Vape Stores Banned From Vaping!

Vape Stores Banned From Vaping!

A NEW law in a US city has made vaping in vape stores illegal.

The ban introduced earlier this week in Milwaukee has seen some store owners worried trade will now be affected, as customers are no longer able to try before they buy.

City chiefs extended the same rules for smoking cigarettes to vaping on Tuesday (July 10th), meaning it is now forbidden in restaurants, bars, shops and businesses.

Any violators will face fines starting at $100.

Worried they could see a drop in business, vape shop owners are now asking Milwaukee's common council for special in-store vaping permits so customers can continue to try out flavors, e-cigarettes and devices before buying.

Wisco Vapes manager Jody Courchaine, who believes the new law will hurt local businesses, said: "Nobody wants to come in here and take a wild guess at a flavor."

Matthew Murphy, owner of Lakeview Vapor echoed his concerns, adding: "There should be some sort of permitting that we should be able to apply for. If you can have a cigar bar or a hookah bar we should be allowed to vape in our vape stores."

Vaper Todd Hagenkord admitted the new rule could have an affect on how he buys vape juice in the city's stores.

He explained: "It's nice that you can taste it because you drop X amount of dollars on a bottle of juice and you go home to taste it and once you crack that seal and it tastes terrible - guess what you're out of money."

Alderman Michael Murphy, who proposed the change, said: "I think it will improve the overall health in the community", explaining it was unfair for non-smokers and vapers to breathe in second-hand smoke.

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