens are always high resolution, so you can use them in bright sunshine, and, thanks to their market-leading OMNI chips, the advanced Vaporesso mods always have a long list of menu options and a full range of advanced safety features.

In short, Vaporesso put out some truly excellent mods and it is easy to see why so many of our customers love their products. So lets look at some of their latest and greatest devices.

Vaporesso LUXE 220W Mod

 When it comes to mods and box mods you'll struggle to find a better brand than Vaporesso. The LUXE mod is currently the flagship mod model in 2019. The ultimate in box mod technology, a super high powered device, generating up to 220W. Not only do you get loads of power you get to operate it using a glamorous 2 inch TFT color display. Luxe by name, luxurious by nature. With beautifully beveled edges it sits snuggly in the hand and the fire button super easy to use.

So it looks great but how well does it operate? This is actually where the LUXE mod really comes into its own. The OMNI Board 4.0 chip is one of the most advanced chips in vaping. It has a huge range of modes for you to choose from. Smart mode is an advanced variable wattage mode which changes intensity according to the resistance of the coils. VW (Variable Wattage) has 3 levels to pick from, Soft, Normal and High. VV (Variable Voltage) mode allows you to adjust the voltage to get the perfect heat level.

Custom Curve mode, a favorite feature for advanced vapers, lets you customize the power curve so that you can get the perfect vape time and time again. Auto Mode is perfect for beginners, the mod automatically adjusts the settings for the best flavor and super cool vaping however long you vape. Last but not least we have Super Player mode. As cool as it sounds its intended for the more advanced vaper. With an amazingly broad resistance range of 0.03 Ohm all the way to 5 Ohm.

If you want the latest and greatest vape mod from Vaporesso order a LUXE mod today and live a life of vaping luxury.


Vaporesso LUXE ZV 200W Kit

We started with the video as it really shows off just how gorgeous this vape kit really is. A special edition created in collaboration with YouTube celebrity Zophie Vapes. the LUXE ZV has slightly less power than the LUXE but the same huge range of features. This kit made our list not only because of all those super cool features but because of the vape tank that Vaporesso has paired the LUXE ZV with. The Vaporesso SKRR-S Sub-Ohm Tank is the flagship sub-Ohm tank in their range. Boasting a massive 8mL vape juice capacity, you won't have to refill this bad boy very often. When you do the operation is super easy, just unscrew the top of the tank and fill using the extra large fill slot. The best bit about the tanks unique design in the bullet-shaped coil which stops any spit back. The coil technology itself is equally impressive. The new QF (Quad Flow) Air Distribution System cunningly disperses air in four different directions in the tank. In the Vaporesso LUXE ZV kit you get two coils, a QF Meshed coil (0.2 Ohm) and a QF Strip coil (0.15 Ohm).

If you want a sub-Ohm kit, with the latest cutting edge vape technology in both the mod and the tank you have to have the Vaporesso LUXE ZV 200W Kit.


Vaporesso Swag

Another portable pocket mod from Vaporesso, we think that this is one of the best single-battery mods to rival the market-leading SMOK Alien Baby AL85.

With DJ Khaled levels of Swag, this single battery mod is made from high-quality zinc alloy and injection molded plastic and it weighs less than 100 grams.

It has all the basic performance settings, including temperature control and variable wattage modes as well as some more advanced modes that you typically only expect to find on a much larger box mod.

Made for middleweight vapers who don't want to skip on device brainpower, the Vaporesso Swag delivers up to 80 watts of power from a 99 gram mod - an impressive return.

Get yours in a kit with a slimmed down version of the Vaporesso Revenger X tank - the NRG SE. This 3.5ml stainless steel tank comes with two GT cores with strong vapor and flavor performance across a wide range of wattages.


Vaporesso Revenger X


Released at the back end of 2017, the Revenger X is the pre-eminent box mod in Vaporesso's range. Distinguishable for its top-tier looks and top-tier power, the Revenger X is also one of the most popular box mods on our website.

Using smartphone-class touchscreen technology, the Revenger X is beautiful and functional. The enormous range of menu options are easily navigated thanks to the 0.96 inch OLED screen and a small vibration motor that responds to your touch.

Among other things the OMNI chip enables you to customize puff feel, change the temperature between 100℃-315℃/200F-600F and alter wattage curves for a bespoke vaping experience.

Topping out at 220W, the Revenger X stands comfortably alongside other high-powered mods and it is the ideal choice for any cloud chaser in the market for a stylish rig.

The Revenger X kit includes one of Vaporesso's biggest and best looking tanks, the NRG. With 5ml's of e-liquid capacity and two long-lasting Vaporesso coils, the whole kit makes for an outstanding device for the most demanding vaper.


Vaporesso Cascade One


The Vaporesso Cascade One is a slimline stick-type mod with the power to rival significantly bigger box mod devices. The Cascade One looks a bit like the Vaporesso Orca Solo, but with a 1800mAh internal battery, it is more powerful and can be used for bigger cloud vaping.

It's another easy to use mod, with no menu options and one fire button. Just click this five times to power it on or off and press and hold to vape it.

The stick mod comes with a Cascade Mini tank which was specially designed for this mod. The 3.5ml tank das been designed with a triple airflow system for denser, richer clouds that will appeal to cloud chasers.

In the kit, you also get ceramic CCELL coils and a special mesh coil, both designed for maximum flavor performance.

They have called it the Cascade because of the way the e-liquid trickles down from the juice chamber into a separate coil chamber. This innovative solution, Vaporesso says, will extend the life of the coils and reduce the potential for nasty dry hits.


Vaporesso Orca Solo

Vaporesso dosen't just deal in stylish box mods. This sleek and discreet pen-style e-cigarette is one of the most attractive small vapes that we have seen. And it is available at a really affordable price - perfect for anyone buying their first e-cigarette.

With a 16mm diameter, the Vaporesso Orca Solo is about twice as wide as a traditional cigarette, so it's going to slip into your pocket nice and easy.

It's a low output device, so you aren't going to get big clouds of vaper with the Orca, but does deliver good mouth-to-lung hits without the coughing new users might experience from bigger box mods. The Orca Solo is also incredibly easy to use, there are no setting controls so you just need to hit the fire button to activate it.

Because it is not very powerful, you'll want to use this e-cigarette with high-nicotine e-liquid that's around the 50/50 PG/VG mark. For the most satisfying vape experience, we recommend using nicotine salt e-liquids, which deliver an experience that's closer to traditional cigarettes.

The 800mAh internal battery should last all day for most new and experienced vapers. And when your battery runs flat it should only take around 45 minutes to recharge it.


Still undecided about which mod to get? Read the ultimate guide to the best vape mods in 2019 so far.

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