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Vaping.com stock a wide selection of coil brands. We offer many different coil types with a range of resistance options to provide you with the perfect vaping experience, whatever device you’re using. Whether you’re after sub or above Ohm coils, we’ve got you covered. If you’re seeking the best vape coils and coil replacement options, we can show you which ones will work with your vape.

We only select the highest quality and most reliable coils for our inventory, ensuring that whatever option you pick, you can be guaranteed an enjoyable vape. Need a vape tank to go with your coils? Explore the huge range of sub-ohm vape tanks available at Vaping.com

By shopping online with us, you can get your vape coils delivered straight to your door. We offer free shipping on all UK orders over £25, with next working day and Saturday delivery options available. Find out more on our shipping page.

How Do I Clean Vape Coils

No vape coil lasts forever. While a cleaning routine can help maintain your coil, as the quality of your coil will degrade over time, you will eventually need to replace it. There are some telltale signs that your coil has burnt out, including the following: 

  • The coil is dark or crusted.
  • It tastes burnt, even after cleaning the device.
  • There’s less vapour being produced.

Exactly how you change your vape coil will vary depending on the device. However, there’s a general method you can follow for this. Read our guide on How to Clean Vape Tanks and Coils for further info on this method, and how to clean other parts of your device.

Types of Vape Coils

There are different types of vape coils available, that best suit certain vaping experiences. The different vape coils include:

  • RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping coils) - users have to build their own coil, wrap it around the wick themselves and drip e-liquid onto this.
  • RTAs (Rebuildable Tank coils) - similar to an RDA, users build up RTAs themselves. However, thanks to a tank that holds the e-liquid it isn’t necessary to drip vape juice onto the coil. 
  • Commercial Coil - these coils come pre-made and ready to use (once you’ve properly primed them). Simply add this into the vape tank and you’re ready to start vaping. 

Vaping.com offers a wide selection of high-quality pre-made coils, including mesh, regular wire and ceramic options. 

Troubleshooting Your Vape Coils

Pre-made vape coils are easy to install, but sometimes, an issue may occur. Here are a few common vape coil issues and the solutions you need to fix them:

Device Won’t Fire After Replacing Vape Coils: Typically, this means that your vape coil is installed incorrectly. Likely, it may not be screwed in evenly.

  1. Empty your tank and unscrew your coil. 
  2. Screw it back in, ensuring that it is refitted evenly.

Vape Juice Tastes Burnt After New Vape Coil Is Installed: This likely means that you have burned out the coil by taking a dry inhale from your vape device.

Tank Leaking After Vape Coil Replacement: Usually, this means that you are not installing your vape coils properly. 

  • Unscrew and reinstall your coil, ensuring that it is screwed in evenly. 
  • If the device is still leaking, refer to our “Is Your Vape Leaking” troubleshooting guide.

Coil FAQs:

How Long Does The Coil Last?

How long a coil lasts will depend on the specifics of it. If the coil is smaller, you might find it doesn’t last as long as the larger coils available. However, other factors also come into play here - like how often you vape. If you’re a light vaper, your coil may last as long as a fortnight. However, if you vape more regularly, you might have to change the coil every week.

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt With New Coil?

If your vape tastes burnt with a brand-new coil, this likely means you haven’t primed the vape coil properly. By not priming a coil, you’ll probably end up heating its wick when dry, causing it to burn. Priming the coil nicely saturates the wick, and can avoid burning it out.

What is Coil Priming?

Coil priming is when you saturate the cotton wick of the vape coil to prevent it from burning. To do this, drip e-liquid into the coil’s holes, stopping when the liquid starts overflowing out of these holes. Once you’ve saturated the coil, it’s helpful to the process if you leave it to soak for a few minutes.

What Does BCC Mean?

BCC stands for Bottom Coil Changeable, and is a specific type of vape tank design with the tank or pod situated at the bottom.