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  • Stop Smoking Without Putting on Weight

    Stop Smoking Without Putting on Weight

    Quitting tobacco is hard. It’s even tougher to quit without piling on the pounds. Research from the UK and France indicates that smokers put on around 10 pounds in the first 12 months after they quit, with most of the weight gain coming in the first three months. Exercise, dieting and stop-smoking treatments can all help you control your weight gain throughout your quitting journey. Here is our guide to giving up tobacco cigarettes without putting on weight. Why Do Quitters Put on Weight? Ditching tobacco is a healthy lifestyle choice. After 24 hours, carbon monoxide is eliminated from your...
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  • $2 Million: The True Cost of Tobacco

    $2 Million: The True Cost of Tobacco

    If you live in one of six U.S. states, the true cost of a tobacco addiction could be more than $2 million over the course of your lifetime. The average smoker in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Hawaii or Alaska will fork out more than $2 million for things like cigarettes, healthcare and lost income over the course of their lifetime, according to research from WalletHub published earlier this year. The most expensive state was New York, with an average lifetime cost of $2,330,381, but smoking carried a lifetime price tag of $1,145,128 in the cheapest state of Kentucky...
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  • How E-Cigarettes Curbed Riots in UK Prisons

    How E-Cigarettes Curbed Riots in UK Prisons

    Vaping popularity has skyrocketed in UK prisons, with more than 65,000 device and e-liquid sales each week. It is estimated that 33,000 prisoners now get their nicotine fix from e-cigarettes after the Ministry of Justice permitted inmates to vape in their cells. Vaping is seen as something of a compromise for prisoners after the government banned smoking last year. This ban led to a sharp increase in the number of mini riots and incidents of violence in prisons. A Prison Service spokesperson told the Metro newspaper: "All closed prisons in England and Wales are now smoke free reducing the risk of...
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