Vaping.Com Supports National "No Smoking Day"

Vaping.Com Supports National "No Smoking Day"

"Today Is The Day !" Wednesday, March 8th

The nation's No Smoking Day on March 8th aims to give a target date for smokers to ditch their deadly cigarette habit and suggests a range of ways to give up, including trying alternative nicotine therapies instead.

According to the NHS, e-cigarettes are twice as effective as gums, patches and sprays in helping to quit cigarettes long-term, and is encouraging smokers to give it a go.

Cigarettes kill 78,000 people in the UK each year, with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses.

Alongside the slogan, Today Is The Day, the campaign highlights the fact that along with serious health benefits, quitting smoking can reduce stress and improve mental health.

And with the cost of living a worry for everyone, packing in cigarettes can reward ex-smokers with massive savings, with as much as £1899 saved a year.

The campaign said of the drive to get more smokers switching away from their habit:

"Smoking causes 16 types of cancer, heart disease, dementia, stroke and COPD, and makes us more vulnerable to infectious diseases such as COVID and flu."

"Many people try to quit smoking with willpower alone, but it is much easier to go smoke-free with the right help and support. There are lots of support options available, such as Nicotine Replacement or switching to vaping, which reduces some of the stress and anxiety that cravings can cause."

"Your pharmacist or local stop smoking service can advise on the best quitting aids to help you."

The NHS has also added its support to those vaping as an alternative to cigarettes explaining:

You'e roughly twice as likely to quit smoking if you use a vape compared with other nicotine replacement products, like patches and gum."

The routines and rituals of smoking can be hard to stop, so vaping can help you gradually let go of these while immediately reducing the health risks of smoking cigarettes."

Some people find vaping helps them because the hand-to-mouth action is like smoking, plus you get similar sensations, like a throat hit (the "kick" in the back of your throat when you inhale)."

Any smoking is harmful and you will only get the full benefits of vaping if you stop smoking completely. Some people manage to make a full switch very quickly, while for others it can take a bit longer.

While some smokers may worry about the health implications of vaping, Public Health England has reported e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking.

It also advised in its 2022 annual report that more smokers needed additional support in switching to vaping, as one in six cigarette users believed it to be more harmful.

It explained:

Smoking remains the largest single risk factor for death and years of life lived in ill-health and is a leading cause of health inequalities in England and in other parts of the world."

Alternative nicotine delivery devices, such as nicotine vaping products, could play a crucial role in reducing the enormous health burden caused by cigarette smoking is also committed to helping customers make the switch away from cigarettes with our new website offering a clear path to a smoke-free future.

With many starters finding it hard to know which vape to choose, clearly-defined starter kits from top brands are easily identified and explained, along with simple guidance to find each individual's perfect vape match.

Our blog section with international vape news has also been designed to empower customers with knowledge about important changes in vape law, scientific breakthroughs and research, along with positive ways vaping is offering a smoke-free way of living around the world. CEO Neil McLaren said:

No Smoking Day is a great opportunity to ditch that cigarette habit for good and here at we aim to provide all-round support to those taking their first steps away from smoking."

We have a hand-picked collection of vape and vape accessories, ideal for starters, along with guides and advice, to make it easier for those who want to try e-cigarettes as an alternative."

We see the real benefit of vaping when it comes to smoking cessation and it's all about making positive choices - ultimately our website offers help, guidance and information to make empowered decisions, wherever you are on your journey.


No Smoking Day is an annual awareness day in the UK, founded by a charity of the same name, with the first taking place on Ash Wednesday in 1984. It has since been held on the second Wednesday in March.

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