Vaping Goes Viral With Ivanka Trump

Vaping Goes Viral With Ivanka Trump
DONALD Trump's daughter Ivanka turned vaping into a global online sensation overnight after photos of her dressed as a scientist testing turned viral.
Snaps of the blonde White House adviser touring an education program in Iowa saw her don a lab coat, goggles and pair of gloves to conduct a science experiment.
During the photo call to promote her father's infrastructure initiative, Ivanka pouted as she measured the nicotine levels in some'vape juice' used in e-cigarettes.
As she poured the liquid into a clear flask she told Business Insider: "I can't promise that I'll get this right, but at least we'll look the part, right?"
Other experiments ranged from helping to write code, to programming a wind tunnel, to examining a zebrafish embryo.
On arriving at the job training site, she cooed: "This is so amazing. This is such a cool place to come. It's going to be hard to get rid of us."
Within minutes of posing for the photos, Ivanka shared her. vape juice photo on her Instagram account which quickly saw the story turn viral.
Followers started sharing it on Twitter, turned it into memes while thousands shared their own take on the first daughter's field trip.
Twitter user Clara Jeffery wrote:"This is Ivanka's dumbest photo op yet" lookie me, doing science.
One blogger went further by suggesting her dabble with e-cigarettes was so amusing, Ivanka should consider having her own vape-tricks channel.
Columnist Gabriella Paiella at New York style magazine The Cut wrote: "Ivanka Trump may not have any qualifications that make her fit to serve in a presidential administration, but goddamn if she's going to let that stand in the way between her and a photo op. Her latest? A picture of her in a lab coat and glasses concentrating very, very hard at doing science."
"It's even better when you realize what she's actually doing: according to Business Insider, she was measuring the nicotine levels in vape juice. It was part of a number of experiments she conducted during a visit to an innovation-and-learning centre in Iowa for her father's second annual Infrastructure Week."
"No matter where you stand politically, I think that we, as a nation, can agree that we would totally watch an Ivanka Trump vape-tricks channel."

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