Vaping at Wimbledon: A Summer vape Flavours and Tennis

Vaping at Wimbledon: A Summer vape Flavours and Tennis

If you're lucky enough to experience Wimbledon first-hand and witness the pinnacle of tennis excellence this summer, then here's your trusted guide to safe vaping at one of Britain's greatest sports shows. We've even thrown in some of the best strawberry vape brands to complement your day!

As the courts come alive with fierce competition and the sun bathes the historic grounds, there's a new twist in the air this summer. Here at, we have the perfect selection of strawberry vape juice, nic salts and disposable vapes to match your tennis taste buds.

Grab your binoculars and join us as we dive into the exciting world of tennis and Wimbledon's vaping rules and our guide to the tantalising summer flavours that has to offer.

Where Can I Vape at Wimbledon?

You're probably wondering "Where can I vape at Wimbledon?" are here to guide you through Wimbledon's rules on vaping in 2023.

Although it is not permitted to vape in the crowds of the famous courts including Centre Court, No.1 Court and the smaller, open-roof stadiums as well as in a queue and on Aorangi Terrace (the Hill) Wimbledon, renowned for its timeless traditions, encourages vapers to savour their flavours in the open areas of the grounds.

The best way to safely enjoy your vape on the grounds of Wimbledon is to do so in the spacious areas. By inspecting your surroundings and making sure you aren't disturbing anyone's peace, you're ensuring a vape session that's enjoyable for you and the people around you.

Summer Flavours of Wimbledon: is your trusted destination for all things vaping, so here's our carefully curated collection of vape juice flavours that perfectly capture the essence of summer at Wimbledon. Each flavour is a symphony of taste, crafted to provide you with sweet indulgence as you cheer on your favourite players:


1. ElfLiq - Strawberry Ice Cream

Nothing beats a summer treat like this, a delicious and creamy strawberry ice cream vape that never melts. Smooth and perfect for spectating.


2. Mix Labs - Sweet Strawberry

Elevate your tennis experience with a classic British vape juice flavour, this fresh strawberry blend is the perfect addition to your sunny day out. We love the Mix Labs range and this Sweet Strawberry does exactly what it says on the tin!


3. IVG - Bar Favourites - Strawberry Raspberry

Two of Britain's favourite berries combine to compliment a very British day out at the tennis. Make memories at Wimbledon as you combine sweet notes of fresh strawberries with tart raspberries to tickle your fancy at the tennis.


4. Crystal Bar Disposable - Strawberry Ice Cream:

If you're on the move from court to court it can be fiddly to change your juice, that's why this delicious Strawberry Ice Cream Disposable might just be the perfect tennis partner for your portable needs.


5. Crystal Bar Disposable - Strawberry Burst: 

Refreshments between matches is a must and with a fresh burst of strawberry magic you can't go wrong with the Crystal Bar Strawberry Burst. This disposable vape is convenient and complimentary to your day out at Wimbledon.

So, as you cheer on your favourite tennis players, you can also enjoy the best summer vape flavours from to accompany you on the thrilling day out.

Together, we can celebrate the fusion of tradition and the allure of summer in this tale of flavours and tennis and who knows you may even spot celebrities who vape in the star-studded crowds at Wimbledon this year.

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