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New York E-Cigarette Ban: Take action now

New York E-Cigarette Ban: Take action now

On ECF, we work very hard to bring to attention CASAA Calls to Action to our members and visitors, principally because it is e-cigarette users who actually make a difference in campaigning against restrictions.

However, occasionally there is a move so egregious and angering that it deserves special attention. Such a move is occurring in New York right now.

So we’re asking everyone on ECF to support the CASAA Call To Action

For those who are unaware, Mayor Bloomberg has made it clear that he views electronic cigarettes to be equivalent to tobacco products, and as such is trying to ban all flavored e-cigarettes, as well as to impose similar restrictions to their sale and use. This is a knee jerk response, based on a misconception that flavors are added to entice children, and not crediting the fact that adults too appreciate flavors such as candy, chocolate and fruits.

But that’s not the worst of it: by banning flavors, Mayor Bloomberg is essentially banning all e-cigarettes, since they are fundamentally a flavored product. No tobacco flavor, no menthol flavor, presumably just ‘nicotine flavor’. Now, I’ve tried flavor-free vaping, and it’s not for me, and I know that many vapers on ECF will agree: You take away the flavor, you take away the vape.

And what will people do if they can’t get their vapes? They’ll go back to smoking, and we’ll have a public health disaster continuing.

What’s even more depressing is the lying that has taken place here. CASAA and NYC Vapers were led to believe by Bloomberg’s dept. of health that they had no intention of regulating e-cigarettes. It now transpires that not only do they intend to do so, but that the current plans are even worse than the ones that CASAA initially opposed.

Indeed, the wording of the sponsor’s language claims that e-cigarettes are designed to deter smokers from quitting.

I suspect that this angle has been key to the media attention this story has been getting recently, because it exposes the perpetrators as anti-democratic nanny-statists who, in pursuit of their ideology, are about to make a huge mistake.

This should make you very, very angry.

So, what can you do?

First, please do go to the CASAA Call to Action page, where they have all the details of this astounding case, and suggestions for actions you can take.

Secondly, while you’re there, if you haven’t already, please do sign up as a member – CASAA works because it’s led by consumers, and it’s strength comes from the numbers of vapers who take action during these critical moments.

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