6 of The Best Vape Apps You Should Try Today

6 of The Best Vape Apps You Should Try Today

The Best Vape: 6 Vape Apps You Have to Try

Vaping is the digital evolution of smoking, so it only seems logical there are vaping apps available. As luck would have it, there are hundreds of vape apps. With so many, is there truly a best vape app?

Vaping enthusiasts all have different needs, so read on to find the best vape app for you!

What is the Purpose of a Vape App?

It's not like you can vape from your phone (yet) so what's the point of a vaping app? There are actually quite a few uses for vaping apps, especially depending on your level of experience and how much you like to customize your vaping experience.

In general, many vape apps can be broken down into a few different categories:

  • A General Vape App: These offer a little bit of everything and may not excel at one particular thing, but are a great place to start. Most general vape apps allow you to find the nearest vape store, engage with the vaping community, or learn more about different mods and kits.
  •  Ohm's Law Calculators: For those looking to get into sub-ohm vaping, understanding Ohm's law is key. Your vape device is technically one giant circuit, and controlling its voltage, resistance, and current can allow you to customize every vape session to your personal perfection. These apps make following Ohm's law a cinch.
  •  Stop Smoking Apps: As the name implies, these are apps that will guide you through the process of no longer smoking, in some cases by substituting vaping. Most smoking apps have a counter for how many days you've been smoke free, the money you've saved, or even the health benefits you're experiencing.
  •  E-Juice Calculator Apps: For those of you that enjoy a little vaping alchemy, these apps will help you balance out any juice mixes you want to try.

With so many vaping apps and so many categories, there's an app for every vaping enthusiast!

The Best Vape Apps by Category

Due to the large number of apps available and only so much time, we've looked at a number of factors to determine which apps are the best for their category. First, we looked at the credibility of the app and the developer. Next, we looked at the average rating for the app and how many downloads it has. Finally, we looked at the app first-hand to see how useful we found it to be.

Best E-Juice Calculator App for Android: E-Liquid Calculator


A big draw of vaping is the ability for vapers to customize their experience. This is especially true when it comes to flavours; vapers have an unlimited selection of flavours, while cigarette smokers have tobacco and menthol.

For those looking to explore the variety of flavours in the vaping world, the E-Liquid Calculator app by Alessandro Boggiano makes juice mixing easier than ever.

The app features a simple calculator that lets you do straightforward mixes. This is great for those of you just getting into e-juice mixing. Many other e-juice calculator apps feature too many options, making them difficult to use for newcomers. Rather than focus on quantity over quality, E-Liquid Calculator opts for a straightforward, intuitive experience.

For the more experienced vaping crowd, the E-Liquid Calculator app also features an advanced section, which allows you to customize your e-juice to the extreme. With the advanced calculator you can tweak the base nicotine, target e-liquid quantity, and more. The calculator will tell you how much water to use, how many ml of each component to add, and ensure you have a great mix every time.

This app is available on Android for free with ads, as well as paid with no ads.

Best E-Juice Calculator App for iOS: E-Liquid Recipes Online Calculator


Unfortunately Apple is still fighting most e-liquid calculators and vape juice apps, meaning they either don't make it to the app store or they don't last. Because of this we opted for checking out various online calculators to determine which one is best.

After reviewing many of the top online calculators we've decided the E-Liquid Recipes Online Calculator from e-liquid-recipes.com is the most usable and has the best community for swapping recipes.

The calculator features many of the same variables as the app selected for Android, allowing you to set the amount of juice you'd like to make, the desired strength, water/vodka/PGA amount, and so on. There's also a section for entering any notes regarding the mix itself and special instructions.

Most appealing to us was the community, which is very active and full of fun and original recipes. And best of all? It's all free!

Best Quit Smoking Vape App: QuitNow!


There are a number of apps to help smokers kick the habit. While many of these apps, like the Smoke Free app, are very powerful, they require a subscription to get the most out of them. Because of this, we chose the QuitNow! App by Fewlaps, S.C.

The QuitNow! app contains a pretty standard set of features for a stop smoking app:

  • Days without smoking
  • Number of cigarettes you've not smoked
  • Amount of money saved
  • Time saved by not smoking

These features are all very useful and give you a great idea of the more tangible benefits of not smoking. What really sets this app apart are the achievements it gives you for not smoking, the health meter that assigns a percentage to your body's condition, and the social aspect of the app.

The achievements are a great way to gamify the benefits of not smoking. This type of feedback can be great for motivating you, and it makes the entire process a little more entertaining. (Giving up smoking can be far from fun.)

The health section of the app gives you a breakdown of how your body is benefiting from not smoking. It then assigns an overall percentage to your body's physical improvement, which like the achievements, gives you a nice visual motivator.

The social part of the app is perhaps one of our favourite features. Giving up smoking is no walk in the park, but having the support of numerous people that are going through the same thing can make it much easier. You can even find others who are substituting vaping for their cigarette habit and connect!

This app is available for free on Android and iOS.

Best Ohm's Law Calculator

There are a number of Ohm's law calculators on Android and iOS, and thankfully most of them get the job done just fine.



For iOS we went with Ohm's Law by Creature Code Mobile, LLC. This free app allows you to enter any of the variables and receive the proper output. This is a great starter app for anyone interesting in maximizing their vaping experience, as it doesn't overwhelm with features.



For Android we went with Ohm's Law by Red Binary. This free app, like our iOS choice, features only the bare minimum making it incredibly easy to use. If you're new to Ohm's law, you can't go wrong with this app.

Best General Vaping App: Vape Boss


The OG vape app, Vape Boss was founded in 2014 by Sean and Sonny after Sean kicked his cigarette habit through vaping. The rest, as they say, is history.

Vape Boss, available on Android and iOS for free, offers a little bit of everything. If you're looking for information on atomizers or regulated mods or juices and so on, Vape Boss can help you find it. If you want to connect with other vaping enthusiasts through the app's social platform, Vape Boss can do that, too.

Something that sets Vape Boss apart from many other general vape tool apps is that it can be customized by vaping retailers for a more local experience. This allows Vape Boss to be tweaked by a vape retailer near you. This version can then be downloaded, giving you local updates on any stock or price changes, specials going on, or events being held in your area.

A huge draw of vaping is the community around it. Vape Boss does a great job helping newcomers get into vaping and access the info they need, and connect with the community around them. To us, that makes Vape Boss an easy choice for best general vaping app.

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