Disney World Ramps Up Vaping Rules in 2023

Disney World Ramps Up Vaping Rules in 2023

FOR many families, a trip to one of the world's Walt Disney parks is a dream destination, but as holidaymakers start thinking about booking that once-in-a-lifetime trip, it's not always an easy choice for vapers.

Smoking and vaping is banned inside all Disney parks and now Universal Studios Orlando resort has stripped back designated areas to just one within its gates.

It means a tough choice for any one of the millions of ex-smokers who have ditched their deadly cigarette habit and switched to vaping, but would love to experience the magic of Disney.

Many will have to question if huddling up next to smokers, or visiting the handful of places to vape at smoking sites beyond the park are adequate enough for their needs after splashing their hard-earned cash on a dream, carefree holiday.

Disney first banned smoking, vaping and smokeless tobacco, inside its theme and water parks in 2019.

At the time Universal Orlando didn't follow suit, but with the new change some believe it's a move towards a blanket ban in the future.

Well-respected stock market news site The Street has even predicted Universal's newest park Epic Universe, which opens in 2025, will do so without a designated area for smokers and vapers at all.

Neil McLaren CEO of Vaping.com:

"Everyone knows about Disney - the happiest and most magical place on Earth! But not so for many of the thousands of vapers who pass through its gates each year. It's extremely unfortunate that this new decision at Universal to reduce its vaping area to just one zone, means those vapers who have made the difficult switch away from their deadly smoking habit, are once again being lumped in with smokers.

It's a Mickey Mouse situation where those who use vape as an alternative replacement to cigarettes will have to exit the park via security to do so, or join a smoke-filled area alongside smokers - meaning they are forced to be engulfed in the noxious fumes they've taken steps to move away from.

Surely it is time that multi-million-dollar leisure giants, such as Disney, start respecting the fact vapers are not smokers and those who are using alternative tobacco replacements are given adequate and fair provision.


For those who are concerned the provided zones - which often mean having to pass back through security via the park's main gates to reach them - won't suit their needs, vapers may consider nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine patches or gums as a good bridge.

The designated smoking and vaping areas within Disney and Universal's resorts are:

  • Universal Studios Florida's area is located in Gramercy Park.
  • Universal's Islands of Adventure area is located in the Port of Entry lower landing
  • Universal's Volcano Bay area is located in Wave Village (East)
  • Near each theme park's exit in CityWalk
  • Lower lagoon landing in front of Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, to the left of Red Coconut Club
  • Outside of Universal Cinemark and Hollywood Drive-In Golf

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