Grammy's Vaping Surprise - Singer's Red Carpet Appearance Puts Famous Vapers in the Spotlight.

Grammy's Vaping Surprise - Singer's Red Carpet Appearance Puts Famous Vapers in the Spotlight.

Doja Cat.

US RAPPER Doja Cat vaping firmly in the spotlight at the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas this month as she boldly vaped on the red carpet before receiving an award for her contribution to music.
The star - who was nominated for a staggering eight Grammys at this year's event and took home the Best Pop Duo Performance award - turned heads for accessorizing her designer Versace gown with a vape pen as she appeared at the star-studded event.
But despite it being cited as a bold move, Doja isn't the first musician to appear in public vaping, with many fellow singers attributing it to helping them make a switch away from smoking.

Katy Perry

She's also not the first international chart-topper to make headlines from vaping on the red carpet after long-time vaper and global star Katy Perry with her now fiance actor Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes in 2016.
The singer - known for hits Firework and I Kissed A Girl  - made the transition from cigarettes in 2013 when her career was at an all-time high and has since been snapped vaping multiple times, including when she appeared at a Labour Day party with an Ego Twist vape pen in hand.
The star, who is said to have started smoking cigarettes in 2010 while she was planning her wedding to Russell Brand, had tried to quit several times without success.
She now continues to be seen in public with a vape and admits cigarettes are part of her past.
Katy, 37, who has a daughter Daisy with Hollywood star Orlando said when pregnant that she was "thankful" to have given up smoking and drinking, adding:"I'm still maintaining the balance, I'm not running myself ragged and I'm not at the club...When you stop drinking and smoking and start creating a baby your body is like well thanks for treating me nice for one day."

And it was family responsibilities that made fellow musician Bruno Mars also take up vaping after making a promise to his mother that he'd ditch smoking when she passed away in 2013, choosing it as a method to attempt his mission.

He announced on Twitter at the time: "Day 1 E-Cig Gotta do it!!! This is for you mom"

Simon Cowell

Music Mogul and former heavy smoker Simon Cowell has also previously revealed how vaping helped him cut down on his smoking habit for the sake of his young son Eric.
The TV star used vaporizers in an attempt to reduce his daily intake of cigarettes, which he admits was 80-a-day when he decided to take action.
He told Britain's The Sun newspaper when he first made the move.
The idea is to cut down on the number [of cigarettes].
The vape has been successful. "It's a good one it tastes nice and my driver was on 40 a day and he has cut out smoking completely."
He added of his personal switch to vaping:"a step in the right direction"

Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has also spoken publicly about how helped him to move away from cigarettes - saying it "saved my life", after cutting down on nicotine over a four-month plan.

The 54-year-old rock star revealed: "One day I just woke up and thought I don't want to smoke any more. It was the weirdest thing. I went for a for about four months and then I stopped using it, It saved my life." Explaining how vaping helped him to reduce his nicotine intake over a period of time, he added to I gradually went down in nicotine. So I started at 12 then went down to six then went down to three and then smoked at strength zero for a couple of weeks "it's just a flavour. So yes, it worked for me"

Barry Manilow

Legendary singer Barry Manilow also made the decision to switch to vaping - and ten years on it's claimed he's managed to stay clear from cigarettes, despite his previous 30 cigarettes-a-day habit.
Last November, the 78-year-old Brooklyn native was seen with a vape kit in hand at a country club near Palm Springs, a decade after giving vaping a go after suffering from smoking-related health problems.
Speaking about whether vaping was the right decision for him, the musician - who started smoking at just nine years old - said "Do they work...They do for me my band and my crew all of us hated smoking but couldn't stop."

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