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Stealth Vapes for 2023: How To Vape Like You Are Totally Invisible (UK)

Stealth Vapes for 2023: How To Vape Like You Are Totally Invisible (UK)

Some vapers love blowing huge clouds, doing vape tricks and bringing as much attention to their vaping session as possible. Every now and then you’ll see them out and about with their vape mods, just subtly visible behind a dense vape fog with a small group of interested people surrounding them in curiosity. However, not every vaper begs for this type of attention. In fact, some vapers live in areas where vaping is much more restricted or looked down upon. While some vapers command to be the centre of attention, others have a much different objective. If anything, they seek the opposite - the ability to seem totally invisible while they are vaping.  

At times, we just want to vape in peace, without the awkward stares or questions from others. This is where “stealth vape” is extremely useful. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to vape like you’re invisible; from the perfect stealth mods to the expert vaping techniques that ensure your vaping session goes unnoticed.

Why The Need To Stealth Vape?

It’s unfortunate that we even need to stealth vape. In a perfect world, everyone would just accept that vaping is awesome and we’d all be able to vape in peace. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Every day, vaping laws and regulations seem to shift - where we are allowed to vape and where we aren’t isn’t always as clear as we’d like it to be. In some regions, it’s perfectly fine to vape in bars and some public outdoor areas, while other places ban vaping from all public places.

When a smoker is smoking a cigarette, no one ever approaches them with a million questions - “Hey what’s that thing? What does it do? Where’d you get it? Can I try it?” However, a quick vaping session in a region where vaping is a rarity can turn you into an instant centrepiece of attraction for curious passers-by. Stealth vape is sometimes just about protecting your peace and privacy, and being able to enjoy your device without becoming a community spectacle. Blowing huge clouds might be perfectly acceptable within the comfort of your own home, but doing so in some public venues may instantly attract attention that you may not care for.

Sometimes stealth vaping is just about respecting those around us. While it would be ideal for everyone to allow us to vape in peace no matter where we are, some people are just uncomfortable being around vapers while they are vaping. Stealth vaping allows us to respect those less-accepting individuals within our vicinity, without needing to give up our right to enjoy our vape!

Let’s face it, sometimes we just need a quick pull on our device to deal with the stress of the day. Whether it’s while at the job or at the bar, sometimes we just want an enjoyable moment with our favourite vape juice flavour without someone tapping us on the shoulder to tell us we can’t. Is vaping really hurting anyone if no one even knows you’re vaping? Well, it’s something like - if a tree falls in the forest but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? You be the judge; but nonetheless, sometimes it’s necessary to go into stealth vape mode - and we’re going to show you how!

Key Tips For Vaping Stealthy

The key to vaping stealth is knowing exactly what factors are a dead giveaway and vaping in a way that effectively minimizes them. If you’re looking for a discrete way to vape, here are several stealth vaping techniques you should consider:

  • Don’t Be WeirdThere’s nothing that seems more suspicious than an antsy person who is acting as if they have something to hide. Stealth is about not drawing attention to yourself. A good spy is a good spy because they can hide in plain sight and no one suspects them. If you look like you’re hiding something, it’s probably because you are. Don’t act weird, just be normal and avoid going too far out of your normal routine (like going to the bathroom at your job every 14 minutes). Do what you normally do and find opportunities for a stealthy vape session when you’re sure that there are no eyes directly on you.
  • Choose A Stealth Device: There are thousands of devices available on the market today, and each of them are designed to provide a specific vaping experience. Sub-ohm mods for example, were meant to offer extreme power; this means bigger clouds and more noise from the device. These types of mods can draw a lot of attention and definitely aren’t meant for stealthy vapers. Pod mod systems, on the other hand, were made specifically for stealthy vaping!
  • Use The Right Vape Juice Flavors: The flavour profile of your juice is extremely important when stealth vaping. Vape leaves an aroma in the air similar to the juice that is being vaped. Many of these aromas are pleasant even to non-vapers, but not all of them are normal scents that you would come across in a regular non-vaping occurrence. Menthol is a great stealth vape juice flavour since noticing a “mint” smell in the air can be passed off as one of many things like candy or gum. Tobacco flavours on the other hand are commonly associated with smoking and vaping and create a telltale clue of your activity when attempting to enjoy your vape discreetly. Choose a juice that isn’t too overly aromatic and that isn’t too unfamiliar in the daily life of non-vapers. Good vape flavour choices for stealthy vaping include citrus and creams; while heavy fruit and dessert flavours should be saved for times when maintaining your cover isn’t as important!
  • Manage Clouds: Even small clouds are noticeable - and a true stealth vape expert knows the secrets to disperse clouds before they make it into the air. One trick to doing so is to use some type of filter to absorb the majority of the vape before it rises into the air. More simply put, blow the vape into your shirt or through a paper towel - both of which will help minimize the amount of vape that releases into the air.
  • Hold Your Vape Longer: Another trick to minimizing the amount of vapour in the air is to hold it longer before exhaling. The longer you hold the vape inside, the less will be released when you exhale. While vapour naturally disperses quickly into the air, the less vape that you release, the less noticeable it will be to others around you.

Small Vapes For Invisible Vaping

In our opinion, there are no devices better for stealth vaping than pod mod systems. Pod mod systems are super simple to operate, and compared to other device types, they are much easier to use in a discrete manner. Pod mods don’t produce super huge clouds, they aren’t loud during operation and most of them don’t have bright LEDs that light up during operation. When it comes to stealth vaping, those are all the factors that we find most effective! If stealth is what you’re looking for, here are our top five stealth vaping pod choices:

SMOK Solus 2

SMOK Solus 2

When it comes to the design of a stealth vape, usually the rule is "less is more". The subtle line design of the SOLUS 2 by SMOK, combined with a matte finish and lowkey colour is a classic example of how following this rule can lead to a stylish, smart and discrete vaping device. 

The SMOK Solus 2 Pod Kit features a silky smooth, buttonless design that slides easily into your pocket. Complete with a dual airflow pod containing a built-in 0.9ohm meshed coil producing subtle clouds, lasting for a couple of days uninterrupted due to a 700mAh rechargeable battery.

Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pod Kit

Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pod Kit

The Ursa Baby Pod Kit by Lost Vape is exactly what the name suggests, a cute and small vape. Unlike a baby however, this kit doesn't make itself known to those around it and it certainly needs no looking after. Thanks to a stylish lanyard, you don't need to worry about the Ursa Baby getting lost in a supermarket!

Strap the stunningly designed, see-through circuit board battery around your neck and you'll never be far from the action. Stick it under your collar for extra stealth, its lightweight design and miniature shape mean you'll hardly notice it and more importantly, nor will anyone else!

Compatible with Ursa Nano pods with built-in meshed coils, you don't need to worry about changing coils or cleaning, simply fill up and vape! Recharged using a fast Type-C charge port to top-up the huge, built-in 800mAh battery.


OXVA Oxbar Bipod Pod Kit

Oxbar Bipod Pod Kit

Possibly winning the award of the easiest kit to use on this list, the Oxbar Bipod Pod Kit by OXVA has disposable pods with a stable, MTL airflow and Type-C charging. Simply refill with your favourite e-liquid until the coil runs its course, then responsibly dispose of your pod.

Draw activated, the device is buttonless with a smooth finish to provide comfort in the hand. Its rounded edges let it slide in and out of your pocket with ease, the buttonless, one-colour design being as stealthy as the clouds that it produces.


Elf Bar Disposable Pod Vape Pen


We know you know about the disposable Elf Bar Vape Pen, but why is it that we can say that with confidence? Quality over quantity with lowkey design is the recipe for their success. Prefilled with 2ml of premium, tasty e-liquid with 51 flavours to choose from, the Elf Bar provides instant use straight out of the packet with no need to wait for your coil to saturate.

The MTL airflow is stable and familiar for new vapers with a one-colour, compact design that's hard to detect along with its minimal cloud production. No cleaning, refilling or recharging is required, it's unlikely you'll be seen vaping this in most environments!


UWell Caliburn AK3 Pod Kit

UWell Caliburn AK3 Pod Kit

We love this kit as it combines stealth with elegance. The UWell Caliburn AK3 Pod Kit features an LED sidebar that glows with prowess as you inhale on its tasty and discrete vapour. Once again, buttonless design is a common theme in the stealth vape world. This creates a smooth, subtle design along with protection against accidental pocket firing, a very real issue amongst those who aren't used to keeping an active device in their pocket. 

Weighing at just 35.8g, this kit can be swiftly removed and placed back in the pocket before you can say Caliburn. Disposable pods are refillable and the 1.0ohm built-in meshed coil will let out minimal vapour, the perfect stealthy partner! Recharge within 15 minutes and get yourself moving again in no time! 

Stealth Vaping Disclaimer

Stealth vaping is definitely doable but even with your new skills, it’s not always best to vape just anywhere. In some instances, such as on an aeroplane or at your job, vaping can have serious consequences if you choose to ignore the rules or restrictions that are in place. Use your own discernment to decide when it’s best to vape normally, vape stealth, or not vape at all; but when you choose to vape stealth, use this guide to make sure you can do so most effectively!

We all have ways of keeping a low profile when vaping. Do you have a technique that we didn’t mention? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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