Best Vape Pen 2018

Best Vape Pen 2018
Vape pens popularity boomed in 2018, ultra-portable pens are perfect for vaping beginners as they are so easy to use and so affordable you can have more than one. Here at we've been busy testing all the vape pens that were released in 2018 so that we could tell which the very best. We've only got two categories for this list:
Best Vape Pen Under $25
Best Vape Pen Over $25

Vape Pen 22

SMOK Vape Pen 22 - Best Vape Pen Under $25 2018
If you've been reading through our best of guides you'll have noticed that SMOKtech feature heavily. Not only is this because they build lots of products but they also tend to be awesome. In the under $25 dollar category, the experts have picked the SMOK Vape Pen 22. The reason it made our best vape pen list is because its an awesome allrounder. Its perfect for beginners as the operation is super easy, just a single push button. It has a 2ml top fill tank makes refilling nice and easy. The 2ml vape juice capacity and 1650mAh battery mean it's a perfect vape pen if you're always on the go. Its small and compact if you want a more discreet vape, a beautiful blend of style and power.
Customer Review: "positively surprised! I thought this vape can't be good because of the cheap price but it is great! Lots of smoke, nice flavor and battery is fine too. Very good product and good quality!"
Customer Review: "I thought this vape can't be good because of the cheap price but it is great! Lots of smoke, nice flavor and battery is fine too. Very good product and good quality!"

Best Vape Pen Over $25

SMOK Stick Prince Kit - Best Vape Pen Over $25
If you're looking for a vape pen that is more expensive than $25 you can get something with significantly more power, juice capacity and battery life. The experts have picked the awesome SMOK Stick Prince Kit. The 3000 mAh battery can produce an awesome 80-100W of power, huge in comparison to the SMOK Stick V8's wattage. Perfect for the vaper on the go, your charge will last all day and with a vape juice capacity of 8ml you don't have to worry about refilling that often either. Our experts are hardly ever wrong, tell us in the comments if you disagree, but you don't just have to take their word. Our lovely customers have universally loved the SMOK Prince kit, check out these
Customer Review: "it's overall well balanced in terms of portability, use, and quality. no leaks and holds a tonnnnn of juice. battery lasts all day as well. and of course big clouds."
Customer Review: "Its great. So i came of off a smok stick v8 baby with the 3 ml capacity to a 8ml capacity its still mind blowing to me how long i could vape this before needing to refuel. Like i could leave the house with a full tank and come home at night with it just barely ending. Like a few more puffs and i would have to refuel but man its great. The drip tip is so nice looking i got the blue color and its absolutly stunning. The button to access the top fill is great no worries on it opening up on me while its in my pocket. Size wise coming off the v8 baby, the prince sits nice in my hands and i have large hands so it fits snugg. The air flow ring is oh so smooth and ever so satisfying."
We could keep on adding the positive reviews here but if you want to read more just jump over to the SMOK Prince Kit page and see for yourself. The only vape pen that can complete with Prince would be the brand new Aspire Tigon, which if your looking for an alternative you totally need to check out.

What's up next

Last but not least we've got the starter kits! What's going to be chosen as the best starter kit for 2018? We're going to give you a winner in each of the following categories:
  • Best Overal Starter Kits
  • Best Under $20
  • Best Under $50
  • Best Over $50

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