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Best Salt Nic Vape Juices 2019

Best Salt Nic Vape Juices 2019

Welcome to the list of the best nicotine salts vape juice flavors for 2019

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1. Propaganda Salts - Blue Slushee
2. Aqua Salts - Rainbow Drops
3. Propaganda Salts - Cookie Butter Salts
4. Air Factory - Strawberry Kiwi Salts
5. Mad Hatter Juice - (I Love Salts) Pacific Passion
6. Propaganda Salts - Wildfire
7. Beard Vape Co. - No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco
8. Air Factory - Melon Lush Salts
9. I Love Salts - Juicy Apples
10. Beard Vape Co. - No. 5 NY Cheesecake

Nic salt-based e-liquids or more commonly known nic salts are all the rage at the minute. Driven in part by the popularity of low output pod mod devices like the Suorin Drop and Phix Vape, nic salt e-liquids have become a top choice for vaper satisfaction - particularly amongst newer vapers.

What are Nic Salts? 

Chemically, nicotine salts are quite complicated, but in a basic sense it is a purer form of nicotine similar to what you get from a tobacco leaf. For many vapers, nicotine salt e-liquids are more satisfying than juices which use ‘freebase nicotine’, particularly for vapers using lower output devices like pod mods. These devices do not vaporize as much e-liquid, so the nicotine content needs to be higher. But these high nicotine freebase e-liquids have a tendency to be quite harsh when vaped. This can lead some new vapers to conclude that vaping just isn't for them. Nicotine salt e-liquids offer a different all-round vaping experience. The nicotine in nic salt vape juices gets absorbed into your system faster, giving that instant hit you associate with tobacco cigarettes. Nic salt e-liquids are also smoother, so high nicotine e-liquids do not feel as rough. They give a more satisfying throat hit - again similar to what you get from tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine salt vape juices are used widely in low output pod mod devices, with many manufacturers using nic salts in their pre-filled cartridges. But if you have a refillable pod mod, or another low output device like a pen-style e-cigarette then you can purchase your own nicotine salt e-liquids and load them in your cartridges or tank. It is important to stress that most nicotine salt e-liquids are not suitable for sub-ohm and dripping atomizers, because they contain too much nicotine.

Best Nic Salt Vape Juice

Here is our breakdown of the 10 best nic salt vape juice for 2019.

Propaganda Salts - Blue Slushee

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - Propaganda Salts Blue SlusheePropaganda's Salts collection allows you to access all of Propoganda’s world-class flavors, but in a nicotine strength that is perfect for your pod device. If you’re looking for a tasty nicotine salt option, Blue Slushee is an amazing option. With flavors that remind you of your favorite frosty corner store specialty, Blue Shushee will bring the summer sunshine to any season. Blue Slushee has a 50PG/50VG balance and is available in both 35 mg or 50 mg nicotine strengths.

Aqua Salts - Rainbow Drops

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - Aqua Salts Rainbow DropsAqua Salts is a unique and interesting blend of candy and fruit flavors. With so many flavors, you never know which one your taste buds will pick up. At any given time, you may taste hints of strawberry, grape, green apple, orange, or lemon - a true flavor for those with a varied taste palate. If you’ve ever wondered what a rainbow tastes like, Aqua Salts is as close as it gets!

Propaganda Salts - Cookie Butter Salts

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - Propaganda Salts Cookie ButterEveryone loves cookies. A sweet and flavorful dessert, Cookie Butter Salts by Propaganda will remind you of a fresh oatmeal cookie, straight out of the oven. The best part about it, you get all the flavors of your favorite cookie and none of the calories! Propaganda is one of the top nicotine salt brands, known for their ability to blend unique but amazing flavors. Choose Cookie Butter Salts and fill up your pod mod for an all-day dessert.

Air Factory - Strawberry Kiwi Salts

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - Air Factory Strawberry Kiwi SaltsStrawberry Kiwi Salts from the Air Factory allows you to access one of your favorite candy flavors, satisfying your sweet tooth without the cavities. This unique nicotine salt brings the bold flavors of sweet strawberry taffy and a subtle but delightful hint of tart kiwi. Strawberry Kiwi will send your taste buds into a frenzy, with a blast of strawberry and kiwi followed by the flavors of taffy candy on the exhale. With Strawberry Kiwi, you’ll feel like you’re in Candyland every time you pick up your device!

Mad Hatter Juice - (I Love Salts) Pacific Passion

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - Mad Hatter Juice (I Love Salts) Pacific PassionImagine paradise - laying out on the white sands of a tropical island, listening to the waves as they crash upon the shore with your favorite tropical drink in hand. Sounds great, doesn’t it? When you vape Pacific Passion by Mad Hatter Juice, you’ll be reminded of paradise. Pacific Passion has all of the bold flavors you expect in a delicious tropical drink - like a cocktail made with fresh coconut milk, squeezed pineapple juice, and ripe, juicy strawberries. This awesome nicotine salt selection by Mad Hatter Juice is an island vacation you’ll never want to return from.

Propaganda Salts - Wildfire

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - Wildfire by Propaganda SaltsWildfire by Propaganda blends traditional flavors with modern tastes. Made for those seeking tobacco with a twist, Wildfire features flavors ranging from chocolate and almond to baked cookies and sweet tobacco. If you’re a lover of classic tobacco flavors, Wildfire is a must-try!

Beard Vape Co. - No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - Beard Vape Co. No. 00 Cappuccino TobaccoBeard Vape Co. also took a unique on classic tobacco flavors with the introduction of No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco. On the inhale, you’ll be presented with a bold taste of a high-quality coffee. On the exhale, you’ll notice the tasteful and flavorful tones of sweet fresh tobacco. No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco will wake up your taste buds like a double espresso shot in the morning!

Air Factory - Melon Lush Salts

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - Beard Vape Co. No. 00 Cappuccino TobaccoAir Factory is known for their delicious nicotine juice flavors, and they have now become one of the most popular nicotine salt brands also. Melon Lush is a perfect blend of fruit and candy; combining the flavors of juicy watermelon with sugary taffy. With Melon Lush, Air Factory allows you to get all the candy flavors you love, whenever you want, without feeling guilty about it.

I Love Salts - Juicy Apples

Best Salt Nic Juice 2019 - I Love Salts Juicy Apples/i-love-salts-juicy-apples-30mlHave you ever bit into a perfectly crisp apple plucked straight from the apple tree? With Juicy Apples by Mad Hatter Juice, you can replicate this special moment whenever you choose. Juicy Apples is sweet and tangy without the syrupy aftertaste that you’ll find in some apple-flavored juices. If you love juicy apples, then you will definitely love Juicy Apples by Mad Hatter Juice.

Beard Vape Co. - No. 5 NY Cheesecake

Best Nic Salt Juice 2019 - Beard Vape Co No. 5 NY Cheesecake Nic SaltsWhen you visit New York, eating a fresh slice of NY cheesecake is a must. No. 5 NY Cheesecake by Beard Vape Co. perfectly replicates a creamy and delicious slice of authentic New York cheesecake topped with fresh juicy strawberries. Every vape session, you’ll experience the rich flavors of this dessert, from the strawberry topping down to the crunchy graham cracker crust.