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Juul Plans New Technology To Help Vapers Quit E-Cigs

Juul Plans New Technology To Help Vapers Quit E-Cigs
E-cigarette maker Juul claims it is planning new technology - which will help users to quit vaping.
Juul's co-founder and Chief Product Officer James Monsees told a technology conference this week how a new "connected" device is planned for 2019, which will allow vapers to wean themselves off the product.
The new vape equipment, which is pending FDA approval in the US, will see users connect the e-cigarette to their phone where they will be able to personalize the product to how they want to use it.
Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Monsees explained the new vape will have user authentication, which will prevent it from being used by others, as well as a tool set with tracking abilities to help vapers quit the product should they want to.
"If a consumer wants to quit our product, they can. We will give them the toolset to do that in the smoothest possible way," he said.
For instance, a Juul user could indicate their goal is to drop their usage by 20% over two weeks and the software will help guide them to do so.
"There will be a machine learning algorithm that's going to smooth that out for you, so that you don't even really have to think about it, you request it. But we make it as easy for you as possible," Monsees claimed.
The new device will also allow consumers to opt into a new "youth prevention feature set" which will keep the device paired to its owner and won't allow others to use it.
"So if I drop my Juul in this chair and I walk away, and the next [person who] comes up is 12 years old they're not going to be able to use the product," he added.
The new technology comes after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced back in April it was investigating Juul's marketing strategies after it was accused of luring underage customers to use its products. At the time, the FDA requested information from Juul about its advertising practices and announced it would be putting together a Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan to help stop underage use of Juul and other e-cigarettes.
Speaking about a $30 million initiative to educate the public on e-cigarettes and responsible adult usage, he added: "Part of that is a curriculum to go into high schools and middle schools to help teachers teach students about the dangers of nicotine."
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