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  • Can Vaping Cause Headaches?

    Can Vaping Cause Headaches?

    This year, Public Health England reaffirmed their 2015 claim that e-cigarettes were at least 95% safer than combustible cigarettes. The 2018 review came a few weeks after the US National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine concluded that, on the available evidence, “e-cigarettes are likely to be far less harmful than combustible tobacco cigarettes.” They both agree that, as an alternative to smoking, vaping has the power to significantly improve health outcomes. But this doesn’t mean that vaping is perfect. More than half (55%) of e-cigarette users have experienced at least one side effect while vaping. While they are generally...
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  • Should vaping be allowed at work?

    Should vaping be allowed at work?

    Vapers that use e-cigarettes at work have the potential to be healthier, happier and more productive. So should employers encourage them by allowing vaping in the workplace? Or should vapers be more mindful of their colleagues? As vaping gets more popular, the potential for conflict between vapers and non-vapers increases. This problem is made worse by the fact there is no set of universal written or unwritten rules around vaping etiquette. The law Many states have enacted statewide smoking bans and the majority of employers have their own rules about smoking tobacco cigarettes in the workplace. But most of these...
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  • Is Vaping Good or Bad For Your Teeth?

    Is Vaping Good or Bad For Your Teeth?

    Vaping is still quite new and there are still many things that people disagree on. One is whether vaping is good or bad for your teeth. This is a tricky subject, because there are elements of truth in each camp. Because you are not using tar or tobacco in e-cigarettes, many people assume that you won’t get the same side effects as smoking tobacco. But the nicotine in e-liquid and vape juice can still cause problems for your smile. In this blog post we try to settle this argument once and for all. What does smoking do to your teeth...
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  • 10 New Things to Vape That Aren't Tide Pods

    10 New Things to Vape That Aren't Tide Pods

    Looking for something new to vape? Please don’t look in the laundry cupboard for your next flavor hit. In what has to be one of the stupidest internet trends ever, the American Association of Poison Control Centers has already dealt with more than 40 cases of millennials eating tide pods this year. What should Tide PODs be used for? DOING LAUNDRY. Nothing else. Eating a Tide POD is a BAD IDEA, and we asked our friend @robgronkowski to help explain. — Tide (@tide) January 12, 2018 Last month, despite warnings from health experts and Tide, an Instagram user actually...
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