Best Disposable Vapes for Halloween

Best Disposable Vapes for Halloween

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5 Things You Need to Know About Halloween

This month, with spooky season well underway, we’re celebrating Halloween, with some ghoulishly good deals on disposable vapes with flavours that are as sweet as candy

First, to get you in the mood for the scariest night of the year, here are five Halloween facts to ensure your gruesome knowledge is up to scratch... 

1. The origins of Halloween date back around 2,000 years to the Celtic festival of Samhain,
when people would wear costumes and light bonfires to ward off ghosts.

2. Halloween wasn’t a popular event in America until the late 19 th century, when an influx of
European migrants widely celebrated the occasion.

3. Americans spend an estimated $6 billion on Halloween each year – making it the country’s
second largest commercial holiday after Christmas.

4. What we now know as ‘trick-or-treat' initially started in the belief that young women
conjure up an appearance from their future husband by doing tricks with yarn, apple
pairings or mirrors.

5. The 13th film in the Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends, was released in October 2022, over
40 years since the original film was released in 1978.

Halloween’s 5 Best Disposable Vapes

If we haven’t spooked you away, here you’ll find our top 5 disposable vapes for Halloween, including discreet devices for stealth vaping while you're out and about raising the dead, and some flavourful delights to complement your candy apples and pumpkin-spiced lattes.  

So, without further ado, here are 5 disposable vapes you need for Halloween... 

Esco Bars Mega Disposable

Esco Bars Mega Disposable

Offering up to a staggering 5000 puffs per bar, Esco Bar’s Mega Disposable certainly lives up to its name… 

Perfect for stocking up on your own grown up candy guilt-free, the Mega Disposable features a rechargeable battery – meaning it’s as reliable as wearing a white sheet and pretending to be a ghost when you can’t think of a costume… 

Available in 3 devilishly delicious flavour combinations – Blueberry Raspberry Ice, Kiwi Guava and Rootbeer Float – the Mega Disposable is a must-have for the spooky season and beyond…

As we can’t leave a pumpkin on our virtual porch for you to see, we’ve decided to carve some savings instead. You can buy the Esco Bars Mega Disposable now for just $18.99, a saving of over 20% ($5)!

Yogi Bar 4500

Yogi Bar 4500

If you’re heading to a Halloween party this year, the last thing you want is to risk losing your favourite box mod or pod system, so leave it at home! 

In its place, take the Yogi Bar 4500, a disposable that offers up to 4,500 puffs and a 1500mAh battery – more than sufficient for a long night of vaping at a frightful fiesta. 

Pick from Berry Fusion, Peach Ice and Strawberry Banana – 3 delightfully fruity flavours that are accompanied by a satisfying 5% (50mg) of nic salt for an out-of-this-world vaping experience!

Add this disposable vape to your basket for a Halloween to remember and shop the Yogi Bar 4500 here.

Aqua Bar 2800 Synthetic disposable

Aqua Bar 2800 Synthetic Disposable

Disposable vapes have grown exponentially in popularity in the last few years thanks to their convenience and general ease of use. The Aqua Bar 2800 is all this and more. 

The disposable vape’s compact design makes it perfect for carrying around too, so you can keep it with you even if your Halloween costume’s short on pocket space! 

The definition of ‘small and mighty’, the Aqua Bar 2800 still manages to pack an impressive 1300mAh battery and 7ml of synthetic e-liquid (with 5% nicotine) in the device. Offering an impressive 2800 puffs, which is more than enough for an evening of frightfully good parties

Ready to buy in Juicy Grape and Arctic Mango flavours, this disposable is a compact solution to carrying a bulkier box mod this Halloween. Take a closer look at the Aqua Bar 2800 and buy yours here.

Pachamama SYNthethic Disposable

Pachamama’s SYNthethic Disposable is one of our stand-out vapes for Halloween thanks to its thoroughly chilling selection of flavours. And, if you can’t SYN on the spookiest night of the year, when can you? 

Possessing up to 1500 puffs of flavour and 50mg (5%) strength, this disposable is ideal if you’re taking your first steps to a smoke-free you. 

Ready to use in a selection of flavours that includes Grape, Peach and Watermelon Ice, the SYNthethic Disposable will have your friends thinking ice runs through your veins thanks to the cool vapour you’ll produce. 

Discover the full range of the SYNthetic Disposable’s frosty flavours here. 

If you’re looking to start your vaping journey then a disposable vape is a super-easy entry point – get the inside knowledge on this year’s must-have disposables from our very own vaping maestro in our Best Vapes of 2022 blog.

For the latest vaping advice, news, guides and best of compilations, the blog has everything you need.

Check back here next month for a look at our must-have vape devices for November, when we’ll be going soccer-mad – serving up the best disposables for the World Cup and Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, we won’t be offering any roast turkey flavours… 

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