Vaping While Pregnant: Understanding the Risks

Vaping While Pregnant: Understanding the Risks

Title: Vaping During Pregnancy: Understanding the Risks

Whether you're an expectant mother or seeking information about vaping during pregnancy, this article explores the potential risks associated with vaping.

Understanding Vaping and Pregnancy

In line with NHS advice, pregnant women are discouraged from smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Although vaping is less harmful than smoking, there are still risks associated with vaping during pregnancy. Unlike cigarettes, vapes deliver nicotine through vapor instead of smoke, which current NHS evidence suggests is relatively harmless.

Tar and carbon monoxide, harmful toxins found in cigarette smoke, particularly impact developing babies. However, the vapour from an e-cigarette contains potentially harmful chemicals at much lower levels than cigarette smoke.

As an alternative to smoking, vaping is considered less harmful, and there are financial incentives to assist pregnant women in quitting. Through the government's "Swap to Stop" scheme, pregnant women can receive up to £400 along with behavioral support.

Wondering what happens when making the switch from smoking to vaping? Find out more in our guide "What Happens When You Stop Smoking and Start Vaping?"

Can You Vape While Pregnant?

Research on the impact of vapor on unborn babies is limited. The NHS recommends licensed nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products like patches or gum to quit smoking. However, they also suggest vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking.

Vaping Zero Nicotine While Pregnant

Limited research exists on the impact of vape e-liquid on pregnant women. Vaping without nicotine involves inhaling vapour, which evidence suggests is relatively harmless. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) options, such as patches, gum, lozenges, and more, are available for pregnant women aiming to quit smoking.

Is Secondhand Vaping Bad for Babies?

Secondhand cigarette smoke poses health risks to bystanders, but vaping doesn't produce tobacco smoke. While vapes emit minimal nicotine into the air, it's advised to avoid smoking and vaping around pregnant women, babies, and children.

Alternatives for Expecting Mothers

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is recommended for pregnant women looking to quit smoking. NRT products contain nicotine but none of the toxic chemicals in cigarettes, aiding the transition away from smoking. Avoid stop-smoking tablets such as Champix or Zyban during pregnancy, as advised by the NHS.

Consult a GP, NHS stop smoking adviser, pharmacist, or specialist before purchasing NRT products. The National Smokefree helpline offers guidance and support.

Using Nicotine During Pregnancy: Things to Avoid

Pregnant women can consume liquorice but should avoid liquorice root. Manufacturers caution against excessive consumption, so expectant mothers are advised to steer clear of liquorice-flavored nicotine products. When vaping during pregnancy, stick to alternate flavors like fruit or mint, as recommended by the NHS.


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