Guide to Vaping Rules & Etiquette

Guide to Vaping Rules & Etiquette

Etiquette Experts Debrett's Reveal Vaping Rules in New Do’s & Dont’s Guidance.

If you have ever been somewhere and not quite known what the right vaping etiquette was – Debrett’s - the leading authority on etiquette and behaviour, has compiled the ultimate guide to social vaping rules, including a list of “dos and don’ts” so you can easily avoid offending others.

This handy new guide on how to vape politely takes you through top tips like:

  • Never vape on Zoom (other online meeting platforms are available!)
  • Avoid vaping in confined spaces such as lifts and public bathrooms, don’t vape and eat at the same time - and if in doubt, just ask.

A greater number still, 61% of the 2,000 adult nicotine users questioned in the research by OnePoll, believe vaping in public is a “social minefield.”

A spokesperson for vape brand Vuse, which commissioned the research and guidance from Debrett’s five years after its first guide - said:

We hope this newly updated guidance will spare vape users any awkward situations.

As the study shows there is lots of confusion over what’s good vaping social etiquette.

But clearly it’s important to respect those around you and be as accommodating as you can.

So, what answers do they have for confused vapers who may be stumped as to where and when they can vape?

Firstly, if there are no legal restrictions to where you want to vape – do ask, it’ll be much better than assuming and getting it wrong.

One of the simplest rules when vaping indoors such as staying in a hotel or dining at a restaurant or vaping out and about and taking public transport, find a member of staff to explain the vaping rules if they aren’t clear.

The report says:

Always seek permission to vape first, and be a considerate vaper… (people will appreciate the thought)

…open a window to air the room or car and don’t leave vaping equipment lying around. (Especially if there are children or pets)

If your hosts request that you refrain from vaping, comply accordingly – it’s their space and therefore their prerogative.

And if the answer is ‘no’ then vapers should take the decision in “good grace” because people always appreciate good manners.

While vaping outside in a public space can be absolutely fine, there are certain small, confined spots that are advised against - such as a public bathroom or a lift.

Choosing to vape in a hospital is also not advisable as well as in other healthcare settings.

As for vaping at work, many will find there is a place in or near an office that an employer will allow it, so have a look for signs or make inquiries if it’s not clear.

However, the report advises against vaping during a job interview or business meeting in person and over Zoom because it may “make you look distracted ” and unprofessional.

It explained:

Refrain from vaping in professional situations unless your employer has given permission. If you are having a job interview or sitting through a difficult business meeting, it is advisable to eliminate anything that distracts from the meeting.

Using a vape may make you look distracted, and colleagues and bosses might assume that you are not focused on the task in hand; the same rules apply on Zoom.

For all settings, common sense is certainly the key - so being careful not to envelop others in huge clouds of vapour, which even fellow vapers might not love either.

Nearly half (45%) of vapers agree that turning down the wattage setting on a device to minimize large and intrusive vapour clouds when in a social situation is the polite thing to do.

And don’t forget to choose your audience when discussing your favourite flavours and vape equipment - there are plenty of people who would love to hear your views, and some - usually non-vapers - who won’t!
In a humorous piece of advice, the guidance reads:

If you vape, you may enjoy the choice of smells and accessories and be interested by the colour and shape of the vapour they produce… If your companions’ eyes glaze over and they start making excuses to get away, you will know for sure that you have turned into a vaping bore!

Eating and vaping is generally advised against, and most vapers would agree that it might interfere with their flavour enjoyment of a meal.

In a more private setting, vapers should also consider not vaping if someone is preparing a meal and immediately after eating as diners continue to savour the taste and smell of their food without interruption.
The report advises:

Vapers shouldn’t vape while consuming food or drink. It is also advisable not to vape while cooking, or indeed watching somebody else cook, since for many people the smells are a major part of the pleasure of food preparation.

For that same reason, it is anti-social to vape immediately after a meal, either at home or in a restaurant, when everybody is still savouring the tastes and smells of the food.

But of all the advice, the most overall important etiquette guidance is to “respect others’ views”.

It came as three quarters (74%) of those questioned admitted they sometimes start vaping without considering other people’s feelings, 50% claimed they vaped without consideration, but did so unintentionally, and nearly a quarter (24%) didn’t see a problem with vaping without thinking about other people at all.

The report concluded:

We can take comfort from the fact that a majority of all the people we surveyed (55%) say they think most people who vape are considerate of others. But it would clearly be a good idea for people who vape to consult the tips that Debretts have provided, just to make sure that they are doing the right thing. By doing so we can prove that vapers really are considerate people who understand the importance of good manners.

A spokesperson for Debrett's said:

The number of people who vape in the UK has increased significantly in recent years, but the rules around vaping are not always clear.

Five years on from our first guide to vaping etiquette, we’re delighted to team up with Vuse to share our top tips for being a courteous and considerate vaper.

Vaping Etiquette Roundup

  • If you have any doubts, just ask
  • Respect peoples personal space
  • Know your audience
  • Defer to your hosts preference
  • Remember food and vaping don’t mix
  • Work-based vaping looks vapid
  • Respect others’ views

And lastly, enjoy your vaping experience a little more worry-free now you know a few of the things to look for, and if you want to wax lyrical about your vape, we’re always here interested!

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