E-Cigarette Summit 2016 - All the Videos!

E-Cigarette Summit 2016 - All the Videos!
Apologies to those who've been waiting for the videos from the 2016 E-Cigarette Summit, but I'm happy to announce that they are now published. The Summit was co-founded by E-Cigarette-Forum.com and Smooth Events back in 2013 and has been held annually since.
E-Cigarette Summit is the top international science and public policy one-day conference on vaping, held at London's Royal Society. This year's event was more transatlantic in nature than previous years with a good number of American delegates and presenters in attendance.
If you only watch one video, please make it the Tom Miller video.
"It took great courage to be the first to do what you did worldwide. I thank you for that courage. It also takes great persistence. You have shown that and need to continue to show it. From my perspective, you are heroes." Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General
We wrote about Tom previously, but his keynote presentation was particularly salient given the country in which he made it: The UK is now the world's most liberal when it comes to vaping, and is seeing continued transformation as smokers move from tobacco to vaping in great numbers.

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