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8 Best Fruity Vape Juices (UK)

8 Best Fruity Vape Juices (UK)

Sweet and juicy, fruit is always a winner at picnics, pool parties and summertime barbecues.

But what if we told you that you could carry diced watermelon, fresh-picked strawberries and mouth-watering mango around with you all the time?

In this blog post, we pick out some of the best fruity vape juices from across our whole vape shop.

The team of experts has sampled each product to make sure it lives up to our high standards.

1. Doozy Vape Guava Passion Seriously Soda Salts

Doozy Vape Guava Passion Seriously Soda Salts

Guava sure does get us giddy, and when you're as passionate about exotic fruity vapes as we are it's only natural to feel this way! Doozy Vape have concocted a wonderful tropical combo using a well-balanced mixture of the sweetest guava and tart passionfruit. Summertime has just been cranked up a notch!

Get your 10ml bottle with either 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength today, right here on

2. IVG Bar Favourites Tropical Island

IVG Bar Favourites Tropical Island

Feeling in the mood for a surge of sourness? This bittersweet Bar Favourites Tropical Island juice by IVG hits all the right notes. Especially the notes of juicy melon, kicking kiwi and sweet pineapple.

Kick back with the beach-friendly vape juice that really epitomises everything you'd expect to be chowing down on when you're by the sea. Pair it with your above-ohm coils, with the pod kit trend still on the rise it would be a shame not to add this juice to your new device!

3. Elf Bar Pink Grapefruit Salts

Elf Bar Pink Grapefruit Salts

We know you've heard of the infamous Elf Bar, but did you know you can buy their delectable vape juices separately? That's right! If you love the succulent taste of fruity Elf Bar Disposable Vapes, why not save yourself some money by adding the Elf Bar Pink Grapefruit Salts to your pod system?

Disposables may be convenient but in the long-run, they cost a lot to keep purchasing. That's why we recommend you get your hands on an Elf Bar vape juice so you can vape your favourite flavours without disposing of the device every 600 puffs. 

This one's our pick of the bunch! A sharp and fruity punch made up of rich, pink grapefruits to keep your tastebuds on their toes.

4. Bar Juice Grape Nic Salt

Bar Juice Grape Nic Salt

Finding the perfect partner for your pod kit can be tricky, unless you've tried the Grape Nic Salt by Bar Juice of course.

This sweet and luxurious e-liquid has the perfect 50PG/50VG ratio to suit your new entry-level pod kit and is bursting with more than enough flavour to be the one fruity vape juice that never gets old!

Nicotine salts have a high nicotine content that's perfect for those transitioning into vaping, the smooth throat hit they provide is the icing on the cake.

IVG Beyond Apple & Mango Nic Salt

IVG Beyond Apple & Mango Nic Salt

Who would have thought that the sweet and slightly sour crispness of British green apples would work so well with the juicy nectar from chunks of exotic mango? This blend of Apple & Mango is a Nic Salt that's bursting at the seams with delicious fruity goodness.

A cultural concoction that we at simply adore! Twisting two worlds to create a lip-licking, pod kit powerhouse. The Beyond Apple & Mango Nic Salt has been extracted from IVG's infamous disposable vaping devices so you can take it everywhere and anywhere.

Coming in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength, this is perfect for those who are putting down the disposables and picking up a portable pod kit. If you tried this in the disposable form then why not get your hands on a 10ml bottle today?

Just Juice Mango & Passionfruit 50/50

Just Juice Mango & Passionfruit 50/50

No one has cooked up a storm on the e-liquid scene quite like Just Juice did in 2019, they stomped into the market with a vision and boy have they delivered. So, let deliver them to you!

This Mango & Passionfruit 50/50 gives you that familiar throat hit with the perfect PG/VG balance to be paired with your new above-ohm pod kit. 

Squeeze some juicy, sweet mango and tart passionfruit into your tank today and discover why we gave Just Juice such an exotic intro during the opening paragraph.

Charlie's Chalk Dust Pachamama Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu Shortfill 

Charlie's Chalk Dust Pachamama Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu Shortfill

It's all very well talking about fruity classics, we'd put money on you knowing every fruit that we've named so far. But it's what the guys at Charlie's Chalk Dust are stirring up that really gets us in the mood to try something new!

Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu is a shortfill that dares to be bold. Notes of zesty yuzu hits the tongue on the exhale after being treated to an eclectic blend of bittersweet passionfruit and raspberry.

If you're feeling like you're in need of something a bit different, we recommend the Charlie's Chalk Dust Pachamama Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu Shorfill.

The name might be a mouthful, but it's nothing compared to what you're about to experience! Shortfills come with 10ml of space, enough for you to add your own nicotine if you wish.

Glas Basix Caribbean Punch Shortfill

Glas Basix Caribbean Punch Shortfill

Let's go back to Basix and strip back this Caribbean Punch Shortfill by Glas. Inside you'll find whispers of apricot hiding behind sweet notes of apples and peaches finished off with a blast of juicy, tart pineapple. 

Choose between vaping this with your own 10ml nicotine shot, or having it without. It's one of our favourite juices to be paired with a sub-ohm vape kit, the high percentage of VG makes it perfect to get those dense clouds that you're looking for.

The flavour is something to behold, you could be sitting at your desk on a cold December evening and before you know it you're relaxing on the beach after one hit.

Find all of these vape juices, shortfalls, nicotine salts, 50/50's and more right here on, discover why our experts have handpicked these fruity juices for you!


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