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Kangertech - Nebox

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121 reviews

Quick Overview

The pocket-friendly 60w Nebox, Kanger’s all-in-one temperature controlled vaporizer, with integral 10ml tank!

Unfortunately the Nebox is no longer made, as sad as we all are, we think you might like the Joyetech eGO AIO instead :)

Kangertech Nebox

Kanger has pushed the boundaries again with this innovative all-in-one device. This is one of the first integrations of a tank and vaporizer in one device, and unlike others it can hold up to 10 ml of eliquid at one time!

This unit is equipped with adjustable wattage (60W), temperature control, and a Ni200 coil that is already installed. The Kanger Nebox is made to give you the perfect vaping experience, offering performance, convenience, and portability in one neat package - this unit should be in everyone’s collection.

Founded in 2007, Kangertech has become a mainstay of the e-cigarette scene. Based in Shehzhen, they produce stylish, reliable tanks, droppers, evods etc for all your hardware needs.


18650 (Not Included)

Max Power

60 Watts

Tank Capacity

10 ml

Free Shipping Over $25

Free Shipping Over $25

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Same day shipping before 2pm

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100% secure payments

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Lab tested Eliquid

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Best Price Promise

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Customer Reviews
I recently got this in from for a mere $19.99 plus free shipping. Before this, I had a Cupti which I ordered from another site due to all of the rave reviews claiming it was such an improvement over the Nebox. It had all the bells and whistles, adjustable airflow, a glass tank, simple battery door, and no leaking. Only one problem. The coils had an unpleasant taste and burnt out quick, and I didn't find it to be very user friendly. It kept locking up on me and malfunctioning. The taste of the coils and the burning out, despite being really the only main issue, was significant enough for me to return the Cupti. So, I decided to opt for its predecessor instead since Nebox coils are easily available and it even has an RBA option. Well, it arrived and I couldn't be happier. Call me old school, but I like the design much better than the Cupti. I find it more durable and easier to use. And most importantly, my e liquids all taste amazing in the Nebox which is something I could not achieve with the Cupti no matter how hard I tried. At first, I experienced leaking issues. However, once I switched out to the 0.5 ohm coil and put the o-ring from the Ni200 coil around the inside bottom portion (where the coil goes and where the airflow is located) that issue was resolved. I don't use temp control so I didn't find the Ni200 option necessary anyways. In use the Nebox in wattage mode and so far it has worked perfectly. Much better than the fancy Nebox, but that's just my opinion. I'm a flavor chaser.
Taria 9/30/2016
Heard the nebox had leaking issues but the 10mL tank and 19.99 price was too much to pass up plus it's easy to fix the leaking. Loving this mod. Favorite amongst YouTubers and I have to agree. 10/10
David Acosta 11/4/2016
First time buyer, and new customer
Douglas Eaves 11/10/2016
I love this little handful! I have 3 that I use at all time with different flavors in them .
You can't find this anywhere else for 19.99
Debi 11/10/2016
I know a lot of people complain about"leaking" but I still have the one I bought when they 1st came out, and I love it. The Nebox is the best sub-oHm mod out there. I love it. The only difference between this one and my old one is the color. I went with blue, because blue lives matter.
Steve 11/17/2016
I really like buying from My orders come very quickly. I bought 2 i liked these so much i bought 4 more.
James 11/17/2016
I purchased the Nebox from it was a very wise decision. Terrific product, great customer service. They will be my only choice in the future. Good to find a business you can trust. I've included them in my favorites for quick access for the next time. Way to guys. 5 stars. For anyonr reading not hesitate in using You won't be dissapointed.
Matt 11/18/2016
Just got my new NEBOX and I am extremely happy with it. Some people may experience a bit of leaking as I've heard, but there is a super easy fix to that. Just take an o-ring from a 510 mouthpiece or old coil head and put it on the chimney in the tank, and voila - problem solved. These retail for quite a bit more at shops near me, so you can't beat this price. Plus, my vapes taste great from this MOD because of the temp control and wattage settings. I also love the 10ml tank and the ability to use many different coil heads or RBAs. Might even pick up another one in a different color just for fun. Highly recommended!
David 11/19/2016
I love it!
Stephane 11/21/2016
This price is right, so far no leaks or any other issues. After trying all three coils I seem to get the best flavor out of my juice with the Ni200, and it's nice having warm vape with my coffee. The only flaws are cleaning the tank because its not removable, and learning the set up for different coils. But you can't have it all for $20, but you still get everything you need from this kit.
Sean 11/24/2016
I've had one of these for a few weeks now. I had followed the advice about the o ring, so very little leaking. I love the device itself, the huge tank, the airflow is great for me, and the vapor production and flavor was pretty good with the ssocc coils. Only issue I was really having was the coils would only last me a couple days. They burned out so fast. I tried the ni200, ssocc 0.5 and the clapton coils. They were great while they lasted, but burnt out after only a couple days and most were only vaped at around 22 watts. I decided to give the RBA a try. I wicked it, and then primed it for about 20 minutes. Total game changer. Taste is way better, and now I just have to rewick it every few days and eventually change out the coil. With the RBA I can also take the o ring out and have no leaking issues. You can't beat $20 for this device from Highly recommended.
Caroline 11/28/2016
My expierence with was fantastic. First of all, their price was was by far the lowest I have ever seen for the product I ordered. Although there was initially an error and delay in processing my order due to not receiving their age verification process instructions, Michael Crespo in their customer service department went above and beyond to resolve my issue and make things right. I am completely satisfied and will definitely be a repeat customer. I highly recommend for all your vaping needs.
Don't believe everything you read or hear about the Nebox having problems with leaking. This is my second one and neither of them have ever leaked a drop. I purposely waited until I have been using the second one for about a month before writing this. I don't know if other people are doing something wrong or not but leakage has not been an issue for me. I absolutely love the Nebox. The 10 ml juice capacity allows for me to vape all day without refilling. Plus it give me the option of either variable wattage or temperature control. Plus the Nebox allows me use not only different coil types (OCC, SSOCC and Ni200) but bot the older square Kangertech coils and the newer round ones (even the newer smaller yet round ones). I have tried several other brands and set ups and for me Kangertech coils provide the best flavor you can get.

Stop reading so much and just buy it. You won't regret it.
Dave Hunt 11/28/2016
Jordan 11/28/2016
One of the things I dreaded most was dealing with the stuck up vape shop employees that seem to consume you with there I know more than you attitude towards questions. And let's not forget the 120% up charge on everything. Finally found a decent online store to buy my vape accessories and getting my order took no time at all. Highly recommend
Joemetal007 12/2/2016
i took my chances seeing that this website had by far one of the cheapest prices and to be honest i was a little iffy. BUUUUT, my nebox came to me brand spankin new! i would def purchase more stuff from these dudes.
Cristian Garcia 12/4/2016
I got this to hold me over until my new mod came in and I was overly surprised at how incredibly well it worked.
Jacob Ray 12/9/2016
I love these e-cigs, and I especially love the price!
Trisha 12/11/2016
Great device and awesome price. I was advised to always leave it on its side when I put it down or charge it because eventually the bottom fill will start to leak. No problems with this device so far. I will probably get another color to have around.
Emma 12/11/2016
It has a little leak problem I was aware before I bought it cause easy fix and flavour is great and clouds are awesome! For 19.99 I wanna buy a couple more!
Kelly 12/12/2016
I'm an amateur and I feel really comfortable with this kind , really easy to use, clear instructions. The vape is a little heavier that I expected but I love it
Fernanda 12/12/2016
Great unit. No leaks yet have had another nebox for about a year and has leaked maybe 1ml way less then any of my tanks and holy crap she holds 10ml of juice.
Ryan 12/15/2016
I love this kanger nebox. Very easy to use. Thank you
Kenneth J Whitehouse jr 12/16/2016
I've been looking for an all in one device to replace my aspire Plato since it's hard to find coils for it and I came across the Nebox.. I absolutely love it.. I see all the bad reviews on it leaking but I have not had any leaking issues. Has a great flavor and easy to find coils. Even love the blue color I purchased. Recommend this to anyone looking for a easy to use all in one device. Oh and the price was the best I've seen. Thanks
Ashsaige 12/17/2016
great price should have gotten two
Jajo 12/17/2016
Great price & fast shipping. Very satisfied, thank you :)
Christy 12/18/2016
I am brand new to vaping so I don't know anything outside of what I learned in reviews and blogs online. In my opinion, this is great. I got it about 3 weeks ago and haven't smoked any cigarettes. No cravings or anything. I got a great deal so it wasn't a huge investment, but it is amazing for the deal. I really love that the tank is within the unit and it is easy to access the battery and tank. Some people were complaining about opening the tank and battery doors with a coin, but I don't think it's a big deal at all. A little learning curve finding the right settings for me, but it is easy to operate so that made it a little easier to find what's right for me. I recommend it but I have nothing to compare it to.
J Christopher 12/18/2016
I love it fast shipping great customer service... it was so good I bought another one... Please let me know when you will have the black one in stock and I will be ready to buy again... thanks you have made a customer for life
Kindra 12/20/2016
finally a real nebox! Not knockoffs that burn the juice! Great price Went back bought 2 more!
Sue 12/23/2016
Mohammad 12/27/2016
I absolutely love the Nebox. In my opinion, it is the best vaping device, hands down. It isn't for cloud chasing, but for everyone else it's perfect. I love the all-in-one design. It is very practical. My favorite feature is the 10 ml tank. I vape a lot and usually only have to refill it once in a day. Including the one I just purchased, I have had 3 Nebox's. I got the first one wet and the second one I left on the bumper of my truck! A friend of mine told me that had them for $19.99, I couldn't believe it. They normally run for around 40 bucks online and some B&M's still carry them and are charging 60 to 70 dollars for them. You'll hear and read that these things leak. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. My first one leaked the first night I had it. I changed to the square OCC coils and never had any more significant leaks. I've been vaping on my newest one, from, for 9 days now without the first leak. And that's using the coil that came with it! If you get one and it leaks, there are a few videos out there suggesting different fixes. Make sure your coil is snug and the coil base is snug and you shouldn't have any trouble. Overall, it's a great device, easy to use, high capacity, compact size that fits easily in your pocket, and at $19.99, you simply can't beat it. I just got my newest one 9 days ago, verified the authenticity code, it's real, it works, and I will be ordering 2 more.
Mark 12/30/2016
This place is great
Michael 1/1/2017
Quick shipping over the holidays. Great service and the Nebox are awesome so I bought 3!
Ken 1/1/2017
I was skeptical because all I hear people calling it is a LeakBox! It doesn't leak unless you flood the coil up just like any other tank, take the coil out & clean base with a qtip! Works amazing & with Bonzai Ejuices it creates some nice clouds!! Buying another one today so I can use with another juice!! Highly recommended!!
Tiffany 1/7/2017
Great price! Fast shipping! Thank you!
Chris 1/8/2017
Great flavor, versitility, awsome form factor, huge juice capacity. Only complaint is I wish it had more battery life.
Russell 1/8/2017
My girl and I are loving these neboxes. I know I'll have to fix the leaking issue but that's easy to do. I'm really impressed with the customer care. I couldn't find where to enter my coupon code so I didn't get 10% off initially. However, after a few days of email conversation I am pleased to see the discount was refunded to me. Above and beyond. That's how I like my business transactions.
Kyle 1/10/2017
Ordered a red one (knowing that you have to put an o ring from drip tip for coil to seal properly) so I was ready for that. Loved it so much I bought a blue Nebox. This is definitely a great place to get vaping supplies!
Tad Stutsman Sr 1/12/2017
Love that it fits so well in my hand, holds 10ml and can easily switch from wattage and temp control.
Twirl Matthews-Holmes 1/13/2017
Very good little mod, for beginners at least, no air intakethough. But no leaking problems.
Jacob 1/13/2017
I was going from mod to mod until I finally settled on this gem. I've been using this one about 6 months. I just purchased a new one. Wanted a new color and my other was so banged up from me dropping it all the time. Dropped it in the parking lot often and it never failed. It's not perfect. No mod is. I just think this is the whole package. I really love the 10 ml tank. It does make a big difference. Maintenance is pretty easy too. The leaking is a slight pain, but easily managed with some qtips or paper towels. I find it leaks a lot less when it's filled more. Great value for your dollar.
Robert Huben 1/14/2017
I love that I don't have to fill as often
Tina 1/15/2017
I love it and shipping was fast and I will be buying more at this price only place that sells this this low awesome!!!!
Rebecca 1/15/2017
Hasn't given me any problems . Really enjoy it.
LISA 1/16/2017
I was worried that for the price it wouldn't be a quality item I've been using this for two weeks and love love love it!
Nikki 1/16/2017
Fast delivery. 3rd Nebox owned. Great service. Thanks
Chuck 1/17/2017
I really love KangerTech, and I love this mod. You really can't beat this price either. It was a little difficult to set up because the directions were hard for me to follow, but I watched a couple YouTube clips and it came together nicely. I love that I only have to fill up once with 10ml of juice and then I'm set for at least the next 24 hours. The juice tastes great in this mod and I am so glad I bought it. It out performs my other mod (kanger topbox nano) by a long shot. I'm very pleased! I would recommend this to anyone who is relatively new to vaping and at least knows the basics.
Kelsie Prusinski 1/17/2017
I bought this on the 6th, it arrived on the 12th and I loaded it up completely full and it started leaking out the top due to me getting the liquid in the center post, I turned it over and it started dripping out of the bottom, I went to you tube and watched tips on putting o-ring at the ledge on center post and screwed cap back on with same coil that came installed in it and it has not leaked a drop since. I fill it about 2/3 of the way now and a tank last me a while. I just filled my 2nd tank, and not a drop leaked out. I have carried it in my Michael Kors handbag without worrying about it ruining my bag and I set it upright on table when not using. I used a red o-ring off a driptip I am not using and love it. Debating on whether I should now get a 2nd one just to have as backup for the future. My G2 Mr Cookie taste amazing in here. I will update in a couple months on how it is still performing. I'm using SAMSUNG 25R INR18650-25R 2500mAh 20A HighDrain IMR Rechargeable Battery and it last about 2-3 days for me. I use 3-4 different mods everyday, Kanger Subox, dripbox, nebox, Istick 50 & 100TC. But this is the one I take on the go.
Debbie 1/18/2017
I love it and I will be buying more!!
Rebecca 1/20/2017
Love that it holds 10ml, fits nicely in my hand and can switch from watts or temperature control.
Twirl Matthews-Holmes 1/21/2017
I would give it 10 stars if I could
Owned one previously (paid 70$)broke it,
Found this site and replaced it for only 20$
Awesome product awesome company
On time shipping
James dunne 1/23/2017
YES! YES! YES! And MORE YES! , This is our 4th nebox( can never have too many ). Makes the flavor like nothing else you have ever had. Going on 2 years of Neboxing it!
Carly Ward 1/24/2017
Purchased one for myself and one for my girlfiend. I was worried that it would leak as I read many many reviews that it would and experience with a friends that would leak I was skeptical. But honestly even if it leaked like the Hoover dam it would still be worth the price point as other than the risk of leaking it is a fantastic product, especially for how cheap it is. When I first got mine it leaked within the first few hours I had it. It wouldn't say it was pouring out but it wasn't a tiny leak either. My girlfriends latsted about 3 days, and then started having the identical leak issue I had. We both tried the popular O Ring fix and nothing changed. We both then changed the stock coil to the RBA included in the box. I never leave it on its side anymore, we both always leave them standing up (which is where it used to leak worst) and they stay dry as a bone. Once you swap to the RBA there isn't a leaking issue in sight!!! I would recommend this prouduct 100 times over as long as you are cool with using the RBA l, which I ended up preferring anyway. I would be happy paying double or possibly triple the pricepoint for the Nebox, and BY FAR had the lowest price, found other sites selling it for almost quadruple the price I paid here, plus no free and fast shipping like!!! Once you fix the leaking issue (I've heard that it only effects about 60 percent of Neboxes) Its an absolutely amazing product. I own a vape worth close to $250 and I still prefer this!!
Kobe burns 1/24/2017
I really like the Nebox. It's easy to use and if you get Organic Cotton Coils it will not leak.
Mike 1/26/2017
Great fit and wipes clean super easy.
randie fischer 1/27/2017
I was so happy with the first one, came back for another. Shipping is fast! No problems whatsoever, almost too good to be true.
Keith 1/27/2017
I love this thing.
Richard 1/30/2017
I'll be shopping with you again!
Al 1/30/2017
Great price! Used the rba and no leaking issues...ordered another one for my wife and extra one for me...satisfied customer!!
James 1/30/2017
I love my nebox, its durable and has all the settings you need already preset with the ability to make it how you want it.
Brandon Amburn 1/30/2017
The device is awesome! I have one in every color. Very durable, holds ALOT of juice. I can't find anything I don't like about this device.
Ansley Garrett 1/30/2017
To all you"vapors", the Nebox is really cool and a very good price. I plan on purchasing another
Linda 1/30/2017
Well what do you expect, It's a Kangertech, I have a shelf full of MOD"S, 90% are Kanger's because you get great quality for the price and the NeBox is no exception, I love the large E-Juice internal tank and like all the Kangers I own it's pure quality, the Mod feels hefty in your hand, plenty of power and BIG Clouds. And I want to thank VAPING.COM for the GREAT Service, I had my new Kanger in two days!! Awesome service!!! Thanks again Guys, I will be back.
James Davis 1/30/2017
Love this as my all day vape. I bought this second one as a backup because of the excellent price. Fast shipping even though the post office in Detroit lost it for 2 days.
Britbikr 2/4/2017
I've bought 3 so far for friends and myself. Small compact unit that's easy to carry.
Burl Alfred 2/6/2017
Great OEM Product, at a fantastic price!
Edward 2/6/2017
Whenever I see a lot of complaints about leaking, I tend to take them with a grain of salt. The leaking of bottom-airflow tanks is definitely a thing that happens, but short of a manufacturing flaw, this is almost always attributed to user error.

However, I noticed a lot of reputable reviewers vouching for this issue, so I was on my toes. That said, $19.99 for an all-in-one mod with an RBA? This thing could seduce my husband, murder my family and ruin my credit, and I probably couldn't stay mad at it. What's a little leaking, right?

Well, this tasty little wonder has spent the whole weekend in my jacket pocket getting a lot of use, and every night sitting upright on my desk for four days now, and not a leak in sight.

I'm using the RBA with a simple .4 ohm spaced kanthal microcoil in power mode at 18 watts, as full as I could get that 10ml tank, and all I can report is exceptional flavor, satisfying clouds, zero spit-back / gurgle, and spectacular battery life. I think it helps to take special care when you disassemble / reassemble the Nebox, because the threads can -feel- a bit finicky, but they're very well machined as far as I can tell.

I promise to come back and edit or update my review if it suddenly springs a leak, but, for now, I'm satisfied enough with it to have just ordered two more in different colors so that I'm never without this fantastic "to go" setup.
Jennifer 2/6/2017
Ever since I started vaping I stumble across this little device and I absolutely love it. 10mls of juice will last me a while. I only vape at 25 watts and one battery will last me 8 hours. This is my second one I bought and for $19.99 it was a steal.
Matt S 2/7/2017
Second one and i love these neboxes. The leaking issues everyone complains about has not been a problem if you properly care for, fill and be sure to make a good clean seal with your mod! Happy vaping.
Deanna Kubisty 2/7/2017
I ordered this kit recently, as an upgrade to the commercial junked I used before (I'm fairly new to vaping). The order was processed very quickly, arrived within 3 or 4 days (quite a feat considering I live in Europe and chose the cheaper DHL shipping method!) and was very neatly packaged.
After carefully reading the instructions, I put the set together, put in the battery and e-liquid I'd also ordered on, put the battery on charge and had my first puff: yummy!
I opted to set my Nebox to the T3 mode (where you simply choose wattage) and set it to 30W, but depending on your habits & preferences, you have a wide variety of settings. The Nebox is quite compact, made out of mostly metal (no cheap plastic), feels very nice in the hand and is quite easy to use.
I was aware of its possible leakage issues, so I pre-emptively added a rubber O-ring to prevent that (plenty of videos available on YouTube to help out), and I haven't had any leaking at all.
All in all, a very good product at a very attractive price from a very professional vendor. And a very happy customer! ;)
Thomas 2/9/2017
I really like this Nebox because it fits in my pocket without pinching my leg.
David 2/9/2017
Very fast response and shipping!!!!!
James smith 2/9/2017
I received a leaker at first. Contacted your customer service department but was never able to reach anyone. Once I sent out an email I was able to get this issue resolved. I got a new unit at no charge. And I'm in love with my new unit.
Marco alvarez 2/10/2017
This product is great. The only problem was the leaking, but that was easy to fix.
Tyra 2/10/2017
Most vape companies have not sent my orders in a timely manner. I have also experienced orders that were never even filled!!
Your company is great because my orders arrive on time. Plus your prices are what keeps me coming back!!
Thank you, for your great service, I really appreciate your attentiveness!!
Andrea Moss
Andrea s Moss 2/10/2017
I bought my first Nebox 1 year ago and I am using it now I cant say that abought other mods. I have 14 mods 20 tanks of other brands and Kanger out of the 14 mods 3 of them are Nebox's and I just seen the 19.00 dollar price and could not pass it up. To me the Nebox is #1 it's a no hassle mod fill and go. Thank you
Claude 2/11/2017
Excellent little mod, works great, Big 10ml internal tank, shipping was fast!!! great place to by Vaping stuff!
James Davis 2/11/2017
I didn't know what to get for my first personal vape, but then I found this and it was really cheap on here for a little box vape. Everywhere else it was at least $40, which actually made skeptical at first. It made me wonder if it had everything the kit should or if it would work right, and it did have everything and it worked perfectly fine. The leaking that everybody talks about is true, but it doesn't bother me that much. Even my friends really like this vape, I'm really happy with this purchase.
Tianna 2/11/2017
Great device great price.
E 2/11/2017
IDK why everyone else is talking about the Nebox being leaky and bad, this thing is awesome and I've had zero REAL leakage (yeah, you need to blow out the air holes after filling, like most tanks). Using the square coils that go with my Subox Mini, gotta love that compatibility convenience. At the steal I got mine for, I wish I would have ordered two!
Erica 2/11/2017
Everything i thought it would be. The price was unbeatable, couldn't be happier. I have no leak issues after coil change...
Robert 2/12/2017
These NEBOX devices are a steal. Power, flavor and TC for under 20 bucks !!! UNBEATABLE
Rick 2/16/2017
Great customer support and quick shipping
Robert Valdez 2/17/2017
Arrived 4 days after my order with only the basic shipping. Love this box!

Was a little confusing to learn the Temp control stuff, BUT, you can turn that mode off if you want.

Literally can't think of a flaw with this thing, blows my mind how it's so cheap.
Dom Gov 2/20/2017
I bought the NeBox from a local store. I saw online they had them here for 19.99 a piece. I bought 2. If you have had bad luck with vape mods in the past try this one! For the price you cant beat it!
Laura Olah 2/20/2017
I love it came to me very quick
Betty 2/22/2017
This is my 4th Nebox why because it was 19.99 out of the 20 some mod's I have the Nebox is number 1. I still use my first Nebox and use it every day it is a little over 1 year old this mouth and works just like the day it was opened tried the cupit but it spit a lot all the time. I have seen a lot of bad things abought the Nebox leaking but none of mine my have hade that
Claude 2/23/2017
Works fantastic. Great price.
Shayne herrmann 2/24/2017
Love it-- No leaking issues whatsoever as others have reported. Works great, awesome price, delivered in 3 days. Couldn't be happier.
Brooke 2/25/2017
Excellent price
Joe 3/2/2017
Great price and quick shipping!
Valerie 3/2/2017
Nebox is durable hard hitting provides tons of vaping capacity, love it!!!
Garrett emberton 3/4/2017
I ordered two of these devices, one for myself and one for my dad, and absolutely love it. I was very skeptical when purchasing from this website, because it was as cheap as the clones but they're both authentic. That was the first thing I checked when I got it.
My shopping came faster than stated and everything was packaged perfectly as well.

I know there's a lot of hate for this device do to the leaking problems but my white one doesn't leak one bit but my dads blue one does.
There's many tutorials on YouTube to help fix this issue so it's not a big deal to me because this thing is worth it.
I love the vapor it produces, the taste, and the fact that it's so compact. Definitely can't live without my nebox.
Thanks, guys.
Love this company. Will be purchasing from again. So very sweet and answered all my questions without hesitation.
Adriana 3/4/2017
I have a lot of RTAs that were giving me problems with leaking or flooding. I've had this for two weeks now, no flooding, leaking, gurgling. Battery life isnt the best, but overall a good buy.
Michael 12/29/2016
All features work pretty great. However the device is famous for slow steady leaks.
Using a spare O-ring from a tip I had was used within the device. It slowed the leak to the point of not being THAT noticeable. That is the only con I have at this moment.
Worth the sale price of $19.99 but not the full price.
Seba 1/13/2017
I got this because I'm sick of my old Kanger that just leaks constantly. This one also seems to have a leaking issue but hope I got that stopped. It doesn't pop like the others I've tried and had. Great value considering it's $80 at the local vape shop.
Vanessa 1/20/2017
I have a total love hate relationship with this AIO. I love how it blows clouds, has great flavor, portable, small, battery lasts a good long time etc. it's really anything you would want in an AIO. Then.... it leaks. And you want to throw it. But you don't. You watch YouTube, deal with the hack by putting the rubber stopper inside the unit... then it leaks again. But yet I still bought a second one the other day. Really hope this one doesn't go through the same issue, but judging from all the reviews I kind of expect it. STILL worth getting.
Brian 1/20/2017
Nice small vape easy to use and carry knew about the leak problems before I bought it so wasn't pissed good little all in one mod.
Matthew 1/21/2017
This fits perfectly in the pocket and is almost unbreakable.
Only downside, it's prone to leaking.
This can be fixed though, google it!
This can deliver massive hits, i have it set to 30W (50% of capacity) and it's more than enough.
Get a good battery with large capacity and it will last you all day even if you vape alot, and the micro usb on the side can be connected while vaping.
Stefan 1/23/2017
I'm surprised no one that I've seen hasn't tried this design this with a larger rba design. Flavor on it is the best I've had so far in comparison to my aromizer, druid, theorem and protank. Two downsides are the tank is made of plastic and if you want to lug it around I'd recommend a sandwich bag and a paper towel cause everything will seam fine and then you notice juice all over. I use mine only at home which stinks cause flavor is so potent. Oh, no stainless support for tc. It was an affordable price so I snagged it.
Biff 1/31/2017
10 ml tank is a plus, which I can go thru in a day.

Just one issue; it started to leak. This is a known issue, and YouTube has videos with the resolution. I also experienced it leaking when I left it standing up overnight, which drained my tank. Now I store it on its side.

Performance is great, get lots of flavor out of it. Haven't tried temp control yet.

All in all, it's a solid performer!
Michael Holt 2/5/2017
Nice little setup. Easy to use. The battery compartment could be a little better but nothing big. Feels nice in the hand. It's a little cloud chucker. Awesome for the price, especially with everything it comes with!
bmweese 2/13/2017
Item came quickly as described. I've been using for almost a week and I like it.
Mike 2/23/2017
I am new to vaping, was in a forum reading/learning, seen an ad and clicked it- kanger nebox $19.99. Read the write up and ordered it. (10 ml, battery, ... Sounded like a great deal). So went to other sites n everywhere I went they spoke of leaks (all old reviews/comments). Oh no. So I send a message- (no responds until next day) then I called and spoke to someone. All my ???? Were answered. It came within 3 days, primed coil, filled tank, put in battery, set the settings, and gave a hit. WOW. Enjoyed!!! Really nice, well worth the $$, no leaks as of yet (was told -message & phone they would help with fix and if it didn't work, they would exchange/$$back), IMO it is worth more than $19.99. I've had it a week+, use it all the time, until my daughter took it!! CONS- no air control; it is a DL device; Bad Rap; and they ran out of them!!! Hopefully, when they restock, they are the same price!! This Nebox is Great!!! And the people are too!!
Ruth 2/25/2017 is awesome. Super fast shipping and excellent communication. The Nebox is ok as an extra mod.
Kes 2/26/2017
Great price compared to anyone else. standard delivery took less than 5 days. Product is genuine and works great. I'm a new fan of
Justin 2/26/2017
It's a great device portable with a nice design a good tank just has small leaking problem but I still love it definitely recommend it
Moshe 2/27/2017
I'd just graduated to a mod, previously had always used Vuse Solo & then Vuse Vibe, so this was all new to me. When I opened the box, I was a tad overwhelmed by all the little parts it came with, thinking I had to assemble it using all the parts it came with. The enclosed "manual" was useless at best; at worst it confused the sh*t out of me. The instructions (if you can call them that) have several grammatical errors, which I suspect are the result of poor Chinese to English translation. They do not provide any direction on setting the unit up for the first time, so I guessed where the e liquid was supposed to go - and squirted a whole bottle of e liquid into the battery compartment. After I cleaned it out and allowed it to dry, I found an unboxing video on YouTube that helped me get it set up correctly. However, I was still at a loss when it came to matching up the various coil styles provided with their corresponding pre-programmed control settings. Unable to make vapor, I believed I had ruined the unit with the whole e liquid debacle. I finally took it to a vape store and asked for help as I was clearly in over my head. The employee explained it to me in about 3 sentences, and I'm very happy with my purchase now. I do have some leakage as others have reported.
I feel strongly that the company should provide CLEAR instructions that make sense and explain set up and use. The following are a few examples of the poor quality of the instructions, copied exactly as they appear in the manual: "One battery cell indicator drop to minimum, it needs to recharge." And "When the battery is switch on, press fire button 5 times within 2 second" (Yet there is no indication as to which button is the "fire" button.) I would've given this product 5 stars if the instructions we not so sorely lacking.
Jennifer L. Nodine 3/15/2017
Working great, the leaking is a disappointment
Nick G 4/5/2017
I received this vaporizer in the mail and heard that the rba would fix the leaky issue. It seemed to make it worse.
Nick Bowick 1/24/2017
It's not a bad mod for 25 bucks the little ba$terd leaks if you can't redneck engineer it and make a little gasket for it. That's really the only thing wrong with it. But shipping time and price is very nice
reece weigel 2/1/2017
Have been trying to set it up all day with no success have followed all the steps but its just not happening for me
So a little bit frustrated with it at the moment
Veronica Smoker 2/17/2017
Its's alright but the leaking is VERY annoying. Not even worth the money. I would not recommend someone to buy it.
Shay 2/20/2017
Everything about this vape is great except after a few days after the purchase the tank started leaking. There are a few fixes but it is very annoying.
Adam Armstrong 2/20/2017
Known issue that has not been resolved.......coil to stem does not seal, and fluid leaks out of the bottom. Many online fixes, one will work.
Dan 3/2/2017
I guess joke is on me, the price was right so I bought a second 'dripbox' like kangertech, but must improve on this leaky p.o.s.
Roy 11/6/2016
The coils burn a lot and the taste is all around burnt
Sloth Man 1/28/2017
Whenever it was up right juice would almost pour out of the bottom! awful kit I don't even think they make them anymore! I even tried all the fixes that people posted online nothing helped... Stay away!
Colyn Mahoney 12/18/2016
WTF 1/30/2017
Had this only a 2 weeks and it leaks like crazy and the coil is stuck inside, no longer opens up. Just leaving until the vape runs out... Also stuck in ohms and can't use until you reset it in the off position.
Patricia 2/1/2017
was excited about the price should have read the reviews first. after about 3 hits the damn thing pissed all over me. it's just junk. I'd be ok if it started leaking after normal wear and tear but come on first use ridiculous. screw kanger I'll never buy from them again.
Bill d 2/21/2017
From the very start... Very first puff.... Leaks like crazy with evey puff!
Donna 4/6/2017
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Full Specification

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