Elf Bar Under Fire After Breach of UK Law

Elf Bar Under Fire After Breach of UK Law

Disposable vape company Elf Bar is a go-to favourite for many vapers across the UK however, a recent investigation by the Mail on the popular brand claims they have breached UK vaping laws.

Nicotine laws for vaping in the UK state that a device cannot exceed a 2ml e-liquid limit with a maximum of 20mg of nicotine per bar, after the investigation it was concluded that the Elf Bar 600 device contained over 50% of this legal nicotine requirement.

In 2021, Elf Bar promoted the use of its new products to offer a more affordable way of quitting smoking. The small, portable device prefilled with nicotine salt soon grabbed the attention and approval of many ex-smokers in the UK due to its simplicity and familiar ease of use.

Unbeknown to them, large numbers of the Elf Bar 600, supposedly a 600-puff device being sold over the counter in the UK, contained from 3ml to 3.2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid per bar when tested by experts on three flavours of the device. This exceeded the 2ml limit put in place by UK law back in 2017.

Many other disposable vape brands offer a similar flavour with a smooth throat hit and MTL-style vape to the Elf Bar 600. Disposable vapes contain a closed pod, prefilled with e-liquid that’s not visible to the naked eye. It’s not possible to control the amount of nicotine being put into your body unless you own a vape pod kit, which is similar in size and function with the added benefit of refilling the liquid yourself.

IVG is an e-liquid brand that also sells disposable vaping products. A more assured way of controlling what you vape may be to purchase your favourite flavoured liquids from brands similar to IVG so you can refill your pod kit yourself, therefore you’re completely aware of what’s going into your body.

Tobacco and Related Products Regulations were put in place to “create an environment that protects children from starting to use these products”, but Elf Bar is not alone in the illegal sales of nicotine in the UK. 

We are now aware of shops in this country selling vaping devices that exceed the legal limit by “over 7 times”, with a shocking number of these devices also being sold to children underage. An investigation from the North East Trading Standards Institution showed that out of 32 shops, “44% of retailers sold a device to an underage volunteer”. This statistic shows that purchasing vapes from designated vaping retailers is the best way to go and that companies sticking to the laws is essential for the safety of the youth of the UK.

Vapes purchased from designated stores also ensure product safety along with regulated age restrictions before purchase. The owner of one of Britain’s most popular online vape retailers stated that “when vapes get into the hands of kids, the vaping industry gets blamed. Yet the responsible side of the industry are literally begging for the authorities to enforce the regulations and take serious action against the businesses flouting the rules.

If you're worried about the content of your disposable, switch to a pod system where you can control your liquid amount and nicotine content, whilst saving money in the process. Check out a huge range of low-cost vape starter kits here at Vaping.com where you'll find handy guides on how to pick the right vape pod kit for you.

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