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10 Jun 2014

The Gateway Effect?

Do E-Cigarettes Increase Or Decrease Smoking? This is a high-explosive argument. So let’s try to clear the smoke away to reveal some hard facts. Are children being hooked on to tobacco smoking through e-cigarettes? Are adults? And are e-cigarettes taking smokers away from much better ways of quitting?

12 Jun 2013

Are they safe?

What are you comparing them with? For smokers the yardstick is switching from tobacco. For vapers who have never used any form of nicotine the contrast is with inhaling Alpine air.

24 Apr 2013

Why is my ecigarette giving me a sore throat?

The first thing to say is that a sore throat is one of the recognized symptoms of nicotine withdrawal (see here for the full list), so it may not be the e-cigarette at all but just a normal reaction to not smoking cigarettes any more.

23 Apr 2013

Explain APVs or Mods to me please?

An APV or 'mod' is a high-performance model, of the second and third-generation class. The basic definition of an APV is that it uses replaceable, generic batteries and/or does something regular ecigs don't.