Founded in 2006 in Shenzen, Vaporesso is an industry world leader, working to push the engineering quality of e-cigarettes to new heights. With 3 states of the art factories and hundreds of experienced engineers, Vaporesso has already managed several technological advancements in the vaping community and continues to innovate with every new product that they release.

We stock all the latest releases from Vaporesso including vape kits, Renova pod systems, vape pens, box mods, tanks & coils.

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21 Products

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  1. EUC Coils (x5)
    EUC Coils (x5)
    As low as £8.99
  2. Vaporesso Degree pod cartridge 1.3Ohm CCell
    Degree Pod Cartridges (x2)
    As low as £6.99
  3. Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit Color Range
    Swag 2 Kit
    As low as £44.99
  4. Vaporesso GEN Nano Kit with GTX Tank 22- Color Range
    GEN Nano 80W Kit
    As low as £49.99
  5. vaporesso gen s kit with nrg-s tank color range
    Gen S 220W Kit with NRG-S Tank
    As low as £56.99
  6. vaporesso forz tx80 color range
    Forz TX80 80W Kit
    As low as £52.99
  7. Vaporesso NRG-S Mini Tank Color Range
    NRG-S Mini Tank
    As low as £18.99
  8. vaporesso luxe pm40 pod kit color range
    LUXE PM40
    As low as £28.99
  9. Gen Nano 80W Box Mod
    Gen Nano 80W Box Mod
    As low as £37.99
  10. TARGET PM80 Pods (x2)
    TARGET PM80 Pods (x2)
  11. Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Kit Black
    Sky Solo Plus Kit
    As low as £22.99
  12. GTX Coils x5
    GTX Coils x5
    As low as £7.99
  13. XTRA Unipod (x2)
    XTRA Unipod (x2)
    As low as £5.99
  14. Luxe PM40 Pod (x2)
    Luxe PM40 Pod (x2)
  15. vaporesso xros pod system color range
    XROS Pod System
    As low as £19.99
  16. Vaporesso GT Mesh Coils
    GT Coils (x3)
    As low as £7.99
  17. Swag PX80 Pod Kit
    Swag PX80 Pod Kit
    As low as £25.99
  18. Vaporesso Osmall Pod Kit Range
    Osmall Pod Kit
    As low as £8.99
  19. Vaporesso GTX ONE Kit - Color Range
    GTX ONE Kit
    As low as £30.99
  20. Veco Tank
    Veco Tank
    As low as £14.99

21 Products

per page

Vaporesso Tanks, Coils & Kits

Vaporesso’s flagship product is their vape kit, the Vaporesso Revenger X Kit and one its smaller predecessors, the Vaporesso Tarot Nano kit. Both products feature Vaporesso’s innovative Omni board, a vaporizer chipset that allows for tight control on temperature and wattage. The technological prowess of Vaporesso can be found in all of their products and stems from their core focus of refining manufacturing. Vaporesso covers both the newer vapers with simple but powerful kits and more experienced builders with their powerful vape mods.

Tanks & Coils

As you might expect from a leading producer of starter kits and vape pens Vaporesso are also one of the leading innovators in vape coils and tanks. Here at vaping.com we stock a wide range of replacement coils and tanks so you can keep your device performing at its very best. These products included the extremely popular Cascade coils and the GT coils for the NRG Tank.

One of the most recent innovations is the tank category is the new SKRR sub-ohm tank, designed to prevent spit back with its innovative coil design. Paired with their awesome Luxe 220W it's a combination which is winning over the hearts of vapors all over the world.

Vaporesso also brings a sharp design style to each of their products. With a focus on bold colors and fractal designs, Vaporesso’s mods are some of the most beautiful on the market. Combining this with its mechanical innovation, Vaporesso has taken a strong position in the vaping market for the past 11 years.

Vaporesso Starter Kits

One of vaping.com's top selling vape kit brands Vaporesso continues to deliver innovative vaping products time and time again. When it comes to simplicity and ease of use then you can't look beyond the Drizzle Fit Kit, it's super clever Omni Board Mini recognizes the coil’s resistance and sets the vaping wattage mode for you. It's also one of the cheapest kits we stock so it's also awesome excellent value.

Vaporesso have consistently been one of the top performing brands in our line vape shop, that's why we included them in our guide on the best vape brands.