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Best Small Vapes for 2019

Best Small Vapes for 2019

Best Small Vapes for 2019 by the experts

Our experts have compiled the ultimate list of the best small vapes for 2019. Tiny, lightweight and discreet, find the best small vape pods & mods for your needs. We update this page regularly to make sure this list is perfectly up to date with the latest and greatest small vapes.

  1. Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Project Sub-Ohm Edition
  2. SMOK Nord Kit
  3. Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Device
  5. Vaporesso Tarot Baby
  6. SMOK G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition Kit
  7. Suorin Air v2
  8. Vaporesso Armour Pro
  9. SMOK Priv M17
  10. Renova Zero Pod Device Kit


While big and bulky vape mods have some advantages -- they are powerful, they have multiple batteries, and they can have super high wattage capabilities. However, there’s one thing that they are not… small or discreet! While pocket mods may not have the wattage output of some of their bigger brothers, they do provide several advantages that large mods don’t, including ease of mobility, easy storage, and sometimes most importantly, discreteness. We've also included our favorite pod mod systems as these tend to be much small than their vape mod counterparts. Unfortunately, some small mods don’t offer the performance that many vapers seek, and when buying small vape mods, it’s important to select one that’s going to offer you the qualities that you prefer most. Which small device should you choose?  To make your selection simple, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best vape mods for small size, easy storage, compactness and discreteness!

Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Project Sub-Ohm Edition

Lost Orion DNA Go Project Sub-Ohm Edition in a hand - Best Small Vapes For 2019

Brand new to our list for 2019, this is at the time of writing the most advanced and uniquely styled small vape currently available. The Orion DNA GO Project Sub-Ohm Edition is a special limited edition design which really makes it stand out. Although it's a different edition it still features the same powerful and highly advanced DNA chip as the original DNA Go. Unlike its cheaper cousin the Orion Q Project Sub-Ohm edition isn't a simplified version, it packs all the features any vaper from beginner to veteran could ever need.

Buy Orion DNA GO Project Sub-Ohm Edition Here!

SMOK Nord Kit

SMOK Nord AIO Pod System in a hand

SMOK is one of the best overall vaping manufacturers with popular devices in every category, from starter kits, vape pens, pod systems, mods to tanks. The Nord kit is going to be very popular thanks to its compact but powerful mod system that's simply perfect for beginners. Pod systems keep life super easy and with the Nord you can even swap and change the coils in your pod for even better longer lasting value.

Customer Review: Great pod system for clouds and flavor. It's a great little pod system, very well made, and especially for those of us that want the convenience of a pod system but still like a decent amount of flavor.

Buy SMOK Nord Kit Here!

Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Device

A slightly simplified version of favorite Orion DNA Go the Orion Q pod device is super easy to use and despite being cheap it has excellent build quality. The reason it's so much cheaper than it's older brother is that Lost Vape pulled back on the number of features. There are still a healthy range of protection features and with the integrated 950 mAh battery, it can fire up to 40W. Its super compact and you do well to find a better small vape mod in 2019.

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SMOK SLM AIO Pod System - Best Small Vapes 2019You wouldn't believe how small and slim the SMOK SLM pod system is. It's actually smaller than most standard pens, just check out those dimensions below! The slightly elliptical shape makes it feel nice to hold in your hand and it's super lightweight. It couldn't be easier to use, the SMOK SLM is draw activated so acts just like a cigarette. It's also one of the cheapest kits on on sale at just $16.95! So if your looking to transition from smoking and want a small, steathy vape this is the pod system for you.

Customer Review: “It's good! Very stealthy, doesn't leak too bad and cheap...”

Buy SMOK SLM Kit Here!

Vaporesso Tarot Baby

Vaporesso Tarot Baby in a hand

The Vaporesso Tarot Baby is the cute smaller version of the Vaporesso Tarot Mini which was already pretty small. The Tarot baby sits snuggly in the palm of your hand and with its stainless steel finish feels great to hold. It has a 2A quick charge feature and the 2500 mAh battery delivers an impressive 85W. The tank holds a massive 4.5ml of vape juice so you don't have to refill it very often. As you can see the tank is almost as big at the mod! This is probably the best all-rounder of our list, super small but with excellent performance.

Customer Review:This mod is amazing! I love the flavor that the ceramic coil has! This mod is so powerful! It fits perfectly into my small hands! I couldn't have found a better sized mod!”

Buy Vaporesso Tarot Nano Kit Here!

SMOK G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition Kit

SMOK G Priv Baby Handshot
Tiny but super powerful. The SMOK G-Priv Baby mod will disappear in your palm with only the TFV12 Baby Price tank popping out the top. Despite feeling chunky, with its beveled edges and huge fire button it's easy to hold and fire.

The cool 2.0 inch touch-sensitive screen makes up most of one side and provides an excellent experience.

The G-Priv Baby Kit can fire up to an impressive 85 watts so it's one of the more powerful small vapes on our list.

Buy SMOK  G-Priv Baby Kit Luxe Edition Kit Here!

Suorin Air v2

Quite simply, one the smallest most popular vapes currently on the market. As soon as you pick up the Air V2 you can understand why. Firstly it's tiny, about the size of a credit card but slightly thicker. Then to vape all you have to do is put it to your lips and draw. It's that simple! Being a pod mod system it's super easy to use. It's built by the same company that make the iPhone so the build quality is awesome. If you're looking for a small vape under $19.99 this is perfect for you.

Customer Review: “A friend of mine received an Air V2 as a gift and after borrowing it a few times, I decided to get one of my own. Shipping was fast and easy, and the price was great. I got a nicotine salt and everyone who has taken a hit has complimented the flavor and noted on how easy this is to use and refill. I'm so happy with this.

Buy Suorin Air v2 Here!

Vaporesso Armour Pro

Best mini box mod options - Vaporesso Armour ProThe Armour Pro from Vaporesso is a beautifully designed small vape mod kit. The clever design fits the 0.96" color screen into the firing button. While the Armour Pro is one of the larger small vape mods on this list it's made our best of list because it's power. Thanks to the 18650 battery it can power up to an impressive 100W, awesome for such a small vape.

It also comes with a huge 5 ml Cascade Baby Sub-Ohm tank which makes it not only powerful but long lasting.

Buy Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit Here!

SMOK Priv M17

The SMOK Priv M17 is one of the smallest mod kits currently available on the market. It's super slim design feels great to hold in the palm of either hand. It features a large firing button which makes it really easy to use.

As with all SMOK starter kits it features a whole suite of protection features.

The perfect stealth vape mod.

Customer Review: “Loving it. Thank you

Buy SMOK Priv M17 Kit Here!

Renova Zero Pod Device Kit

Vaporesso's Renova Zero Pod Device Kit was an instant hit the moment it arrived in the office. The second you hold it can understand why it's so popular with us and our customers. It's a very small vape, it can disappear in your closed fist if you are looking for a stealthy vape. The Renova Zero is also a good weight, built from a durable zinc alloy but is easy to grip with a few fingers. It has a new child-proof filling system mechanism which reduces leakage and multiple protection features. Another small vape pod mod system for our list, another indication that more and more vapers are moving to pod based systems.

Buy Renova Zero Pod Device Kit Here!


Is A Small Vape Right For You?

The most important factor when buying a small vape is to make sure that a small model fits all of your needs. For instance, a small vape mod might be great if you want something stealth, but may not serve your needs if you’re looking to blow monster clouds. A small vape mod may be for you if:

    • You’re looking for an everyday vape that you can carry with you in your purse or pocket.
    • You need a stealth device that isn’t so recognizable.
    • Medium cloud production is suitable to your style.
    • You want a mod that can easily be tucked away and stored.

If those aren’t things that you’re looking for, even the tiny vape mods won’t suit you. Don’t fret! There are many different styles of mods out there, and there is definitely one out there that meets each of your personal requirements. Check out our vape mods page to see what’s available!