Mayor's Apology For Spreading False Story Of Boy Dying From Fentanyl-Laced Vape

Mayor's Apology For Spreading False Story Of Boy Dying From Fentanyl-Laced Vape

A POLITICIAN has apologized for spreading a false story about a boy dying from inhaling fentanyl-laced vape juice

The mayor of the small Canadian town had told a shocked public meeting that his 14-year-old son's friend "fell down dead" after taking a single hit from a vape poisoned with the opioid.
Karl Buhr of Lions Bay, British Columbia, told the recorded council meeting: "Let me just tell you a sad story... My son is 14. A kid who played on his soccer team and baseball team last year (his friend) died yesterday after taking one hit from a vape that had fentanyl in it. Bought the juice, they call it, from a dealer at Rockridge. One hit, fell down dead in front of his friends."

He has since apologized to residents of the town for spreading the urban myth, admitting nothing about the story was true.

"You'd think even an amateur, small-town politician would know better than to repeat hearsay," he later admitted in a newsletter to the community, because upon further inquiry, I find that nothing happened at Rockridge [Secondary School in West Vancouver].

"There was never laced vape juice, and what likely did happen was elsewhere and for other causes. I apologize to all affected by my incorrect statement."
Despite admitting rumors of fentanyl-laced vapes were merely speculation, Buhr finished his apology by ridiculing vape users in the town and proposed to ban vaping and marijuana smoking at Lion's Bay beaches later this year.

"I am too square to understand vaping's cachet, starting with the fairly ludicrous sight of users enveloped in a dense cloud of vapour while clutching a replica lightsabre," Buhr said.
"Hip or not, for the same reasons we ban tobacco smoking at our beach parks, this summer we think we need to add vaping (and toking if the Feds get their way)."

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