Hawaiian Vapers Called To Protest Over 70% Tax

Hawaiian Vapers Called To Protest Over 70% Tax
VAPERS in Hawaii are being urged to protest against a massive 70 per cent tax on e-liquids planned by legislators.
An outright ban of internet sales is also close to being passed in a new bill set for the US state.
Bill SB2654 aims to end online sales of tobacco sales, which not only includes cigarettes but vaping products too. If it is passed, it will be illegal to ship tobacco products to anyone who isn't involved in the sale or distribution of tobacco - therefore banning any sale to a private individual.
Under the bill, e-liquid is also included in the state's definition of 'tobacco product'.
Hawaiian vapers are now being asked to protest against the measures planned for the state, which many believe could destroy its vape industry. "We don't know what it's going to end up as. We're strongly opposed to any taxes for our customers and the industry," said Scott Rasak of Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes. Vapor products and tobacco products are completely different. They don't contain tobacco. There's no smoke. These are entirely separate products.
Hawaiian vapers are urged to take action by contacting Representative John Mizuno and letting him know how the implementation of SB2634 would affect them. The contact details are: email: Repmizuno@capitol.hawaii.gov, phone number: 808-586-6050

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