Best Cheap Vape Juice Options for 2023

Best Cheap Vape Juice Options for 2023

With the ever-increasing popularity of vaping, and the huge variety of vape juices on the shelves, how do you find affordable options that don't compromise on quality?

We've compiled a list of the top cheap vape juice options for 2023 that are bursting with flavour without breaking the bank. 

With the rising cost of living in the UK, you might be wondering how to switch from smoking to vaping in a cost-effective way. Did you know that studies have shown smoking costs are around 3.5 times as much as using e-cigarettes?1

Of course, there are still some costs involved with vaping, including the initial purchase of a device and replacement parts if necessary. However, there are ways to shop smart with your vaping products, like finding good deals on e-liquids.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vaper, we've got you covered with a range of flavours and nicotine strengths to suit your preferences. Below, we dive into our picks for the best budget-friendly (and high-quality) vape juices for 2023.

As can often be the case with online shopping, buying your vape juice online could be more cost-effective than getting it in-store. Often, you'll also be able to see a wider range of products than available in a brick-and-mortar shop. But where should you start when looking for cheap vape juice online?

There are thousands of flavours and options on the market, and stocks hundreds of vape juice products from a variety of top brands. A number like that can be overwhelming, so we've narrowed these down a short list with some of our absolute favourites in terms of flavour and price.

We pride ourselves on stocking the best of the best, and we diligently hand-pick the most sought-after flavours from premium brands, testing each one for consistency, vapability, and smoothness.

If you'e on a budget but still looking to buy good-quality vape juice, cheap options do exist without compromising on quality. A big price tag doesn't always mean a better product but is often an indicator of a premium brand. That said, here are some comparisons of two of the most popular vape juice flavours that show you can still get a great product without always having to choose the most expensive brand.

Tobacco Flavour

IVG Straight n Cut Tobacco 10ml

IVG's Straight N Cut Tobacco e-liquid offers a classic, rich tobacco taste at just £3.99 for 10 ml. This warm and full-bodied tobacco flavour ends with a smooth, satisfying finish, and has multiple 5-star reviews on 

For the same size bottle (and identical strength options), Red Vapes Havana Gold tobacco-flavoured vape juice is almost double the price at £6.95.

Menthol Flavour

IVG Fresh Mint Nic Salts 10ml

With its minty menthol flavour, Element's Frost NS costs £5.99 a 10 ml bottle. A similar, great-tasting menthol option is IVG's Bar Favourites Fresh Mint Nic Salt 10 ml - which is £3.95 on and offers a refreshing burst of minty flavour with 10 mg and 20 mg nicotine strengths. 

We offer loads of exciting flavours at better prices than retail, so we're confident you'll find a suitably cheap vape juice to enjoy. If the tobacco and menthol flavours aren't your favourite, we've got some well-priced sweet and fruity flavours too.

Doozy Vape are a great cheap vape juice UK brand with a selection of creative flavours. Our top three Doozy Vape flavours are all reasonably priced at £3.49 for 10 ml bottles, which means up to 30% savings when compared to buying an e-juice which retails at £4.99.

Jam Tart Temptation Salts

Doozy Vape Jam Tart Temptation Salts 10ml

The Doozy Vape Jam Tart Temptation Salts flavour is available in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio in a 10 ml bottle. The sweet, tart blueberry taste combines with one of buttery pastry for a delicious dessert flavour and a smooth throat hit.

Berry Watermelon Seriously Salty

Doozy Vape Berry Watermelon seriously salty 10ml

For a sweet taste that's also crisp and refreshing, why not give the Doozy Vape Berry Watermelon Seriously Salty vape juice a go. An expert blend of watermelon, strawberry, and more frozen watermelon chunks delivers a perfectly fruity flavour with a subtle menthol surprise at the end.

Doozy Vape Ice Cream Cake Temptations salts 10ml

Ice Cream Cake Temptation Salts

The flavour combination of the Doozy Vape Ice Cream Cake Temptation Salts is another classic dessert taste. Notes of classic, smooth vanilla ice cream mix with the candy-sweet tang of birthday cake sprinkles, making this flavour a party in your mouth.

Top Tips for Saving When Vaping - Finding the Cheapest Way to Vape

As well as cheap vape juice to help you on your budget-friendly vaping journey, check out these top tips on saving money while vaping. 

  1. Take advantage of online deals. Popping down to the local vape shop might be convenient and mean you have something in your hand almost immediately. However, it's not always the most cost-effective way of shopping. Retailers often charge a premium on their vapes and e-liquids, so you could end up paying more. Shopping online can help you save money on new mods too, as online retailers typically offer lower prices.
  2. Shop smart. Bargains can be found if you're willing to take the time to browse. We have plenty of cost-effective choices for you to go through; try all-in-one kit deals to save money on individual parts. If you're not concerned about having the latest technology, you can save even more by looking for sales on older vape models. Keep an eye out for any multi-buy offers too, like 2-for-1 or buy X number and get Y free/half price.
  3. Seek out free shipping. Shipping costs can quickly add up when shopping online. It is so easy to keep clicking add to basket with your budget in mind, only to be slapped with huge shipping fees at checkout. To avoid this, keep an eye out for free shipping deals. At, you can get free shipping on all UK orders above £20. 
  4. Maintain your device. This might seem obvious, but it's just as important as searching out cheap deals. Properly maintaining your vaping device is one of the most effective ways to save money in the long run, as it can minimise the likelihood of parts breaking or wearing out from poor upkeep. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and perform necessary maintenance promptly. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask our live chat widget is always available, or you can use our contact form to drop us a line. 
  5. Avoid cheap knockoffs. When trying to save money, it might be tempting to buy anything with a low price tag. Make sure you only buy from reputable suppliers with good reviews to avoid purchasing low-quality knockoff devices. Those cheap options may be tempting, but they're not worth the risk and won't offer the same quality in flavour and experience.

Satisfied with these cheap vape juice options but want more info on cheap vapes and vape mods? Our blog has the answers for you; read our article on the Best Cheap Vapes in 2023. Or, if you're wanting to explore more flavour options, check out our compilation of the Best Vape Juice Flavours.

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