New You, New Year Resolutions & Top Tips for a Greener 2023

New You, New Year Resolutions & Top Tips for a Greener 2023

This article will give you insight into how small changes to your weekly routine can lead to big differences in 2023. Follow these steps and you'll acquire greener solutions to your new year's resolutions.

Looking for a positive new year's resolution to kick off 2023? A whole world is at your fingertips, and within that world comes a wealth of opportunity infused with an opportunity for care that can be achieved by following simple guidelines.

How YOU can make a difference in 2023.

With 2023 on our doorstep, a fresh start might be just what you need. New year, new you!

Personal goals are important for your mental health, whether you want to quit smoking, get yourself to the gym or be greener, those endorphins will feel amazing once the task gets completed.

Hard work always pays off in the end, but what if we told you that you could make a difference by making subtle adjustments to your daily life?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Take recycling for instance, the three R's are embedded into our philosophy for life from a young age and rightly so! However, if you want to go one step further in the new year, try reusing it at home before directly disposing of it.

Takeaway and ice cream boxes make ideal lunch boxes or are great for storing leftover food in the fridge or freezer, meaning less cling film and plastic bags.

Not everyone's perfect when it comes to recycling, but each year you can get one step closer. Focus on responsibly disposing of the little things every day, yes, it's just a yoghurt pot, but they all add up at the end of the week.

Bag It!

Everyone sells cool reusable bag designs these days, so find one which you'd like to show off around town and make sure you have it with you whenever you leave the house, so you never need to use a plastic bag again.

Check our favourites out! 

WWF fold away tote bagH&M Keith Haring canvas Tote BagNew Look Canvas Tote GravityHMV Surfer Boy Pizza Tote Bag, Stranger Things

Green Gardens, Balconies and Windowsills.

Plants will grow anywhere! So get your green fingers into practice and start planting for spring.

Growing plants and flowers for valuable wildlife like Bees can literally be a lifesaver "they love wildflower mixes as well as common sunflowers, honeysuckle, geraniums and lots of common herbs which can double up as recipe and salad essentials like mint, oregano, sage, lavender and rosemary!"

Fruit trees are also wildlife friendly as well as baring delicious fruit which requires no effort at all, apart from picking and eating. Not only will you be contributing to a better planet but it'll taste awesome, win-win!

If you're city-based, you can still get planting - did you know that houseplants not only cheer a room up, but also can provide cleaner air for you, as well as enjoy your favourite tunes - apparently Jazz and classical music are houseplant hits among other music.

Friends of the Earth Bee Saver Kit

Want an easy green flower mix? Check out these Bee Saver Kits from Friends of the Earth.

Eat Your Greens.

Speaking of yoghurt pots, these are great for homemade work lunches, another way for you to look after your health and your planet! Buying food from the canteen or a takeaway for lunch can be high in salt and seriously wasteful, taking its toll on the environment and your wallet. Using your Tupperware collection by meal prepping for the week means you can control not only what you throw away, but how it gets thrown.

Laying the groundwork for a productive week can be as easy as taking 30 minutes on Sunday evening to put together a healthy lunch with enough vitamins to reach your potential each day. You'll also be surprised how much money gets saved!

We all know that meat has a big impact on the planet, but it also tastes really good "so if you can't face cutting it out" try reducing the amount you buy and buy better quality from farm-to-fork providers which haven't got the carbon footprint of mass-produced meat. Even better buy it from a local organic farm shop if you can! It'll taste all the richer having it as a special treat and knowing you've done something for the environment.

Save the Greens.

Saving money is as easy as switching off the lights as you leave a room or simply putting the right of water in your kettle before brewing your tea or coffee. These handy tips to save water and energy need to be put into practice now more than ever!

Did you know that switching all your light bulbs to LEDs can save you money and easily reduce your household carbon output?

Gift of a Lift.

Lift shares are a great way to save petrol money, halve the emissions as well as sharing the time and stress giving both of you a little extra time in the day!

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

  1. Exercise more: Whether it's turning your morning Twitter scroll into a walk across the park or pushing yourself in the gym, you'll breathe in fresher air and have a clearer mindset. Ready for the day ahead!
  2. Sober January: Reducing alcohol consumption can have a seriously impressive impact on your mental fatigue and weight loss journey, saving you a ton of money in the process. It all starts in January!
  3. Take more trips: Life is about exploring new places and engaging with new people, so get out there and immerse yourself in an exciting new culture.
  4. Learn a new hobby: Ever told your friends that you'd love to pick up the guitar again but you're "too busy?" We believe if you put down your phone and picked up a hobby, you'd be rocking in no time!
  5. Read more: Light a candle in your own space and pick up a new book, there's something really special about this simple pleasure!
  6. Stop scrolling: Smartphones are taking over our daily lives, from the moment we wake up to the second we hit the hay. It's time to stop comparing lives with others and focus on the one that matters the most!
  7. Get more sleep: This goes hand-in-hand with smartphone scrolling, fiddling with our phone has a huge impact on the quality and quantity of our sleep, an important ingredient to a productive day.
  8. Eat healthily: Good stuff goes in, good stuff comes out! Eating better requires little skill, however, it has a huge impact on our daily outlook on life. You'll see a vast improvement in your mental health when you leave sugar and salt in moderation.
  9. Be Greener!: Cleaner, greener living will make you feel great. Save yourself some pennies and make small changes that will have a huge impact on our children's future!
  10. Quit smoking: If you're an average smoker or even someone who smokes in moderation, always look to reduce your outgoings on cigarettes. Easier said than done, trust us we know!

    Research from HM Revenue & Customs suggests that the average smoker is able to save around £2000 a year once they quit, so the benefits of a smoke-free future are in abundance.

    The same researchers also agree that "People are more likely to stop smoking for at least six months using nicotine e-cigarettes than using nicotine replacement therapy" based on 6 studies on 2378 people.

You can find affordable, vape starter kits right here on along with useful advice on the most efficient way to vape from our expert vaping guides and advice on recycling your vape and accessories once you're finished enjoying them.

Here's to an awesome new year from everyone at!

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