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  • iQOS hands on: What's better, iQOS or Vape?

    iQOS hands on: What's better, iQOS or Vape?

    So, what’s iQOS really like? Just prior to Christmas I spent an interesting week with an iQOS. I acquired one shortly after the London launch and decided to give it a fair try. I packed away my usual assortment of vape and snus and went pure HEETS (the tobacco-vape-sticks) for the duration. In the intervening weeks, it’s become clear the full scale of PMI’s ambitions. Just days ago they launched a new website, confidently introducing a radically changed and humanized corporate image. This PMI is “Designing a smoke-free future”; preparing itself to be the company that spearheads the post-cigarette world. Whatever...
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  • iQOS and HeatSticks - the full picture

    iQOS and HeatSticks - the full picture

    The last couple of weeks has seen some significant buzz concerning iQOS, the new Heat-Not-Burn tobacco system from Phillip Morris. From what’s publicly available it appears PMI will sell iQOS in the US from early 2017. But what does it mean? Who is it for? What are the wider political and commercial ramifications? What relevance does it have in a market that’s already big on vaping? iQOS Overview If you’ve not heard of iQos and HeatSticks, let me get you up to speed quickly. iQOS is a small battery-powered unit into which the user inserts a mini cigarette (HeatStick...
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