Vaper life insurance - non-smoker rates is a big deal!

Vaper life insurance - non-smoker rates is a big deal!

A few weeks back, we partnered with David R. Gould of Latitude Insurance to get the word out about a new service they offer: finding vaper life insurance policies with non-smoker rates. David has already helped numerous vapers get unbelievably discounted rates, despite having been active for only a few weeks.

I've long hoped that insurers would step up to the vaping plate and put their stamp of approval on vapers' lifestyle choice. Recently, a few have chosen to do so and David has set up an online quoter to deliver instantly estimates of the savings vapers can now get.

So, why have I been so keen for insurance companies to do this? Three reasons.

  1. It's personal. I haven't smoked for 7 years and yet when my kids were born and I took out a policy I was forced into buying one with a huge premium. All the insurers considered me to be a smoker.
  2. It's political. Vaping is rarely endorsed as it should be as a positive lifestyle choice, but it IS being endorsed by some insurance companies. Since insurance companies are ALL ABOUT the accurate determination of risks and harms (since it's their money they're betting), this is a massive endorsement of vaping.
  3. It's good for vapers and their families. Many vapers have been put off buying a life-insurance policy due to the sky-high smoker premiums. My hope now is that many additional vapers will be able to afford this essential protection for their loved ones.

Since you've read this far, I'll give you the sales spiel about David and why I think you should try out his vaper life insurance quote service.

David is a super guy. His background in the insurance business is all about finding good rates for people who struggle to get insured, whether because of existing health claims or because of some other lifestyle factor that leads them to struggle.

David has developed his own quoter system which gives instant and accurate quotes as to what savings you are likely to see. All the quotes come from A+ grade American insurance companies - this isn't some hooky fly-by night thing going on here. This is real non-smoker rates vaper life insurance from reputable companies.

I've had the pleasure of communicating with David for a few weeks now and have been really impressed by the passion and commitment he has in getting policies for us. David is over at ECF giving updates directly in his vaper insurance specialist forum, so do feel free to pop over there and ask him questions directly.

Finally, you may not be an exclusive vaper - perhaps you use a non-smoked tobacco or other nicotine product? Never mind, David can help you too.

Links: instant insurance quoter

Case Study #1 - "Ron" doubles his duration of coverage and gets non-smoker rates and big savings. Can now afford policy for his spouse.

Case Study #2 - "Bob" gets a massive 61% saving on a renew quote from his existing insurer. Premiums go from $160/month down to $62 per month.


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